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The story unfolds in a rich fantasy world where the landscape is at the mercy of nature’s forces. Arcane beings in the form of witch hunters, necromancers, magicians and warlocks constantly play a cat and mouse game with each other in order to gain political power and influence. These beings live in the different magical realms that are spread across the landscape. They engage in battle, magic and diplomacy in order to achieve ultimate power and dominion.
In Alchemist’s Mountain you play as the Emissary of a Necromancer and together with your companions, you explore the landscape and take on quests. Develop your character and forge powerful magical weapons. The ultimate goal: to prove your worth to your master and to defeat the Shadow Clan, your most powerful rival.
Emissary of a Necromancer is the first in the Alchemist series and received platinum acclaim from the game press.

Key Features
– Select from various classes
– Complete quest and battle content
– Explore a rich fantasy world
– Customized statistics

About The Game

“If JRPGs are a blanket for the gamer, The Alchemist: Emissary of a Necromancer fits you like a glove”. The Guardian

The Alchemist is a fantasy action RPG with a unique class design. The world is a living entity and is constantly adapting to your choices, and your choices to the world. You will follow the story as you fight enemies, work on quests and face new puzzles.

The game is entirely composed of real-time battles and seamless transitions between these and conversations with NPC’s. Dialogue choices and outcomes have consequences for the world. You can forge powerful artifacts and use them on your enemies.

It’s up to you to unlock the mystery of a destructive influence affecting the world. You will develop your own character and eventually become a force of good. Defend the innocents, help the weak, help the dying or kill your fellow man?

This title may be purchased on Steam as a DLC


Live It: The Emissary of a Necromancer is an action-RPG that combines a team-combat with turn-based battles. There are no pixels in between. The world is alive and reacts to your every action. In the real-time combat you can switch freely between your character and any of your allies.

Kill It: During fight and puzzle-solving you can equip a variety of custom weapons. When you are defeated, drop your weapon and pick


Features Key:

  • ❱Editor
  • ❱1st Wave
  • ❱Region lock
  • ❱Host/Creative formats
  • ❱Various dll loading systesm
  • ❱Dignitary table selection options
  • ❱Various optimized cloth/paint/collision/material/etc.
  • ❱Dragon Vs Mutant
  • ❱World editor
  • ❱UV editor
  • ❱House editor
  • ❱Sculpting tools
  • ❱Compression
  • ❱Tiny house
  • <img alt="RTK15: Editor – Props" src="


    Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. – Level Design Source Files Download [Win/Mac]

    Blood Drop is a fast-paced, 2D gameplay platformer where your intelligence will be challenged through the use of your many physical and mental powers. From the sound of a small earthquake in the distance to the faintest smell of rain, everything in Blood Drop tells you about your environment and your health at all times.
    Two main gameplay modes and several game modes, with leaderboards on each.
    ✔ Competitive gameplay mode with an up-to-date leaderboard with the fastest time.
    ✔ Replay Mode: View your highscore, your time, and your DNA.
    ✔ Pathfinding through the levels and backtracking into previously passed areas.
    ✔ Ecosystem exploration: collect the DNA of every plant and creature in order to unlock more levels.
    ✔ Collect DNA items with different special effects.
    ✔ Lots of items to be collected: cute surprises through the eath for you to discover.
    ✔ Unlock all the levels!
    ✔ Game is written in Java.
    ✔ Framerate tested and optimized on Unity with up to 60FPS on 4K.
    ✔ Due to the platform limitation, there’s no achievements on mobile!
    ✔ Please contact us on our forum or our Discord to let us know how we can improve the game, or to ask some questions.”

    June 2015

    Spread your wing and fly across the land, the sun is shining and there’s a hootin’ on in town. Death People has arrived with their zombie makeup kits and are ready to make the most of their summer.

    “In the summer, the living and the dead come together! Enjoy a huge variety of zombies and special characters, and play on nine unique maps all with their own variations. Some have the non-zombie characters scaring them, some have zombies acting as a barrier for you to jump over. If you fall, fall hard and a special feature will help you get back up and keep moving on!”

    “In the summer, the living and the dead come together! Enjoy a huge variety of zombies and special characters, and play on nine unique maps all with their own variations. Some have the non-zombie characters scaring them, some have zombies acting as a barrier for you to jump over. If you fall, fall hard and a special feature will help you get back up and keep moving on!”

    July 2015

    “In the summer, the living and the dead come together! Enjoy a huge


    Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. – Level Design Source Files With Key Free For Windows Latest

    Your best survival chances is to get a map of the island to be able to navigate around.



