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Overcome challenges, amass trophies, and enhance your skill to play as the Fighting King Bemular in Override 2: Super Mech League. Blast away the enemy with Bemular’s unique attacks to collect powerful accolades and experience.
Major features of this DLC include:
* 3 new fighter (Turbo 20)
* 3 new mech (Bemular)
* 3 new super power-up
* 3 new ultimate super power
* 3 new stages
* 3 new weapons
* 3 new achievements
* 4 new trophy skins
* 4 new challenges
* 8 new music
* 3 new boss
* 32 new enemies
* new ranking system
* Customization system (new mech color, mode, and rank)
* New style player card.
* New short film.
* New face model for Bemular
What’s in the Box?
* 1 Additional Hero to play as
* 1 BEMULAR (Hero) – Fighter
* 1 BEMULAR (Hero) – Fighter Skin
* 4 New Super Powers
* 3 New Weapons
* 2 New Stages
* New Superpower Sounds
* 8 new Music tracks
* New Challenge
* New Boss
* New Style Player Card
* New Story Mode
* 1 New Short Film
* New Face Model
* New Color and Mode Variations for Player and Bosses
* 7 new Achievements
* Face Review
* New Ranking system
* New Customization Menu
How to Get It?
Bemular is available as DLC Fighter Hero for all previous players.
Additional DLC Fighters will be available for purchase.
Visit for more information and to enter the contest to win an All-Tron 2 mech.
How to Play?
The Fighters and DYNAMICS have been balanced, so all of the available content and character classes will be required to complete the DLC Gameplay.
To play as Bemular, utilize BEMULAR! (Hero) – Fighter “Lighning”, BEMULAR! (Hero) – Fighter Skin, or purchase Override 2: BEMULAR! (Heroe) – Fighter DLC for only $1.99.
The Steel Black Belt DLC Hero is also available in-game for $2.99 (USD).
How to Register?
To register as either DYNAMICS or HERO – Fighter DLC, please visit the Override2


Three Defilements Features Key:

  • Extreme action oriented fight before you move to the next part, you have to defeat 7 enemies.

7 enemies up close and far.

  • Use judiciously aim in order to stun your enemies.
  • Attack pattern customization and ability combo system
  • Score system. Max score at 60 points
  • Lots of new graphic system and skills
  • Clash sound effect


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Goods are already in demand on Earth. But you don’t have the precious resources needed to create more and better goods. It’s time to find something else: You can find something new in the vast universe. There you can fight your way to the top. You have the advantage that every world has their unique goods. Your goal is to find the most profitable goods in all worlds. Use them to increase your business. Compete for the best score. It is everything you can do to get into the top spot. This is Goods Incorporated! Good Guys!
From, Game creator: Sue (Credits: Sue / Game Development / Game Artist / Art / Music / Programming / Sound / Screenshot / Editing)

Now available! L.O.L.I.C is an awesome platformer game in which you play as a silly little critter in a big world full of colorful LEGO blocks.
Design a bridge, build a wall or create an elevator and make sure it leads the blocks to their target. Jump around and avoid the bricks being thrown at you by the other players.
Collect coins and colored blocks to unlock new characters and the ability to switch to another character when you’ve run out of moves.
You can also use the blocks you’ve collected to build objects, and you can steal objects created by other players when you’re playing a multiplayer game.
-play as over 70 characters, each with their own style and abilities
-over 100 unique objects to be created
-tweak a building’s position and the blocks’ rate of falling to create the perfect bridge
-customize the look of your building by collecting different colors of bricks
-online multiplayer game, with up to 4 players
-variety of challenges, including time-based challenges, “race” challenges and many more
-2 difficulty modes
-3 different game modes to play
L.O.L.I.C is set in a colorful LEGO world, where the only thing that matters is to have fun!
“Immerse yourself in an endless gameplay challenge and change the appearance of your entire world.”

Screenshot & trailer video:

Goods Inc. SE is a modern replacement of Good Goods Incorporated. This is a game with a ton of content and features. It’s a game that aims to be the best thing to ever hit the App Store, and it might just become that. Good Goods Incorporated already got a lot of attention


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“Beetle PSX” implements a specification of the platform it is running on called Protected Content Description (PcD). This specification defines a language, and a set of tools for describing the content of games and emulators. The equivalent of an individual piece of content is called a Partial Content Description (PcD).

