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The Obsidian Conflict is a brand new online multiplayer game, where the best of the best take part in a 5v5 war on the unique conditions of the game’s battlefields.

In the game, you have to survive in the unfortunate reality of a re-mastered apocalypse, which is the break down of the human civilization. What you will do – is survive, gather resources and “powerup” your character.

There are 4 different maps in the game: Desert, Aquatic, Frozen, and Volcano. All of them have their own unique features. The game is PvP only.

Game Modes:
No Cordon: It’s a totally free for all mode. It’s a fight to the death. No zones, no teams, no numbers – just pure and brutal PvP.

Campaign: Up to 30 players in 4-player teams. The goal is to have as much powerup, money and resources as possible. They will attack all the time and you will need to defend yourself.

Wars: With up to 20 players, the goal is for 1 team to gather an Army, to conquer the enemy territory and to take over the bases.

Action Arena: Join a team and fight for your survival in the Arena. Your goal is to bring down all the enemies before their powerup runs out.

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Have a blast during this Jurassic World Simulation 3D game!
Control a truck and look for people that need help! In Jurassic World Simulation 3D game you have to follow orders carefully.

If you see a person in trouble jump out of your truck and try to save her or him. Try not to break anything while trying to save people.

The more time you spend in the game the higher your score will be!

Features of this game:

• 3D graphics

• High quality effects and animation

• Beautiful game environment

• Different levels

• Sound effects and music

• Easy and simple controls

*** BONUS ***

For your game pleasure you will receive:

– Wooden Models made by TRSI, a 3D printing company

– High resolution image pack

– High-res sound pack

– Bonus missions

– 5 Promo codes

– Gamestore bonus content

Take part and help save the humans!

Game Screenshots:

Box Art:

Special thanks to:


KILLER Features Key:

  • A minimalistic, 8⇒10 view of the landscape
  • Rhythm game mechanics: care for the population, put up barricades
  • Burn the weed!
  • Thinking is hard!
  • Focus more on the environmental challenges!
  • Play the whole game on one screen
  • Your CPU is not your friend

How to Play

The human race is in a bit of trouble. They just barely managed to keep the planet Earth from heating up above the boiling point of water during the last apocolypse. Noone knows yet whether the climate is being restored or this is the last stop of the planet for the humans.

Your goal is to guide the human population to the safety of a small protected island. You need to focus on three kinds of challenges:

  • keeping the population clean – clear the terrain of obstacles before humans are endangered
  • keeping the population fed – care for the people’s food supply, put up the barricades
  • keeping the population healthy – keep the landscape healthy by removing outgrown plants, be careful, underground waters are deadly



Ghostrunner is an action/adventure FPS set in the fictional city of Quindar, an all-in-one utopia of extreme wealth and extreme poverty. Weare the last of the Ghostrunners, mercenaries who hunt ghosts, in a universe full of Spectres, the bogeymen of all dimensions, and ghosts. The only way to find peace is to be prepared to deal with them. Ghosts don’t just haunt the darkest alleys: they infest the hollows of our edifices, corrupt the lightest of our spaces and sow havoc in the darkest of our deepest crypts. All Quindar is under siege. Faced with this threat, the people of the city have armed themselves to hunt the ghosts. And you have been commissioned.
The player takes the role of a Ghostrunner, a hunter of ghosts. They must climb the Tower of Dharma, the apex of Quindar’s culture, to confront the Keymaster, the only living entity capable of controlling the Spectres who plague the city. Upon reaching their goal, the player must infiltrate the tower and find out who has been corrupting the order of Dharma and why.
The game features a non-linear narrative, freeform gameplay, open world exploration, a vast narrative, and interactive environments. The player is able to freely explore Quindar in a large open environment, using a variety of weapons and vehicles.

In development at Ghostrunner Studios, located in London.
Gameplay features include:
Degree of difficulty: ghostrunner is a hardcore FPS – get ready for some difficult platforming, fusillades and close-quarters combat!
Multiple weapons (rifle, shotgun, pistol, assault rifle, rocket launcher, lightning gun, chainsaw, flamethrower, sniper rifle, etc.) and vehicles available for the player to use.
In-game voice acting
Full synchronous anti-aliasing.

• Skill Challenges – new tasks and abilities for gamers to unlock and master – including wall-running, grappling hooks, stealth, ascending cliffs, perimeter patrol, cross-platform running, shooting an object with a weapon on the ground, and more!
• Exciting Open World – explore, utilize and interact with an enormous, living, growing world that continuously reacts to the player’s actions.
• Dynamic Aperture System – when the player character enters


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Game “Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope” includes the following features:
– Traditionally styled but fully 3D gameplay
– Original soundtrack from composer Jake Kaufman
– Full voice acting by Troy Baker, Kate Higgins, and Dan Shea
– Brand new and expanded characters, including all new bosses and a rotating cast of playable characters
– All new in-game and manual graphics designed by hand
– 64-bit version
– Optional 4:3 display modes
– New story with more than 20 hours of new gameplay
– Cursing!
– Subsets!
– Play as Shield Knight
– Play as Knight Slippy
– Play as Horse Knight
– Play as Shovel Knight
– Awesome new graphics designed by key staff and artists
– All-new music by Manami Matsumae, the composer of the original game
– More than 40 hours of original soundtrack
– 8-bit design throughout
– 39 new in-game items
– Replayability with New Game+
– Players can also purchase The Order of No Quarter comic series as a digital download!
– Overworld Map with new artwork by Fernando “Celeste” Camarena,
– Full high-resolution graphics,
– Level editor with dozens of new features

Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows is a vibrant 2D platformer in an action-packed 8-bit style. Shovel Knight comes out swinging with a full arsenal of weapons and armor. Slice and dice your way through countless hordes of evil and creatures in this sprawling land where good and evil, reality and dreams intersect. The land of Plague of Shadows is home to our Frostbite Knight, a rare and fearless warrior who goes by the name Shovel Knight. He has come to this frozen land to rescue his brother, a valiant knight kidnapped by the evil Enchantress. How will you fare against the King of Destruction?Features:Play as Shovel Knight in this vibrant 2D platformer! This Frozen Knight still wields his trusty shovel, and uses it to fight his way through ever larger hordes of enemies. What’s the scoop?
Relive the adventures of the first Shovel Knight as you journey throughout the evil Enchantress’ realm, rescuing Shovel Knights and uncovering their secrets.
Customize your character with hundreds of hand-drawn designs, including plenty of classic Shovel Knight designs.
Face off against a variety of mysterious bosses as you fight to the finish against the four worst knights in the


What’s new:

Updated 2018-11-19

Season 6 is coming out soon, featuring changes to cost
on crafting items, along with a new boss monster and the return of 90
day immersion! Season 5 featured a lengthy downtime but we all survived in
one piece. Season 6 is on a tight schedule but some people (including
PFRPG staff) are starting the year in different timezones. Don’t worry,
it will all be cleared up by 1 Jan.

A great deal of
PFRPG players have now been playing for over a year and are coming
into 2018 with some great experience. We’ll see some big changes for
players starting next year and some new features for the guild!

Best of
Best D&D

We tend to
tend to recommend staying away from D&D for new players. Why?
Well, you could be friends with your group, you could have the guild
reward you, but the odds of earning the D&D season pack are still
pretty slim. But we realize that many new players get into the hobby
in the wrong way. It might be that they’re a casual gamer, it might be
a family member who got carried away, or their interest could be
released due to circumstances that prevent them from making gaming
friends they can talk with about the hobby. We hope to start that
connection here, so that’s why we want to make the Best of Best
D&D campaign a way of connecting the right people. The guild leader
will be PM’ing people that are involved in that campaign with
invitations to join. Doing so, they’ll have a chance to catch up
with some familiar faces, which could be handy for forging
friendships with people they haven’t had a chance to meet yet.

Keeper of the Mystery

had the run-in with the mystery dungeons; that thing that draws you
in and tells you to focus more on your character. What’s it like
coming into a campaign of mystery dungeons? Is there anything on
special about being someone who loves playing through these type of
dungeons? We’ll see if anyone ever brings their Caster to the

Death from Above

Well, consider
this a sort of Mystery Dungeon update! We’re going to try


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Assassin’s Creed Destiny, a new and original storyline set in a universe where the last of the Ancients has been restored and the City is united under a flag of conquest, and a new breed of Assassin has arisen among its ranks.As the leader of the Templar faction, and one of three unique Assassin classes, you’ll be reunited with a former mentor and travel across the City to fulfill your mission: manipulate the factions and bring about the end of the City’s war. But will your and your followers’ true intentions be revealed?As one of the first of a new breed, the Assassin grows in power and in skill, its mastery helping to shape the City’s future – or to push it down a path of self-destruction.The City’s diverse factions, each with their own culture and beliefs, take on a pivotal role in the plot. Follow the actions of the Templars, who hope for dominance and are willing to use any means necessary to realize their goals. Recruit soldiers to your cause, garner allies, and shape history as you see fit.The City’s massive population, filled with all different kinds of people, is known to be a breeding ground of corruption and conspiracy. Each faction contributes to the disorder in the City. Each has their own agenda. For you, there are three distinct factions that have a special role in the story, that you will be able to determine later on.Your actions are easily identifiable, as each class has its own unique skill that shows itself when using special abilities such as wall running or parkour. Your faction has its own idealized way of dealing with combat, and your mastery of the role you choose will help to shape the City’s future.When you make key decisions, there will be many opportunities to earn new equipment, increase your skill level, and even gain access to new roles.
• A rich, original storyline set in a universe where the last of the Ancients has been restored and the City is united under a flag of conquest
• Developed by the award-winning Ubisoft Montreal development team
• Assassin’s Creed – twist a well-established franchise with a new narrative and a unique approach to combat
• Assess, direct and alter history with the Assassin’s Creed Signature Gameplay
• A brand new physical console is required, and has limited edition featuresQ:

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How To Install and Crack KILLER:

  • Connect the Dongle to a Computer Using USB
  • Plug Dongle into the Computer using USB
  • Wait untill Flash Appears
  • Wait untill install Dialing installed
  • Click on “Finish” when installation is Completed

System Requirements:

Windows 7
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
Mac OS X 10.11.6 or later
16 GB of RAM |
10 GB free hard disk space |
Intel Core i3-5200U
AMD Phenom II x4 955
32-bit (or 64-bit) version of the game
Notepad++ v6.2.1 or later



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