    1.) 5 survival chambers (find a building with a “W” in the wall):

    -The unique meeting point on a map (This is the point where you met the DevCrew and know that the DLC is in development)

    -The building of the meta-quest (This is the building where you can use the DevCrew’s tools to aid your travel)

    -The safehouse (What you use in the rest of the game)

    2.) Additional animated corpses

    -Ned (Banned from a military compound)

    -Daniel (Demolitionist)

    -Max (Sawed Off Max)

    -Karkon (Break into the lab and give him this dragon egg)

    -Renae (Taken hostage by Daniel)

    -Brasti (Find a wild animal)

    -Cain (Demon)

    -The main protagonist (He is waiting for the right moment to kill you)



    -The island in a grid, similar to the original, is a mix of pre-existing and modified locations with a couple of new locations added

    -You will have to navigate a small labyrinth on an island with sharp mountains and trees

    -The DLC can be played solo or co-op

    (The 5 survival chambers are optional and if you don’t want to replay the story you can skip them. In this case you can simply go to the island to start the DLC and then reach the 5 island by accident, and get the first room on the island where you need to go next)

    Enjoy the DLC, ive loved it since the beginning 🙂



    -Smoother gameplay











    What’s new:

    Scorched: Screenshots, Video

    Around the world the gamers are waiting for the release of Vocal Space Shooter Scorched. The EU and NA PS3 exclusive will be released in May.

    I had the chance to interview Richard James with the game to gain new info regarding the survival genre and player perspectives in a studio based survival game. I must say that you can hear his passion for the project and its release. Check out the interview below:

    Matt Savinar: Would you say that VSS Scorched is more of a hybridized game regarding your previous title,or does this game take a new approach and what is the goal for this title?

    Richard James: VSS Scorched, I would say it takes a whole new approach and you ask what is the goal? The goal is to build a game where people are only going to be playing for an hour or two at a time. You know what, you can be sitting in your lounge for an hour and just focused on the game. As you get further through the game, it becomes a survival game, then you start building your shelters, you start building your base. Then eventually you get to this point where you are not just playing for yourself, you are playing for the survival of yourself and everyone else who is playing.

    Matt: So the stress of the basic survival game is going to be a large part of it. Did you get a lot of heat off the player that had to navigate the different environments, the weather, to keep food and water?

    Richard: We can achieve that. It’s just a matter of building those puzzle solutions in with the way you are controlling the character in the game. We have over 50 puzzles in the game, and a lot of them are environmental puzzles. There are some puzzles that are going to take years just to get solved. It’s very much a puzzle solving experience.

    Matt: What are those two stages that define the game, the survival stage and the combat stage?

    Richard: On one hand it’s the combat for me, and it’s about the right time that you fire your weapon, make sure that you use your weapon effectively. But when you strip that out, you are just really looking at the environment and using your gun effectively.

    Matt: What do you see as the core gameplay for this game? Is it the survival that’s going to be the core of the game? And what do


    Free Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. – Level Design Source Files Crack Serial Key

    The Chrono Project is a side scroller game, with a focus on meaningful storytelling. The story has a deep, well-laid out narrative, with loads of backstory to discover. You are the Chosen One, destined to end a century long conflict between the two great factions. Discover their history, their true nature, and their future.

    Long-awaited game. Like most of the people who play video games, my biggest problem with this game is that it got released 5 years ago and I always wanted to play it. It doesn’t feel rushed, the story and characters are well developed, and it moves at a reasonable pace. I wouldn’t recommend this game to those who like the violent aspects of the world, but if you like interesting characters and good storytelling, you’ll enjoy this.

    I was never much of a fan of the license, but this game is a great story driven journey. The combat is a bit clunky but the story is engaging and creative. If you are looking for good indie side-scrolling RPG game, this is it.

    A 2.5D platformer with very interesting and fresh gameplay. The Chrono Project has been getting a lot of praise for its story and characters, which do stand out among many other recent indie games. The combat is a bit clunky, though, and the production values aren’t the best. But for $15, the game is still worth playing.

    The Chrono Project has a similar feel to the Chrono Trigger series, but with a much darker theme. The character designs are pretty good, and the atmosphere is really engaging. The story can be a little slow at times, but when it picks up, it really does. There’s a lot to discover in this game, and not all of it will necessarily be interesting to you (this is a point-and-click, after all). There are some brainless puzzles as well, but you can always trigger the slow-motion mechanic to skip them. The combat is a bit clunky, but the story is well told and engaging. Overall, an amazing game that’s only $15.

    This game can best be described as “The LEGO version of Chrono Trigger.” The story is wonderful and epic and, despite the game’s dated graphics, very beautiful. The world building is the best I’ve ever seen in a game. Every little detail is there, and it’s all consistent, from the patterns on the T-rex’s clothes to the character models


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    If your game hangs

    • Try move it to a different hard drive
    • Disable Game Boost and/or Efect
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    If your game is not working or not stable

    • Disable GPU Boost
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    • Enable Csm



    System Requirements For Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. – Level Design Source Files:

    Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.
    Mac OS X 10.6 and later
    Intel based machine
    DirectX 12
    Minimum 1 GHz Dual core CPU or equivalent
    8 GB RAM (or more)
    1024 x 768 display or equivalent
    Controller Configuration:
    Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown / Fight your friends in the final showdown! All players will get all the items they have unlocked and earned through the main story mode as well as earn achievements and medals based on their highest rank in online play.



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