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A fantasy action RPG for the PC where you rise, become an Elden Lord, and wield the power of the Elden Ring! Story The story begins when an “epic war” ends abruptly. An Evil King who was calling for war has vanished and a prophecy that predicts the destruction of the world has been revealed. There are five main characters who are still alive. Together, the five of them journey to find out what is going on… The War ended just like that, and left behind a future of sadness and despair… As the fifth Elden Lord, the only hope left for the future lies with you. Can you take on the challenge and do something to change the fate of a broken world? The main story of “Rise, Tarnished,” the first chapter of “The Chronicles of Elden” is up, enjoy! (*) Please note that all of this information is based on the preliminary and incomplete data of the official site ( It is possible that the information is subject to change at any time. Product Features ————————– # 1. An Epic Drama Set in a Virtual World “The Chronicles of Elden” is an adventure game with a large-scale story set in a virtual world. This is a fantasy action RPG with a narrative focus, in which players create a character in an open world and directly interact with the characters around them. # 2. Variety in Gameplay and the Gamepad Function Players can use the gamepad in conjunction with the keyboard and mouse to control the characters. Players can freely choose the manner of control, such as pure keyboard play or the use of the D-pad or analog stick. By using the gamepad in conjunction with the keyboard, players can also take advantage of the gamepad’s special functions. # 3. A Multilayered Story “The Chronicles of Elden” also includes a multilayered story whose various elements interact with one another. In this story, the characters think and act differently from one another. The story will continue even after the completion of the main story. # 4. Vast World, Various Events, and a Shocking Ending The Lands Between is a vast world whose fields vary from a beautiful meadow to snowy mountains and high mountains. It is also a world full of secrets and hazards, and there are


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Explore an Epic World; The Features of the Lands Between are Hostile to the conventional RPG genre, but the atmosphere evokes a feeling of wondrous isolation.
  • Possess multiple Heroes; Bring forth an array of heroes in order to chain and strengthen the bonds of friendship by combining their magical abilities.
  • An Epic Drama Born of Myth; Choose from a variety of heroes and return to the Void after these chosen ones enter the Lands Between.
  • A Varied Story; Experience a range of scenes that unfold one after the next. A multilayered story is one that is obscured by darkness, and uncovering it through objective investigation is a complex story and action.
  • Design your own Fantasy World! Dungeons, Monsters, and even Heroine’s Base Tileset – The tiles for your physical world can be freely designed according to your tastes.
  • Create your own Hero; Fully customize and develop your own hero that is born from the past, present, and future.
  • Variety of Multiplayer Modes that Loosely Connects You to Others; Multiplayer is made possible in two different ways; in their classic RPG type of format for direct connections, and in the form of a lively, asynchronous online game.
  • 【Contents】

    * Embracing the Full Experience of Fantasy Action RPG by Fantasy Regalia * Game Making Story, #2 – Humanity * Overview of Fantasy Regalia – Making a Fantasy Action RPG from the Design Ideas * Overview of Fantasy Regalia – Making Fantasy Regalia * Game Making Story


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    A high-end game that was developed because the company wants to keep the style of the image that they created with the “Manticore” figure in mind. The development staff’s design decisions are amazing in that they tried to incorporate the world of role-playing games into a new setting. The production quality is as excellent as ever. THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. THE Elden Ring 2022 Crack is an action role-playing game where you become a hero who has escaped from the hellish prison. It is an original story of the “Manticore” game. – The World We’re After In this light fantasy world, there is the Elden or “the great”, which consists of humanity’s new hope in the future. There are various races of people, such as elves, orcs, fairies, humans, and dragons. The Elden Rings, however, are the physical incarnation of the god’s grace, and the symbol of the great power. They are basically magical swords that can be used by anyone, given the right circumstances. The leader of this world is “Kirika”, whom the world has only heard about in legends. Kirika has died, and with this world where none of the five Rings exist, the six Elden Lords are preparing for an unknown future. The game world is a 3D action role-playing game that freely combines open-world exploration with storytelling via pre-rendered video and in-game conversations. – The Story We Want to Tell “The story behind this world that we want to tell, is a battle between the real gods and the monsters that emerged as a result of the humans’ terrible actions. The monsters were believed to be abominations, and exterminated until the great future got underway. Then came the great Elden Lord and the accursed god from the heavens, and the monsters were released from their prison. After that, it was a fight to survive against monsters that have seven different forms, and there was only one world. And then came two worlds and people ended up here. Beneath the ring mountains, the hellish prison is isolated. In the city, the humans are in a battle for survival. The monsters try to take the humans for their pieces, and monsters that have been released from their prison try to move to the other world. bff6bb2d33


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    • When you log in, the game will automatically display information and will be waiting for your command. • First time use / game start / create character: Your character will begin at an empty map. Your first job is to choose which class you want to be and create your character. • Leveling up: Choose one of your own skills to level up. • Which Skills to level up: Your leveling will progress to your zone of influence • Equipment / skills and equipment: You will begin with a dagger, a helmet, leather armor, and a sword. Your items are unlocked in order of strength. • Class / Power / Skills: You can select a class which will provide you with a unique set of abilities • Monster / NPCs / items: While exploring the various towns, cast spells on enemy NPC monsters which will appear on the map. • Character dialogue / main story: In order to advance, you must take on quests and side-quests. You can start from different classes depending on the given quest. You will encounter people who are capable of providing you with quests. You will also discover various items that will enhance your character • Loot and money / Map: You can obtain various items while exploring. You will also obtain money as you advance. • Equipment and Items You will find several types of equipment, such as Clothes / Armor / Weapon. The equipment you obtain will be acquired based on its strength. • Enchantment / Seal: You can level your equipment and provide a mechanical life and various enhancements. • Weapon / Armor / Magic: You can put a seal of enchantment on your equipment. During combat, you can use your enchanted weapon to restore your HP. • Inventory / Trade / Equipment You can combine items and sell them. • Various elements / The Lands Between: You can unlock different areas through various quests which offer a variety of activities. • Quests / Side Quests / Party & Miscellaneous You will be required to complete a variety of quests, such as killing monsters, collecting items, or opening chests. Depending on the area you are in, there will be various relationships and events. You can see the story that is unfolding. • Map / Minigames / Gameplay You can choose your own minigames. ATTACHMENTS 1. Enhancement – Enhance your weapon, armor, or magic, or upgrade various stats, and cast a seal


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Release Date:

    Jul 23, 2016


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    System Requirements:

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