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Name Super Space Slayer 2
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A new monster has emerged. One that wishes to end the battle between humans and Kanji-monsters once and for all. You are the first survivor of the Monsters of Kanji world, MARTY, and it is your responsibility to save all of Kanji-world. Your mission: fight your way through a legion of deadly monsters, discover its secrets, stop the evil plan and bring Kanji back in one piece. Backstory: With the theft of a mysterious artifact called the IRONASHI, a legion of monsters emerged from the darkness and set their eyes on Kanji. Kanji was overwhelmed, so the Kanji-human race retreated to the desert, and the planets and moons became the start of their home. But this new threat is more powerful than the monsters. With the IRONASHI, this new threat can manipulate the world around the players. Kanji needs a hero: MARTY, a disgruntled hero, thinks his life is a big joke. But when it turns out that the source of his unhappiness is his ex-girlfriend, she tells him to join the battle to defeat the new threat of the Monsters of Kanji. The entire Kanji-human race is counting on him to solve the mystery of the IRONASHI. You can choose to save Kanji by destroying the IRONASHI. Or you can wait for Kanji to save you. But it seems more like a choice in a different game. Disclaimer: This game is free to play, but you can purchase some items within the game with real money. In-game purchases can be managed in the “Settings” section in your Google Play account or via Google Checkout. Google Checkout and Google Play work in most countries. Visit for more information. We love feedback and suggestions to make MOMOK 2 as fun and as great as possible. Follow us on Facebook at: Official website: Game credits: Programming, Scenario, Voices: Joost van Doorn, a.k.a. Sawario Editing, BW & CG: Fredrik Ahlberg Music: James Dring (Monstermania Studios) 3D Scenery and Monster


Super Space Slayer 2 Features Key:

  • Addictive Shooter Game
  • Clicking the correct location, using the tokens as weapons, is the challenge.
  • Easy to play, but difficult to master.
  • A large stage and multiple tokens to cover.
  • Loads of items to discover, which include hats, horns, wigs, masks, hats, glasses, suits, etc.
  • Earn money and buy the items you want to use!
You may want to add one or two of the game features, which are:
  • A large stage with more than 20 levels.
  • A different set of weapons for each level.
  • A time limit for each level.
  • The tokens are your weapons. It’s about playing your shots in the correct order.
  • Funny characters, and some of them are zombies.
  • Learn to balance the stage level and the token items.
  • Frogger – the first phase is about clicking the main page.
  • Continue playing the game and the second phase is to click the locations.
  • The third phase is the shooting – follow the red arrow.
  • Complete 40 stages to get to the fifth and last level. The final phase is free.
  • Juggling this game with your phone is fun. Very addictive.The whole game is free to play. You can expect a lot of gaming luck, and therefore you might have many dead ends and you will need to restart the game.
  • It’s called Halloween store simulator, but you get to play it any time you want. Good luck and game on!
  • Get your real Halloween Store Simulator Game

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Super Space Slayer 2 For Windows

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How To Install and Crack Super Space Slayer 2:

  • Download & install
  • Start game and login
  • Click file name “setup.exe”
  • Install apps, play a game
  • You can now Install engine
    VS Framework 5.5 and other file
  • After a moment of installation process, it will be ask to restart your system in normal mode. Restart system


  • Brute Force – King Rider [DMG]
  • Software-Update.exe
  • VS Framework 5.5
  • AntiVir.dll
  • ESDKInstallUtil.exe

System Requirements:

PC: Intel 3.4 GHz CPU or better. RAM: 4GB or better. GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 600 series or ATI Radeon HD5000 series or better. DirectX 11 (DirectX 12 for UWP) WiFi: Broadband Internet connection. Hard Drive: 40GB space required. Resolution: 1280×720 minimum for Windows 10, Windows 8.1 OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 Mac: Macbook Pro (late 2013 or newer

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