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In a short interview with, Viscardi A. Daly, Senior Producer at EA Sports answered several questions regarding the technology, the simulation and the data collected to power the gameplay.

What do you think about the idea of making a football game using motion capture data?

I think it’s a great idea because it makes FIFA a different kind of football game. We’ve never done that before. It’s pretty fun to play.

What kind of stuff does the simulation produce out of the motion capture data?

It’s pretty cool, because you can look at the player data and tell which player is a top soccer player, and which one isn’t. And it’s not just about the actual football skills. For example, Ronaldo’s laser goal from last year’s World Cup Final is on there, but it’s not just because of his skills as a shooter.

It’s also because he has a pressure burst that is kind of unique to him, and it’s how he starts his breaks. And if he didn’t have that burst, no one would use that as an example. We’ve also got a lot of player data for players that don’t have moves which are all happening on the data because of the pressure burst, and things like that.

You said that the simulation produces video for the player data and it also produces simulation data for the gameplay. How do you see the two sides of data?

The simulation data is a lot of things, like the ability to freeze time and see how an attacker would react, and what kind of opportunities they’re going to get in a certain area. As well, it’s a little bit of a math and physics based simulation, so the player’s physics, how he feels is tied to these data. We’ve got a good correlation between what you do physically and how the data changes.

There’s also the simulation data that’s tied to the gameplay system. Every passing, every touch of the ball, is tied into our physics model, and that gets fed into the gameplay. What you do in the game is a lot of what it ties together, it feels like you’re in the game and you do what the game tells you to do.


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 will feature specific game modes, such as FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • Integrated fully 3D stadiums with customized club atmospheres.
  • Enhanced player models, with more defined body shapes, more pose variations and more realistic facial expressions.
  • All-new Player Intelligence system to understand player attributes and behaviours, in both game play and statistics, such as passing, dribbling, shooting, shooting accuracy, reaction and speed.
  • Recreate the intensity of match-day atmosphere and the most popular stadiums using the All-New Sound API.
  • Revolutionary Just Ball AI that keeps the ball constantly moving, and avoids predictable patterns of play.
  • Exclusive HyperMotion Technology, with 110 more animation motions captured than FIFA in real life, including every jockey, dasher, dribbler, dribbler, dunker, laterally dodger, forward progressor, mover and stabilizer.
  • Adaptive AI Speed provides more challenges as the match progresses. On a matchday, the game will respond dynamically to player decisions and reverts to a stable game state if the players play the match accordingly.
  • Full goal celebrations, sending-off animation and soundtrack.
  • One-Touch Play, which gives you greater control over ball restarts and with running controls added in new ways, for more action-packed, high-octane football.
  • Updated injury system for tougher collisions.
  • Next-gen PES ‘Ever’ authentic recreations with full licensed kits, authentic player names & badge appearances, up to date ethnicity settings, and up to date player traits including age and sex
  • Unrivalled new match day experience, from commentators and fans on the same pitch, to improved lighting and effects.


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FIFA is the biggest and most widely played football simulation, bringing football back to the way it was meant to be played. Master your play style. Innovate your game. FIFA is a game that you can customize, share, connect, and control.

Enter a new golden era of innovation as FIFA enters the club era! Experience the new series of innovations in our clubs mode, where you manage and control a team from multiple perspectives.

The engine powering the next-generation FIFA also puts you in control of the outcome of the match and creates new playing styles in key areas of the game.

FIFA is back, and it’s stronger than ever.

Online features require an EA account.

Online features require an EA account. EA SPORTST, the best sports game engine in the world, powers FIFA. FIFA is played by over 100 million people all over the world.

Now, with EA SPORTST, it’s easier than ever to bring the excitement of FIFA to your living room.



Player, Manager, Coach – all the tools you need to succeed

Build your Club from the ground up, nurture your team, and control the match from multiple perspectives with Player Impact, Moment Impact, and Manager Traits. Each tool has multiple effects and impact styles. Play your way on the pitch or build your playbook and control the game from your couch.


