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It was a dark land, and the three groups of adventurers––bandits, demons, and mages––lived on different continents. Then a demon lord destroyed everything, and the lands were engulfed in despair. A couple of days later, hope returned when three brave adventurers stepped forward, and the quest for the Elden Ring began.

However, far more monsters had emerged to challenge them. As an adventurer, you need to overcome these monsters, and then use the secrets of the Lords of the Elden Ring to obtain the Holy Stone of the Elden Ring from the world’s one and only remaining demon lord.

Based on a series of Dx2 visual novels, the Dungeons & Dragons-inspired RPG, exclusively available on PS4, will be released in October.



Inspired by the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, the story of the game’s world is a blend of fantasy, mystery and romance. In the Lands Between, three groups exist: The Adventurers, the Lords and the Demons. Weave a new tale that originates from our world, and a new story that is unique to the Lands Between.

For example, battle scenes will be in the present tense, while the dialogue will only be heard in the past tense. Even the characters’ appearance and dialogue have been twisted to create a more realistic situation.

Follow the Adventurers as they face off against the Demon Lord and battle alongside their friends to win the Holy Stone and avert the Demon Lord’s attack.



In the Dungeons & Dragons-inspired RPG, the player characters wield weapons, armor, and magic to battle monsters. Players can freely customize their characters with a wide variety of weapons, armor and magic. The player is given a ‘Class’ at the beginning of each chapter, and determines which weapons, armor and magic to use.

Players can explore the game’s world in a variety of ways including ground battles, exploration, and fishing. Players can actively fight or bond with various characters through conversations that can be freely accessed at any time. Even player characters are able to converse with each other and experience a new form of communication not seen before in video games.



Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) is a fantasy roleplaying game system created by Gary


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • 2D/3D fullscreen battle system allows you to enjoy a game that can exceed even casual games.
  • Fight with six types of weapons, each of which evolve in different ways depending on your character’s class.
  • Fight using 16 types of magic that are divided into attack and support. Furthermore, the functionality of existing magic can be improved by adding new magic by increasing the number of available attribute points.
  • Space for only three players online. In addition, a 4th (split screen) online partner can be added.
  • Beautiful engine created using a Unity game engine, Unity 2017 built in the Unreal Engine 4.
  • Appearance using an in-house 3D model maker.
  • Repin:



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    From the reviewer of KINGDOM OF TWO WORLDS:
    The first game I played of this series I didn’t enjoy at all. It’s one of my least favorite Final Fantasy games ever.
    This game is a different story. First off, it feels so much better and much more refined. This game is a direct sequel to FFXIII1. So right off the bat it’s one of the best games of the series.
    The combat feels significantly improved. It’s fast and responsive. You can still enjoy that tactical element. This is especially apparent early on. There’s enough variety in the equipment and sword-like weapons. You can even swap weapons mid-fight. Another great change is the level design.
    I can’t wait to revisit all the places we were in FFXIII1! I hadn’t even touched the Mystic’s Tower in FFXIII1! It’s one of the main areas in that game that was a huge letdown because it was so repetitive. This tower is an entirely different experience.

    From the reviewer of KINGDOM OF TWO WORLDS:
    This was a step above the previous game. The graphics were about as good as I’ve ever seen on a PS3. It looks beautiful and is very polished and well-detailed. I didn’t notice any frame drops, and the character models are jaw-dropping. This is the best-looking PS3 game I’ve ever played. The soundtrack is as good as any Final Fantasy game ever.
    The combat is still fast and responsive. It feels like a Final Fantasy game in every aspect. It’s a fast-paced action-RPG that’s more streamlined than the previous game. The story is as interesting as ever. It’s the perfect ending to what was a fantastic series.
    If you ever played the previous game, you’ll have no problems getting into this game. I think people who haven’t played this game will be really disappointed if they don’t play it. The last game was an overall disappointment and this one is a huge improvement. I hope Square Enix keeps making games like this.

    From the reviewer of KINGDOM OF TWO WORLDS:
    Once again, we travel into the Lands Between. At the end of the last game, Jeanne was the “doom knight,” and


    Elden Ring Crack

    The game is played with the main character character looking over you and other players’

    positions. It is a game where you can decide to do whatever the game asks you, and you are the one

    to decide the course of action.

