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Mr. Parkour 2 is the sequel to an existing platformer, Mr. Parkour. The goal of the game is to collect all 45 levels. Each time a player makes the bottom of the screen, they earn experience points which allow them to unlock the next level. Levels are timed, meaning players must finish in under 30 seconds to continue. There are 45 total levels across 5 worlds. World 1 has 5 levels, World 2 has 4, World 3 has 7, World 4 has 10, and World 5 has 8. Each level has a different theme and challenges. In addition to collecting collectibles and secrets, players earn experience points when they complete levels, buy furniture to help them navigate, or complete Time Trials, a mini-game where a player challenges a series of obstacles. The goal of Time Trials is to be the first player to finish a level and collect all 45 tokens.

Mr. Parkour 2 World 1:

World 1 begins with players teleporting to a theme park and must navigate an obstacle course through the park, using the 4 different items (a ball, a pad, a bomb, and a tree) at their disposal. World 1 has 5 levels, with each world following a theme. The theme of World 1 is fantasy and players travel to the world of H’shormeada, a land filled with fairies, a sword and sorcery theme. World 1 has 5 levels with each level containing the theme.



What to do

how to play







I’m in the land of H’shormeada!

My name is Mr. Parkour 2, and I need your help.

The problem is, I don’t know where I am. It’s 10 o’clock at night and I have no idea where I am.

It’s very dark and I can’t see my hands in front of my face. I’m slowly falling asleep, but I’m not sure where I am.

I land on a rock and I struggle to my feet. I can’t see what’s around me. I can hear footsteps, but I can’t see the person who is making them. They don’t seem to be close by, but I can’t be sure.

The person still isn’t visible, and it’s hard to move. I can’t get my bearings. There’s no sign of civilization


Features Key:

  • 100+ labyrinth levels
  • 8-player co-op
  • Easy controls
  • Gorgeous pixel art
  • A card battle royale with wild shampoos and explosives
  • Dead Exit: Deathish The Game

    Have you ever moved on to the next chapter only to find you that the key you need to enter the door is back to where you exited from?

    Well then, welcome to the Dead Exit.

    Yeah, the hero’s sleep was disturbed and he woke up to find out that he did not reach his door. But now he doesn’t know where he is.

    Well, you’re in luck! You’re in one of the many labyrinth levels in Dead Exit. Just find the door to get out of the maze and back home. Somehow you might also find peace in the maze.

    You’re free to explore the floors and there is no time to waste. There are some haunted areas which have weapons and shampoos hidden. You may also use your own weapons to collect the items you need.

    Luckily you don’t need to reload the game after killing your enemies. You will never lose your progress even if you enter the corridors and then immediately back out. That is all there is to know about Dead Exit game.

    Dead Exit – Deathish The Game is a Card Battle Royale

    In this strategy Card Battle Royale game you’ll fight for survival against other players. Wanna test your skill and see who’s better than you? Just sign up and let the battle begin.

    You’ll only be able to choose one deck; but with over 50 Weapons, grenades and huge shampoos, you’ll be the winner. Practice makes perfect. Never stop learning. And never settle for second best.



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    Augma II Arc I is a mystery sci-fi visual novel, imbued with heavy action and psychological elements, with a cast of unforgettable characters and gripping story.
    Guide Kirron through a haunting journey of discovery into his own self.
    How long can one endure a life full of struggle before he breaks?

    A deep and tragic love story.
    Izuna, a young man full of life with a dark past, strives to chase a dream of living alone in the wilderness, but the colorless field, waves of the endless ocean, and the forgotten relics of a dead civilization are nothing short of an ominous threat to his dreams.
    One day, he meets his first love, who goes by the name Izuna Nanami. The two soon begin sharing their pasts, shattering the distance that stands between them.
    Follow along on this journey with Kirron.

    -Director’s cut of story with 113k words.
    -An intertwined story told through a series of vignettes.
    -BGs created by a filter that utilizes a number of different designs for a dreamlike feel.
    -Over 100 unique CGs and over 200 total.
    -A soundtrack from metal to the sound of pianos drowning in the deep blue ocean.
    -New CGs added to the story.
    -Filtered photographs added to the interior.
    -A dark and mysterious sci-fi story full of psychological elements.
    -A complex and heart-wrenching love story.
    -A story with an emphasis on light-hearted moments through the characters.

    Director and Scenario: Kamigigana
    Art: Kamigigana, Bisoneet
    Soundtrack: Strung
    Programming/Proofreading: Aiyuu, Bisoneet, Centicen, Lyntier
    Lead Programming/Quality Assurance: Brimbel
    About This Game:
    Kirron is a man living on the move. Since he was very young, he has always been traveling the world. However, even though he seems to have accomplished his dream, he finds it difficult to live with himself.
    Just like the cloudy sky he can only see from afar, his vision is colorless; and he hides his true nature with a frightened, apathetic demeanor.
    Kirron is always on the move, but he has only just met the beautiful Nanami. With his heart in turmoil, the future is


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    Remastered – Remastered (Remastering) project is an adaptation of remake project for RPG Maker VX Ace, MV and MZ. This project contains all of the stuffs from its original version. You don’t need to download the original project again, but you can make your own customizale version by selecting new extras and changes you like to appear in the game and replacing the others.And this project was made to be used in both free and commercial projects.

    FAREWELL MEGA HD – Mighty Redeems (Farewell) project contains everything necessary to build your own retro world map using Monster Hunter/Final Fantasy World Map Tileset, RPG Maker MZ and some of the ideas of RPG Maker MV, such as monsters and traps. This new version is a big and more detailed adaptation of the original project. Also, new elements and monsters were added to the game.

    TERMS OF USE:Content can be edited to allow you to add your own customizale version of the game. You’re responsible for your own changes.* Original content and images included in this pack are from their respective owners.* I do not own any images, vector resources or logos included in this project.* This project is for free usage by both commercial and non-commercial projects.* If you do not own the rights to use the image or the photo used in this project, please contact me to resolve it. And also, if you’re using the content for a commercial project, I will require a link to my commercial website.* If you are wondering how to use customizale elements or assets from this project, please use the ideas from both remake and remake remastered projects.* If you like my work and you want to support me, please buy my official merchandise! This will help me to make more projects like this and also helps me to go on working! Thank you for your support!

    TO THE NEXT GENERATION – Episode 1 (To the Next Generation) project is a remake/recreation of the original project. This new version is a big and more detailed adaptation of the original project. Also, new elements and monsters were added to the game.

    COMMERCIAL/FUNCTIONAL – Fun Collection (FUNCTIONAL) project contains the world map tilesets of Monster Hunter/Final Fantasy World Map Tileset and RPG Maker MZ, with the idea of FUNCTIONAL as a commercial project. It includes the monsters/traps from the original project and


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