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Features Key:

  • A 32-page soft-cover bestiary of wondrous creatures, magic items, and other creatures
  • Interactive, 3-D maps that bring fantasy into reality
  • Images that insert directly into your maps
  • Scout Glance (bonus action) – to learn what direction you move in when using the Long Reach skill
  • Enhanced Fast Movement – allows moving a great distance in short time
  • Stake Stands – an ancient guardians’ device to channel energy through the soil
  • Pearl is the descriptor of the gem that has the most magical energy
  • Hard cover with the image of a gryphon in the center
  • 13th Age Bestiary

    The Bestiary of 13th Age introduces a new fantasy world where far-off races interact, fight, and ally.
    While it started out as the Wild West and the lands of Western Civilization, the world of 13th Age quickly became established as entirely unique: the thinking and other creatures of 13th Age walked in the usual fashion, but the terrain shifted beneath their feet.
    Thirteen of the Greater Rock Races such as Firbolg and Rarnani are now actually from places like Northern Scotland and Ireland.

    Rich, 3-D Maps

    13th Age Bestiary also comes with a set of 3-D maps to integrate into both the Fantasy Grounds and 13th Age system.
    Maps provide a new visual and storytelling resource.
    You can pick a book, find a monster on the map that is written about in the book, then insert the map in the book so that the action takes place on the map.
    When the action moves to the map, the descriptions show up for the DM or player to look at and discover more details about the creatures on the map.
    Additionally, as the action moves to the map, if necessary, you can expand or zoom the map to get closer to a location or a creature.
    The bestiary also includes an introductory section that has blank maps that you may use for your own creations or use to insert details that are not in the included bestiary. <


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    Since the first SpaceEngine was released in 2004, Jupiter is the most common destination for SpaceEngine users. As of October 2018, Jupiter is the only planet for which users can make planet-wide trips. This is the reason why Jupiter is the most popular installation to date. Huge updates In the meantime, SpaceEngine developers have been busy preparing a huge update for Jupiter. The new Jupiter expansion will include further improvements to the multiplayer option, and a number of new features as well. This expansion will also be released separately, so you’ll be able to download it even if you don’t want to install the update for Jupiter. Jupiter System: The Jupiter System DLC adds terrain details to most of Jupiter’s major satellites, and further improves atmospheric rendering. A special distinction is made for Io, as this is the only moon that I have actually visited in the real-life; I then took the liberty of basing my Io image from my own photographs taken there, thereby trying my best to be as faithful to reality as possible. SpaceEngine Development Version history: 1.0.0 September 18, 2019 SpaceEngine 1.0.0 contains a number of improvements, some of which are not particularly visible from the user interface. The most important ones are improvements to some of the graphical effects, such as planetary faces, water atmospheres, and lighting, as well as the possibility to freely modify the planet’s rotation. The new generation of real-time clocks will also improve the reliability of calculations. Finally, fixed a number of issues that users have reported. The vast majority of improvements were made for Jupiter, which represents the largest fraction of our users. The new Jupiter systems expansion brings with it a number of new features, and will become available in the next version of SpaceEngine – Jupiter and Jupiter Systems will no longer be part of the same update. System requirements: SpaceEngine version 1.0.0 and newer SpaceEngine Jupiter system expansion version 1.0.0 and newer Hardware requirements: PC Windows: XP, Vista, 7 Mac OS X: 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 Linux: Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS Additional requirements: Java: Sun JDK version or later and JRE or later c9d1549cdd


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    Free enterprise and competition are awesome. But when the government takes over the economy it’s time for a revolution: Videogames are becoming a part of pop culture [.] The games are some of the most influential pop art in the history of the medium. [.] GAME ON! Videogame critic David Kushner also thinks Tonight We Riot is good for gamers. “There are cheap, mass-market games that will do OK in the market, but these are important as well as entertaining. They are political, and that’s what’s more important. They’re political and they’re preaching. People are realizing the potential of videogames as media. This is the start of a movement that will go further and be more than just another fad.” Regardless of what you think of the game, and regardless of how it may make you feel politically, it’s important for game developers, game critics, and game players to recognize that videogames do have the potential to be political and to have messages. Historically speaking, games have been able to communicate with people for a long time. But games, unlike movies, have not been able to express those messages with the kind of polish and reach that TV dramas and other media platforms can. So we have largely been restricted to the kinds of messages that can be properly presented on TV, in ads, and in magazines, newspapers, and books. As video games enter the mainstream, however, the medium may be used to become a platform for reaching beyond the mainstream. Artistically, graphics and game design have been developing and improving at an exponential rate for decades, and are showing signs of becoming a viable medium for independent productions, as well as reaching mainstream audiences. In other words, the potential of videogames to become a powerful medium of communication is increasing. So this moment is particularly important for not only game developers, but game critics, and players as well. Game developers, game critics, and game players must accept and value videogames as a medium capable of transmitting messages about the world around us. And we must do that in a way that preserves the art form rather than embracing it for the commercial ends that seem to be threatening other forms of artistic and literary expression. Game Playing Culture Game playing may be a relatively new hobby, but over the last two decades game players have become a part of the mainstream. Thanks to old and new video games, the internet, and the rise of New Media, game playing has all


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