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    IMMERSIVE TOOLS AND STRUCTURAL DESIGN The controls in Curse of the Murlocs are designed to offer a lot of aural and visual variety with easy and accessible controls using either the Vive or the Oculus. By continuously changing the available space on the ground plane, the user can probe deeply into the atmosphere of a dungeon, while in motion, switching between different characters to master the options available to them. The game supports a variety of movement, free-form movement, and teleportation – allowing the user to carefully plan their way through the dungeon. TENNESSEE TUNNELS: NEW AVATAR In Tennessee Tunnels, players take control of a new character – a sky rider. By flipping your character into flight, you are free to maneuver in a new way, and much like your airborn counterpart, this freedom is one of the most valuable aspects of control in the game. NEW MULTIPLAYER MECHANICS With Curse of the Murlocs, Tekken Studio brings the iconic brand to the VR space, and among its many features is a new mechanic that can only be found in the VR space: the ability to play with others in real-time, thanks to the Vive headset’s headset-to-headset tracking! In order to play with others, you can create a room together in the real world using Bluetooth beacons – and you can then walk around and play co-op, interact with the environment, and do battle with your friends. Not only is this an awesome social experience, but it also opens up a new realm of possibilities when it comes to managing loadout, characters, and puzzle-solving. Fully-Immersive Experiences Curse of the Murlocs features a fully-immersive space, providing a truly immersive experience to the VR gamer. The damage the “earth” absorbs is recorded and reflected on the user, and the user is provided with information about the health of the environment in real-time, making it feel, behave and play like the real world. STUNNING DIMENSIONS One of the key aspects of Curse of the Murlocs is its stunning dimensions, which allow the user to explore a vast, immersive dungeon. Thanks to VR’s gaze tracking, the user is able to explore vast spaces and get a feel for the unique feel of the environment – using a fully-immersive experience that feels as lifel c9d1549cdd


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    Festoon is a virtual dome studio for creative development, design, and review. With Festoon, you can preview and test fulldome and virtual reality content in a free virtual dome. You can use the software to create and design content, or view and review the final results. Festoon has many projectors to choose from, the addition of which can be purchased with in-app purchases. Esthetic Implants Implant prosthetics are the latest and greatest in modern technology. Implants are surgically placed in the jawbone where roots are missing (for example: jaw loss due to tooth extraction), or not present (for example: maxillary sinus lift procedures). In both situations, a titanium dental implant is used to provide a foundation where new roots can grow, providing a tooth-like replacement for the site. Here’s how they work: A customized denture, in the form of a removable, one-piece, or two-piece shell, is made from porcelain or resin and fitted into the implant fixture. Both materials provide a cosmetic and functional replacement for the original tooth or teeth in the affected area. Permanently fixed bridges require the framework of the implant fixture to be cemented to the patient’s remaining teeth. This framework holds the pontic (bridge) in place while the gingiva heals. The pontic is typically made from acrylic resins or porcelain. Some patients choose immediate implants. Unlike a conventional implant, where the implant is inserted into the jawbone after a period of several weeks, implantation takes place immediately after tooth extraction. In this case, the jaw bone is re-grafted to provide a base for the implant. Benefits of implants Periodontal disease is a serious health problem that may cause tooth loss. Even a small loss of tissue around a tooth may cause the tooth to loosen and move. Damaging bone supporting the teeth often leads to advanced periodontal disease, which requires expensive tooth loss replacement. Implants put an end to this problem. For patients with extensive bone loss, implants are an important solution. Your dentist can determine if implants are appropriate for you by examining the bone structure in your jaw. If you have chronic gum inflammation, implants may not be a good option for you, so see your dentist for a Periodontal evaluation. With dental implants, patients avoid extraction surgery and the accompanying risks and discomfort


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    System Requirements:

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