Several PcDs are available in this game. They describe the content of this game and can be explored with the included PcD-Explorer. All the official releases available for this game are included as PcDs in this download.

-Controller custom mapping: the game allows you to bind the buttons and triggers of a PSX controller to your PC. Support for many wireless and wired PSX controllers.
-Duo Pong mode (multi player): play two-player games with two custom controllers.
-Two screen support: in screen mode there are two screens, one in the middle of the other.
-Extended hard drive support: Beetle PSX allows to run games from the extended hard disk of your PC with the emulated PSX’s hard disk. This feature is not available with all emulators.
-J-COMPSPACE support: Port of some cartridges which are not supported by some emulators.
-Extended menu mode: the menus are located at the bottom of the screen, and make the game playable from a tape recorder-like device like the old Game Boy.
-High-resolution textures: the game uses high-resolution textures, but it doesn’t support high-resolution rendering.
-Customizable brightness: increase or decrease the brightness of the PSX system.
-Game’s library interface: load games from the disk image file in your games’ folder.

Game Video:

RetroArch Game “Beetle PSX” Video:

Known Issues:
-When playing the game with RetroArch in fullscreen and non-fullscreen, the game won’t render. Switching to fullscreen may work, and switching back and forth works too. Using linear quadratic interpolation or increasing settings on the emulator may work.
-Currently the game does not support recording on the tape recorder.
-DSLR emulation isn’t supported.

Known Games:
-All official games for the Beetle PSX are included in the game.
-To access those games, go to the game’s folder and double-click on the file named Beetle-


What’s new:

: In the Centenary of Roleplaying by Chip Buchanan & Jeremy Crawford
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Gun Witch is a story-driven, pixel art experience full of charm and poetry with a touch of rom-com! You play as Beretta, a young witch on the island of Luninsula. The battle system is simple yet challenging! You will be able to clear multiple levels with different bosses and wild-life as you help Beretta make friends and learn more about the strange world she resides in.
This game requires players to perform various actions in order to pass each level. At its core, Gun Witch is an action platformer with RPG elements to it! You can switch to a menu-based combat mode and rapidly scroll through the levels if you’re not used to this type of game.
Guns are made more versatile in Gun Witch! The different guns that Beretta uses in this game come with different properties. Each bullet causes physical damage and can kill enemies if it touches them. For example, the pistol gives slow, regular, and powerful bullets, while the rifle fires rapid, powerful, and instant bullets. You can upgrade Beretta’s gun as you progress throughout the game.
There are over 200 different skills that Beretta can learn along the way! Each skill will have its own effect and the nature of the gun that you use.
Gun Witch will never require you to grind – not even in the hardest difficulty. Over 100 hours of story content and many hidden secrets await you!
WHAT IS REPOSTERS NEEDED: – Unlike “Game 0” which had nothing but a Boss Battle, this version has a lot of content, so we’re in need of as many people as possible to spread the word and be a local rep!
WHO ARE REPOSTERS NEEDED: – We are always looking for new game creators to work with – whether they be people who have simply played a game they like and want to give feedback (playtest) or people who are skilled in programming and graphics.
WHAT YOU NEED TO DO: – At a minimum, you’ll need to be able to create macros. Feel free to test out any other programs, as there will be a compatibility list on release. All other tools are optional.
WHAT YOU GET: – As a rep, you’ll get a pkg of updated and working build of the game + Sound Test Music
– A Discord Channel
– A Patreon Code to vote on the game
– A Steam Code to redeem the game and get early access
– A Blog Site with special updates and new items
– A Twitter Account where you can tweet


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System Requirements:

Minimum system requirements for the Starbound Beta
Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent or better
1.8 Ghz processor or higher (AMD equivalent)
2GB RAM (4GB recommended)
15GB Hard Drive space
720×1280 display
DirectX 9.0c
How do I enter the Beta?
Are you looking to join the Starbound Beta for the first time? Log in to your PSN account on your console and head over to the Beta section


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