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◆ Introduction

The Elder Scrolls Online® is the only current MMORPG fully connected to the award-winning The Elder Scrolls® universe of games. Players can explore Tamriel online and play together with millions of other Elder Scrolls players, with no barriers between games or between fantasy and reality.

As the official Elder Scrolls Online website, we would love to hear from you via the TESO blog, any other Elder Scrolls Online fan websites, social media or other channels. If you would like to write a guest article on the Elder Scrolls Online, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

If you like Elder Scrolls Online, please visit ESO, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, visit our Youtube channel, or subscribe to our YouTube channel. For news, the latest game patch notes, videos, and more, you can find them all right here.

We are also on Reddit, with an unofficial Elder Scrolls Online subreddit, where you can find many posts written by and for the community.

If you have suggestions for ESO, please consider submitting a ticket via the in-game ticketing system, or via the official Elder Scrolls Online forum.

Thank you for your support of the Elder Scrolls Online.

The Elder Scrolls Online Team.

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What’s the story?

The vast world of Tamriel lies between the World of Flesh and the planes of Oblivion. The lands between are a land of adventure where the races of Tamriel converge. This is where a new culture has arisen.

Your ally, Mennara, is in the midst of an age of change. The Orc tribes that once dominated Tamriel are meeting the Human Kingdom for the first time in many generations. And there is tension in other places: the human city of Cyrodiil lies in turmoil, with the restless and savage Tuigan tribes on its border. At the centre of the conflict stands the Temple of the Moon. Built ages ago as a temple of the goddess Morríende, the temple now stands as a symbol of unity for all races.

The empires of Tamriel have stumbled into a world unlike any they have known. One where the forces of magic, war and history converge.

About the Isles of Elsweyr

The Isles of Elsweyr are the last major continent free of Alliance and Horde influence. The Iron Isles are a region of snow-capped mountains, flourishing


Features Key:

    Watch community videos and learn more about the basics of Elden Ring Online.
    Game software powered by the OSDM – the Official Servers Database management tool.
    Explore an expandable world created by the OSDM and map with a vast range of locations designed by our international volunteer community, in carefully considered three-dimensional designs.
  • Elden Ring Online is exclusive and free to play, and all in-game purchases are optional.

    Available for download on iOS and Android devices, this Elden Ring Online experience will also be available on several more platforms in the near future, such as Steam, NABS, and OUYA.

    ● Great News for the Game Series

    JACKSON HALL CONTENT came into the sphere of our development in August 2012, and we were amazed by its ability to meet our expectations: it was addictive to watch a story unfold and emotions to develop in numerous characters all at once.

    Adding to this, we placed Jackson Hall at the center of the game, and constructed an entire mythology, full of wonder and beauty around the hall. That is why we called the fan community we work with, “Elden Background.”

    We supported the role of the Elden Background by establishing special events that would convey and depict their unique features, and since that, through Jackson Hall Content itself, we deeply regard Elden Backgrounds as our special artists. In Jackson Hall Online, we created a gameplay that seeks to bring a sense of immersion as close to Jackson Hall as possible, as well as to bring a sense of satisfaction to the feelings of Jackson Hall through gameplay alone.

    ● Further Marketing Campaign

    In order to find a consumer who were open to fantasy and are willing to receive further experience, we have been expanding various


    Elden Ring Keygen Full Version

    “This is the true definition of a quality action game. Its high quality of graphics and gameplay makes it fun not only at the video game store, but also at the arcade.” – Japan Collector Magazine

    “RPGs aren’t normally my thing, but I’m a huge fan of action games and the gameplay that’s found in the Elden Ring makes me glad to be surprised. I can safely say that this game will definitely make a lasting impression on gamers everywhere.” – RedDot Reviews

    “If you are looking for a challenging and complex fantasy RPG, then the Elden Ring might be the perfect choice. A stylish game with a dark atmosphere and multiple twists and turns.” – The 5 Man

    “My only complaint is that we don’t have a good online mode like with the other Kingdoms of the Rift games.” – GamePressUSA

    “Not only is it fun, it’s easy to play, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it addictive.” – GameVideosReview

    “If you’re a newbie to the JRPG genre or just a hardcore RPG fan looking for something a little different, then it’s a game you should definitely check out.” – GamesDestiny

    “The controls are responsive, and the combat is challenging. Also it’s a joy to play. You will get your investment back in no time.” – StrategyAnime

    “Elden Ring is the best action RPG you’ll find on Steam right now, and one of the best games of this kind that I have played. It offers some fun and exciting gameplay which will have you hooked with the intriguing storyline and the beautifully designed environment.” – PlayMyGame

    “The Elden Ring is a complex and immersive fantasy action adventure, not to mention very pretty to boot. It’s definitely one of the most interesting games of 2014” – GameStudies