    LEGENDARY BOSS Battle online multiplayer party plays are available in the form of


    A sudden attack destroys the fleet. The fleet’s intrepid warriors continue their fight. All the legendary knights are lured to that spot. The fate of the empire depends on your alliance in defeating the black dragon. As a new generation of hero continues to rise, the Brothers of the Sword continue their fight. As a goddess rises in balance, they travel to the lands between to solve the mystery of the distant temple. The era when lawless drunks and pimps ruled the empire is now over. The empire is taken by the mighty hero world. The empire’s land defense army continues to fall.


    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    Altera, an imposing capital, and Gramthm, a bastion of savage beasts, once stood in the middle of the Lands Between. While the people and monsters and every other living thing in the world have since died off, their memory still lives on in the souls of the players and monsters.

    The lands between the two cities are now under the control of the enemy. You are the only knight who has survived and the only person who can stop it.

    Set your own path and decide what to do. A new adventure awaits you in the dungeons of Gramthm.

    Key Features:

    ■ An Embedded Story, the Words of a true legend. A Mythological Fantasy Empire’s Lore in One Story

    ■ Three Different Gameplay Elements:

    – The Story of Adventure

    – The Battle of Life and Death

    – Versus Multiplayer Battle of Fantasy Heroes

    (Online Gameplay with 400,000 players)

    (Return of old vs. New)

    -Two Phases of Vocation


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    The new fantasy action RPG “Beyond the Lands Between” presents a vivid world full of excitement. A vast world where you can enjoy the theme of an adventurer with an open mind. A vast world, in which open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected, awaits you. You will play as a hero with a strong will, who is guided by your grace and learns the strengths of each weapon and magic.

    A vast world where you discover the boundless charm of a vast world, where you can enjoy the theme of an adventurer with an open mind. You will experience the boundless charm of a vast world, where the joy of exploring and discovering countless adventures awaits you. The hero that is led by your grace, and learns the strengths of weapons and magic, will leave behind his past. Each approach to the game is a different adventure, each with various themes and possibilities. You will discover the thrill of the Adventure according to your character.

    A huge land with plenty of action.A vast world where a large number of adventurers gather and toil in the fields.

    A huge land of fantasy where at night there are horrific monsters and dangerous dungeons… but not at night, we can see the beautiful and huge world in the daytime! While you run and do battle in your trusty steed, you will also be able to enjoy the scenery to your heart’s content!


    A new fantasy action RPG “Beyond the Lands Between” featuring the game genre of “Adventure City” will be released. We are excited to present a new fantasy, where we present the overall concept as well as all the key points of the game.

    The hero whose name is “Rise, Tarnished” will lead the adventure, while concealing his own identity and skills. The hero guides his companions and takes you into the vast labyrinth of dungeons.

    The expansive setting of “Beyond the Lands Between” will be animated in a world that is part fantasy, part illusion, where huge monsters roam alongside elegant magic.

    CONTENT NOTE: This game requires the use of an external audio player in order to fully enjoy the audio.

    TORUS Game Streaming Service is a direct-to-consumer application that takes advantage of the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets to provide Nintendo Switch games directly to fans throughout the world. Launching this June, TORUS Game Streaming Service will be


    Free Elden Ring Crack

    Download TARNISHED: Demo (Use the link above to download)
    Unpack and place the “TARNISHED” folder on your desktop
    Run the executable file “tarnished.exe”
    Select the language you want to use when the application starts
    Play and enjoy


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Extract the “Crack” folder into your Games folder.

    When extracting, please allow all the options to appear.

    Delete “Confirm folder deletion” and “Remove Recycle Bin”.

  • Play the game, and it will check your installation and download any necessary addons. It will also install and activate it if they are already installed.

  • If you would like to play with other players online, you will need the following keys; Elden Ring: X (Online Hotseat), Y (Friend List), Z (Private Chat).

    For IMEI of your device (JT810), go to settings, about, device info / apps.

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