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This gadget allows you to monitor bus arrival time for as many bus services in Singapore as you want. The timings can be announced in human voice, too. SBS buses and some of SMRT buses are supported. Manage multiple Singapore bus services using this small gadget.







Singapore Bus Crack + With Full Keygen (Updated 2022)

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Beta is available on Google Play Store. And as mentioned in previous post, you can also get it using AdsBeacon plugin.

Singapore Bus Activation Code Distance Status?

If you want to know about a bus’ distance status, you can use SBS App, which includes SBS online service. The distance is calculated using in route destination.

You can use this gadget to see the real-time bus distance, including traffic jams. Current bus distance can be displayed in blue line on the map.

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The gadget shows the distance of a certain bus route, using Google Maps. You can also get the current bus route you are on with the help of the GPS tracker.

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GPS Tracker offers other features like bus arrival time, bus stop number, bus stop ID, bus route ID, bus route name, bus direction, bus coordinates, bus route duration, bus direction, bus stop name and bus stop ID.

Search GPS Tracker

To look for the track of your own bus, you have to input “[driver name]” into Search GPS Tracker. This will show all GPS tracks of that bus.

This gadget will send you a notification whenever your bus passes nearby you. Whenever that happens, you can view the distance, time and direction in the notification.

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This gadget can track your bus’ progress and show you the distance and time. The gadget will remind you whenever your bus passes close to you. When it does, you can get information about the bus such as the distance and time in a notification.

You can also call the gadget directly to check the distance and time, if you have more time.

This gadget tracks your bus, so you can track your bus in real-time. And if you don’t have the gadget, you can follow the track in this page or you can track it using GPS Tracker plugin, which you can get on HelpSmarter.

You can also get more information from this page. You can get the bus details as well as the location of bus stop. This gadget doesn’t require connection to device. It will work on any

Singapore Bus Crack + Free Download [Latest] 2022

– You can monitor the arrival time for every single bus line in Singapore
– Can be used with mobile phone, it supports all mobile networks (2G-3G-3.5G)
– It is an easy to use device with simple green and red LED indicators for bus arrival time
– Available in English and Chinese.

Frequency is available for bus services in your neighborhood.

Select your neighbourhood, tap the “Frequency” button, then select the frequency you want to monitor. You may need to scroll through the frequency list if there are many buses on that particular bus route. You can also tap the “Down” button, but it will only get the info for buses going the specific direction you tapped on.

To view and search for other bus services in Singapore, tap “More”.

Walking to the next bus station, bus stop or bus route starts automatically.

Note: This application is NOT a replacement for a paper timetable. Please make sure that your route is well-listed on

Yes, I would recommend this device to a friend

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Wonderful product


By adc_7

This app is really easy to use. I’ve bookmarked it on my home screen. The accuracy of the actual time of bus arrival is fantastic. It saves battery too.

Best in terms of ease of use


By Carser

Best App for tracking bus arrival time in Singapore. Very easy to use. Recommended.

Thank you, it works wonderfully.


By cmshwy

I have been using this app for a year now and its one of my most used apps. I have tried a couple of other apps and this one is by far the best. It’s great to get a notification on my phone so I can see when the bus is arriving. I will be using it through the summer.

Best app!


By swissfullfish8

I downloaded the app a few months ago and love the idea of the bus app. It’s just as easy to use as any other app.

Good app


By KKfromjapan

May not be the full features you see on Cracked Singapore Bus With Keygen website (i.e. showing how many stops before the next destination). Still useful to have the app to

Singapore Bus

This is a standalone app, not available in Google Play. You can use this app to monitor the status and live timing of any public bus service in Singapore using the IBUS app. Bus routes and serving stations can be displayed on-screen. The app can be used to check the upcoming services for up to 10 days in advance. When the bus is about to arrive at the bus stop, a blue box will flash on-screen giving the detailed information on the upcoming bus.
How to download:

Step 1: Wait for the “Allow” popup, then allow the Buses app from Google Play. Please Note: The Buses app is not available on Google Play.
Step 2: Install this app on your android phone. If you are already using the IBUS app, please log into your IBUS account to link this app to it. If you do not have an account with IBUS, please register for it. You can register by clicking the link on the IBUS app homepage.
Step 3: Log in to the app using your IBUS account or register if you don’t have an account with IBUS. To log in or register, tap the “Login” or “Register” icon located on the top-right corner of the app.
Step 4: Tap the “+” located on the right-side menu of the app to add a bus route.
Step 5: Tap the “+” located on the left-side menu of the app to add a serving station.
Step 6: Tap the “+” icon to add multiple bus routes.
Step 7: Search for bus routes using the search bar.
Step 8: If there are no buses showing up, tap the “Notify me” icon on the top-right corner of the app to inform the user of the new bus routes.
Please Note:

This app is FREE to use, but all data and service usage charges will be determined by the IBUS’s terms of use and chargeable by Instabuses.
This app is not available in Google Play.

This software application provides you bus service information, route information and live bus arrival time for the bus services listed on this web page. It will also notify you of the bus arrival time and provide route information on your Android mobile phone. Note: You need to install this application separately on your Android phone. The application is FREE to use, but all data

What’s New in the?

12,16 and 29 are the most frequent bus services in the Singapore transit system. They are major services and are often used by tourists. 12, 16, 29 and 161 services are provided by SMRT Buses. These buses are very common and often used by tourists. Other bus services are provided by SBS Transit, City Transit and ComfortDelGro. As of 2016, they use different Singapore bus routes and timings. For most of the time, the Singapore bus routes are compatible, but there are some restrictions. The list of compatible buses is here.

But sometimes, the bus stops are not compatible with the bus route. This is because they are not using the same bus stops. So, in this case, you must use online bus terminal to monitor your bus service. This device has a built-in GPS to make sure the location is accurate. GPS satellites will be used to locate your position in real time. It will alert you when your bus is arriving at the stop and it will stop the present bus on its arrival. The model that supports GPS is LC101 GPS Bus Timer. You can use the USB to be charged or by power bank. You can connect the device to a car by a USB cable or by using the 6 pin jack. There is an LCD display. You can connect your phone or tablet to the device to get all the details of the bus service. This device will also sync automatically to the desktop computer when connected via USB cable. You can easily customize the notifications like announcement for bus arrival or departure.

USB Adapter Specifications

This kit does not have a built-in battery and it depends on the USB port of the desktop computer or notebook computer. You do not need to worry about your computer battery.


The device has a rechargeable LiPo battery pack. If it is fully charged, it will last for 8 hours. It is solar panel powered. This is very helpful because you do not need to wait for the bus to be charged. As the weather is warm in Singapore, it can be recharged during the day.

Works on

This device is very compatible with most of the latest computers and laptops. Even when it is not charged, it will run with its solar panel because of the 10-watt solar panel. The manufacturer has also supplied a rechargeable power bank for the device.


With the GPS function, it is very easy to know your location. It also allows you to monitor the actual location

System Requirements For Singapore Bus:

Minimum Requirements:
Game Screenshots:
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Game is a survival sandbox/experiment with no end goal (currently). You are free to create your own goals and life.
In the game, you’re free to build anything you want.

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