    “As great as the Elden Ring looks, it’s a game that’s as good as the gameplay makes it. Graphically it’s a sight to behold, but the controls and gameplay are what really make this title shine. So, if you’re looking for a great game with a lot of depth, go out and pick this up, because it won’t let you down” – GamingOnLinux

    “The game is a dungeon crawler with an emphasis on action and strategic combat. It has an almost perfect battle system based


    Elden Ring Full Product Key Free Download For Windows


    Watch Fifa 17: Elden Ring Game Online Through PS4 (Online)

    During the game, you will have the opportunity to participate in the Online Region of the Kingdom of Shadows, the Dark Forest, and the Woodland, each of which is where you can find a Boss. Each Boss has strong power, and there are many of them, so in order to capture them, prepare to fight against other players.
    In addition to offline, you will have the opportunity to play online with other players. A large number of players are currently playing online, so you can enjoy it together with them! It’s very fun!


    Watch Fifa 17: Elden Ring Game Online Through PS4 (Online)

    The online function allows the player to connect the game console with the PS4 system that is placed in the users “T”, “P”, “L”, “R”, or “X”, and play the online Region.
    You can participate in the Online Region and the Game Modes, including Squad Online, Online Deliberate, Online Veto Game, Online Squad Battles, and Online Tournaments.
    When you connect Online, the user’s Profile is synced, and players’ names and numbers are displayed.


    Watch Fifa 17: Elden Ring Game Online Through PS4 (Console)

    The Console function allows the player to connect the PS4 system that is placed in the users “T”, “P”, “L”, “R”, or “X”, and play the online Region.


    What’s new:

    2005.12.07 :
    That strange cult, Crimson Mountains, are over in the Der von Battle; you survived the conflict, but what do you do now? Will you go back home? Keep moving along the path and look for adventure? Or will you go to another continent, the Violet… And Drift away in another world?

    About the servers:
    Server FORTRES takes place in a dystopian open world. Population: sea. The population depends on a rail system. For your convenience, we are providing an area where you can sell or buy things. We are also providing an area where you can join tournaments.

    We are looking for an admin team. If you are a top-notch person, we will give you a lot of benefits. Please contact us!


    The New Fantasy Online started out being wierd… Most of the members hated it, it was hard to join and you had to join premail from one of the 4 members to get in… think about that! We all hav gotten used to it now though… I believe most of you hate the name LOL… 😉

    Anyway… On your last post…. It talks about a Game… Is it like the game U will need to mix your elements alot… or is it easy like just pick your element and go?

    I’d like to hear some answers………

    RSE was amazing but ugly… i cant wait to see the New RSE…

    Happy Days are Here Again….. I say again… now guys tek off your war weapons!!!!


    The New Fantasy Online is starting a guild called Black Dragon Dojo!



    Join >



    Free Download Elden Ring Registration Code PC/Windows

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    2) Open the game and play

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    Minecraft PE

    How to install:

    1) Download the file “” from our website and extract the contents to the “Saved Games” directory of the game.

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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download & Install the Game with the key from the links above.
  • Download TARNISHED The Light of Drachma
  • Once downloaded, Double click on it to install and the installation should begin. Don’t run the TARNISHED The Light of Drachma, instead close the game and extract the zip to your Steam installation folder.
  • You should now find Tarnished The Light of Drachma in your Games List. Just click on the game and you should see the Steam “Purchasing” Screen. Go through the prompts and agree to the EULA.
  • When prompted to launch the game, launch it and login with your EA Account or create one. You may have to accept the Tarnished The Light of Drachma EULA.
  • Once logged in, click Tarnished The Light of Drachma, and install the game. You should now see the “Pausing” Screen. Click the left trigger to continue. After the install completes, click Tarnished The Light of Drachma again and it should launch.
  • You will be presented with the main menu screen. Select “Play”.
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    Aura armor that damage scale is not balanced or damage is very low, spellpool damage is much too high, raid bosses on my armor

    Please die to gear, let me share with you some information about optimise in this game.

    1.Armor damage is not static, depending on your weapon, armor type, class, party, and global stats.

    2.You can do tons of stat chances.

    3.Stat chances are much higher than dps.

    4.Reagent empire rating is much more important than third party extract price.

    5.Research needs is also very important. Because of that, I will give special tips


    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 8.1
    Processor: Intel Core i3/i5/i7 (Desktop CPUs), Pentium Dual Core/Single Core (Laptop CPUs)
    Memory: 1 GB
    Graphics: Intel HD 3000
    Storage: 40 GB
    Additional Notes:
    The application includes various heavy libraries in order to provide the best possible results. These libraries increase the size of the application.
    What’s New:
    System Requirements: Minimum: OS: Windows 8.1 Processor: Intel Core i3/i


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