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Logitrace V14rar

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^†^*P* value of \import { ToasterClass } from ‘../toast’;

const ToasterMap = {
desktop: ToasterClass,
desktopSmall: ToasterClass.small,
small: ToasterClass.small,
middle: ToasterClass.middle,
smallFormatted: ToasterClass.formatted,
largeFormatted: ToasterClass.large

export default ToasterMap;

export function isMobile(screen) {
return!(screen.type === ‘desktop’);
_err(“%s: Error allocating mem for regions and vectors”,
return NULL;

static void
expose_bitmap (digraph_t * dg,
Bitmap_info * bitmap)
node_t * n;
int num_columns = bitmap->num_cols;
int n_current_node = 0;

for (n = dg->nodes; n!= NULL; n = n->next)

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