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Regardless if you use your computer for entertainment purposes or work, it's always good to have quick access to various applications and tasks. One program that could help you with just that is PC Utility Manager.
It's a small but very clever application that allows you to access Windows functions, create and organize tasks, all while keeping an eye on network statistics.
Sleek and simple user interface
The application sports a really intuitive and clean graphical interface with lots of tools and features that you can check out. It's divided into three main categories but it doesn't come with any customization options.
It would have been nice if you could resize the window or apply additional themes to the application. If you're having trouble getting accustomed to the application, access the developer's website for some tips and instructions.
Organize tasks and access Windows functions
The program allows you to create all sort of tasks on your computer and organize your work or activities in a more efficient way. You can group tasks to many categories, including general, high or low priority tasks, as well as tasks for the current day or week.
You can edit tasks at any time, double click to add notifications to a certain date and time. It comes with shortcuts to various applications installed on your computer. They're all arranged into categories, including Windows utilities, Internet, business, media, network applications, programming, PC diagnosis or configuration tools.
Browse the Internet easily
The application comes with an integrated Internet browser that allows you to access various websites. It doesn't have any bookmarking tools or tabbing options, but it does come in handy when you need to find something on the Internet.
Other than that, the application allows you to keep an eye on your Internet network and view the download and upload speed in real time. It also shows you how many users are currently accessing your computer.
All in all, PC Utility Manager is a very useful application for managing programs on your computer, accessing the Internet, viewing networking stats and organizing tasks.







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Partition Magic 8.5.3 is a very useful freeware partition tool that is able to help you manage your disk drives and partitions.
It comes with an easy to use user interface and some extra features that will allow you to add, copy, delete, rename, resize and move partitions and drives on your computer.
The program can be accessed in a variety of ways and displays data from various disks, partitions and drives. Simply click or double-click on a partition to access it.
You’ll be able to view the file system properties, including the volume serial numbers, free space and file allocation tables.
It allows you to monitor hard disk space, free disk space and file system activity. An open file management window will also display information about deleted, hidden or undeletable files.
You can clear the previous day’s junk files and archived items. Additional tools include the system backup, restore, shred and backup and restore functions.
Let’s take a closer look at the program features:
You can adjust the MBR and GPT partition properties, which also allows you to customize the active partition table header.
You can manage disk partition sizes with only a few clicks.
You can copy, delete and rename existing partitions.
You can move drives to other hard disks.
Deleting partitions is as easy as pressing the Delete key on the keyboard.
You can view the free space available on a volume.
You can shrink the partition sizes.
You can delete files, empty folders and trash bin contents.
You can delete files with file system properties.
You can uninstall partitions and drives.
The program can save files and settings.
The program can allow you to make system backups.
It works with all version of Windows and other operating systems.
You can restore your files and settings.

Partition Magic 8.5.3 Review:

Partition Magic 8.5.3 is a very useful partition program that is able to help you manage your disk drives and partitions.
It comes with an easy to use user interface and some extra features that will allow you to add, copy, delete, rename, resize and move partitions and drives on your computer.
The program allows you to view data from various disks, partitions and drives. Simply click or double-click on a partition to access it.
You’ll be able to view the file system properties, including the volume serial numbers, free space and file allocation tables.
It allows you to

PC Utility Manager Activator Download [April-2022]

Configure, manage, and optimize your PC by using the included tools:
* Explorer: Find new files, folders, and optimize your system for an instant performance boost.
* Network: Monitor the network performance and infrastructure.
* Browser: Get the maximum speed from the Internet, view your online networks, and surf the web.
* Registry: Edit the PC registry and customize your computer’s settings.
* Task Scheduler: Create tasks that start automatically, schedule your computer to start up at a specific time, and monitor your system to make sure it’s always optimized.
* CPU Monitor: Keep track of your PC’s processor and CPU usage.
* Utilities: Keep the system clean and secure by optimizing the computer.
* Start-up: Create custom start-up programs to quickly launch your favorite applications when you log in.
* File Manager: Scan and recover deleted files.
* User tools: Edit your user profile, install utilities, and control your PC from a web-based interface.
The PC Utility Manager Cracked 2022 Latest Version is the freeware version of the PC Utility Manager for Microsoft.

The PC Utility Manager screenshots below show the following:

PC Utility Manager in action:

PC Utility Manager, stats:

PC Utility Manager ( – Download PC Utility Manager –
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Cool Launcher Crack is a third-party Windows Application that enables to sort and move the folders and make them easy to locate. It also provides a fast and easy way to launch your favorite applications with a single click.
With Cool Launcher Pro, users are able to load, sort, and move your favorite applications, websites, documents, and pictures to any folder of your choice.
It is easy to use application, unlike the Cool Launcher free edition. The installation is very easy and straightforward, and Cool Launcher will get rid of the user’s previous experience with the other softwares that were used to load applications in the previous version.

Features of Cool Launcher Pro

Compact and portable

Works on all Windows PC’s

It’s fully compatible with Windows 8

Make your windows desktop clean and organized

Replace your application launcher

Sort your application

Insert shortcuts

Cool Launcher is a neat software application with the user-friendly interface. If you want to find all your application shortcuts then Cool Launcher is the right way to do so. It is also a highly optimized

PC Utility Manager For Windows

What’s New in the?

The PC Utility Manager is a small but powerful program that allows you to manage programs on your computer, browse the Internet, keep an eye on network traffic and organization tasks. It also comes with a built-in Internet browser.
What’s new
* Improvement in Internet browsing speed
* Reminder when you forget to close the browserRestaurant

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System Requirements:

• OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
• Processor: 1.6 GHz Dual Core CPU or higher recommended
• RAM: 2 GB RAM or higher
• Graphics: Nvidia 775 or above with 2GB of memory
• Storage: 50 GB available space
• DirectX: Version 11
• Additional Notes: OS: Windows 7, 8, 10Processor: 1.6 GHz Dual Core CPU or higher recommendedRAM: 2 GB RAM or higherGraphics: Nvidia 775 or above with 2GB of memoryStorage: 50 GB available spaceDirect


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