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5 Croats came to the island of Krk and they had big dreams in their minds. The Spirit of Democracy

The Spirit of Democracy: The United States Government and the Rights of Native Americans is a non-fiction book about the relationship between the federal government and Native Americans. Published in 1987, it was the first book published by the Association on American Indian Affairs (AAIA) and was a two-year project of Francine Pisani and Roslyn M. Blackwell that was first circulated as a mimeographed report. Written as a result of the 1970 Report of the Presidential Commission on Indian Affairs, it contributed to an increased level of federal attention and responsiveness to Native American concerns.


The book is divided into four parts. In the first section, it discusses Native Americans’ experiences, sociocultural traits, and history. In the second section, it outlines the pre-registration era and settlement of the country by Native Americans. This section also examines problems encountered by Native Americans and their continued struggle for their rights. The book then introduces

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