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StarDot NVR Free Download For PC [2022-Latest]

Customize the look of your NVR
Whether you are looking for a sleek look or a more classical one, you can significantly modify the view you see on your monitor screen.
The look can be customized through the dashboard, or you can pick from numerous predefined ones.
Get to know your cameras
Perhaps, the most significant thing when it comes to NVRs is that you can recognize the camera you want in order to get its information. To accomplish this, you need to set the primary information in the device and then perform the scan for the rest.
Get advanced features
StarDot NVR can be upgraded with a third-party remote, such as the Aeon Softcam. In this case, you will need to communicate through the Android app, which runs on your mobile device.
Furthermore, you can remotely access your NVR and control the cameras and video storage, among other things. Also, it is possible to track and locate devices, monitor alarms and change settings, among other things.
How to Install StarDot NVR
Installing StarDot NVR is a pretty easy task. You need to launch the free version of the program which will allow you to access its features and perform a trial period of two months, after which, you need to purchase its license key and start enjoying all of its advantages.
In conclusion, StarDot NVR is a simple and intuitive NVR that can be set up very easily and that can help you with hardware and setup related issues. The software offers a sleek, reliable and user-friendly interface and comes with a large number of useful features, such as the ability to manage your camera, play back recorded videos, set up alarm events and much more. Furthermore, it provides access to a powerful remote control app.

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StarDot NVR With Registration Code Free Download 2022 [New]

Support various record modes as needed
Visit to know more about StarDot NVR

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Wrap Up

3. How to solve camera driver problems

Once your camera is connected to your computer, many peripheral devices will recognize the camera as a new device. You’ll be presented with a device name and a friendly Drive Name. The Drive Name will be helpful if you are having trouble with the compatibility or driver issue.

After you locate the camera drivers, double-click the Windows Device Manager.

In the Device Manager, double-click USB Camera under Cameras, Cameras and Video Devices.

In the left pane, expand the Drivers tab and select the Driver History > Installed list.

Ensure the device name is listed under Installed, not Installing.

Click Uninstall to uninstall the driver.

Make sure the appropriate driver is installed.

If your camera is a plugin device, follow the instructions for your computer on how to install your camera.

4. How to install a camera driver

Download and open the camera driver from the manufacturer’s website.

Make sure the download is complete before beginning the install process.

Follow the prompts to install the driver and enable the camera once it is complete.

5. How to uninstall a camera driver

Find the file in your computer’s program folder.

Double-click the file to uninstall it from the drive.

6. How to update a camera driver

After you’ve taken down your old driver, search for the new driver from the manufacturer’s website.

Verify the file has an update available.

Download the new driver and then run the installer.

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StarDot NVR Full Version

StarDot is a cutting edge video surveillance solution for home and small office video surveillance for smarter, easier and more effective control of your building’s security and oracle virtual machine on windows server and windows server vmware image capabilities – using existing windows disk.
Key Features:
* New generation Real-time Surveillance – 92% accurate live viewing
* Camera Management, Configuration & Schedule
* Search by license number, model/year, manufacturer, serial number & past history of history or by name
* View & Repeat images
* Real-time Video Monitoring
* Privacy Protection

Download StarDot 4.0


There is another free Windows software called Simple DVR ( which has 1GB or less space and also has an iOS and Android Apps. It also doesn’t have a cutomizable UI, but is really easy to use.
Update: the latest version (2.0) is coming soon, and is now open source.


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What’s New In StarDot NVR?

1. Easy to use.
2. Compatible with all Windows.
3. Support a variety of languages.
4. Various recording schedules.
5. Remote control operation.
6. Keep a picture of your living place.
7. Free trial period.
Overall, StarDot NVR is a simple yet effective video surveillance system application that can help you keep safety at optimal levels.

Rating: 4.4

Pros: –

Cons: –

StarDot NVR Free Review and User Guide

See also: A Complete Guide to StarDot NVR Installation


By Boshi Hissen, September 19, 2019

StarDot NVR Free Review and User Guide.

I’ve been using StarDot NVR free software for years. The software is easy to install and use. Its user-friendly design is something to be admired. The interface is very friendly, and it contains intuitively organized functionality so that you don’t need a manual. That said, StarDot NVR Free has several minor issues that can be improved upon and should be mentioned.

My first experience with the software was back when it was still called NVRTest and did not contain all the features. When I made the switch, I was excited, and I expected to see many changes. However, I’ve found that the software has only gotten better. It now has a faster user interface and far more benefits than it used to. A prime example is the way it handles system updates and launches. I’ve been very impressed with its performance and responsiveness.

The first thing you need to do is set up a camera. This is the time you upload the camera list, name the camera, enter the IP address, and set up username and password. If you want to connect the camera to a computer, you will need to do that separately.

Installation takes less than a minute, and it is intuitive and easy. It does require some assistance, which is why I’m giving it 4 stars. But, 5 stars for installation.

Usage is simple. You can connect directly to a camera, or you can add a camera using the Device List. To add cameras, you must first identify which category a camera belongs to: IP Camera, Access Point, Network Camera

System Requirements For StarDot NVR:

Minimum specs recommended:
Dual-Core Intel or AMD processor
10 GB HDD space
Windows XP/Vista/7
DirectX 9.0/10 (or newer for Vista)
512 MB DirectX Video RAM
DirectX 2.0c-compatible video card
HDTV or HD Ready monitor with 1280×720 resolution
1024×768 resolution monitor recommended
Broadband Internet connection
On-board sound
Recommended specs:
Quad-Core Intel or AMD processor

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