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Won Falkovideo Torchat Ie7h37c4qmu5ccza

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Won Falkovideo Torchat Ie7h37c4qmu5ccza
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how can i run the win 7 64 bit portable image?
I want to make a live CD with Win XP on it and want to run this LIVE CD image on other computers in a LAN by using Network Boot.
Will it work?
Is it possible to use the iso file as an image for usb stick?
Are they tools to change images?
Thank you a lot!


1) For a PXE/NBD boot CD, you need a bootable CD ISO file.
2) To create an image for a USB stick, you need to use unetbootin.
For both, you could try burning the ISO file to a CD, but it is not meant to be a “live” CD. It is meant for “install” media. They are not directly comparable (but one can easily be burned to a CD from the other).
Make sure you go to the installation documentation at the maker’s website. Each has different requirements

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