Create seamless multiplayer experiences with in-game apps and connect seamlessly with Epic Games and EA SPORTS.

Take to the pitch with Epic Games directly in FIFA with new Player Move animations, Physics, and more.

Collaborate with EA SPORTS in new ways by joining Battlegrounds across all FIFA games, featuring over 20 community-designed modes.

Play Club Battles – earn Battle Points and Rewards to upgrade your Club. Battle your way to the top of the podium, with weekly rewards including Club T-Shirts and coins.

Join the FIFA Ultimate Team – play daily and earn coins. Build your Ultimate Team with EA SPORTS Packs and Card Packs. Use Battle coins to level up and customize your packs.

Forge your own club – play as your favorite player with a LIVE player jersey.

Take on FIFA Companion – play cards together and compete on the same team, FIFA and Madden style.

Take on


Fifa 22 Crack + Free

Enjoy a deeper integration of FIFA Ultimate Team into the core gameplay experience with realistic attributes and an exciting new card collection based progression system. Keep fans coming back for more by providing a fresh and easy to understand progression system while delivering new and exciting players, tactics, and gameplay improvements.

Enjoy all-new Free Kick Match Actions, including the innovative Live Free-Kick System (LFKS), bringing the action to life. A passing system will put you in charge of your next kick, as you pass the ball into the penalty box and reach for the goal yourself. Control the action with innovative gameplay features including new Free Kicks and Handling.

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What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • LONG GAME DIVISIONS – Experience entire seasons in FUT on all platforms, enjoy the game in all its duration.
  • SUMMER DUTIES – Nine summer goals, including traveling the world – Team up in the USA, Sweden, Germany and Norway, defend the Ballon d’Or in France, and lead your country in Scotland – and watch the cross-fertilization spread across the game this season
  • QUICK-MATCH OF THE DIVISIONS– Powered by the latest iteration of the revamped Ultimate Team Seasons system and real-world data for the 22-man national squads, this update lets you choose to play the regular or quick match mode of the selected FIFA division at your favorite time and location


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FIFA is a football video game series published by EA Sports. It was developed by EA Canada originally to support the 1994 FIFA World Cup, and was developed as one of the last sports video games using polygonal graphics. The series has since been updated and continues to gain popularity to this day.

Players take control of one of nearly 200 licensed players, manage a team, compete against other players and teams, and engage in a variety of game modes to become the ultimate football manager. The game was originally created to be viewed through the same camera perspective as the real-life sport, and players could work to be in the spotlight using exclusive production editing tools. The game was also considered innovative for its use of 3D visuals and gameplay, making the style of the game different from other sports titles. The game was a success, and there have been more than 30 editions since the original was released in 1994.


The main game mode in FIFA is the standard game. In this mode, players compete for possession of the ball, then use foot or head controls to pass, shoot, and dribble the ball on their way to score. Players can use the ball in their hands, can use their foot to kick the ball, can use their body to block shots, and can kick the ball with their foot after using their head to pass the ball. Players may use a variety of tricks to evade defenders, while the crowd reacts to the action of the game, and players receive points based on how they perform in game, and may be awarded medals for their performances. The goal of the game is to score the most goals in a match, and the winning team is the player with the most goals scored.

The Career Mode in FIFA allows players to progress through a season of matches and accrue points, with the player’s name appearing on the scoreboard during games. The player has the opportunity to customize their skill set and appearance, and earn various awards and accolades for various accomplishments, such as winning the League. Following the conclusion of a season, players may then choose to be retired from the game, or continue their career.

There is also a Training Mode, where the player must earn success from various drills and animations, in order to gain other skills, and be rewarded with exclusive player portraits and player appearances. Players can also set goals for themselves in this mode, and be awarded more points for beating the goals. They can also gain the skills of the opposing team by watching them play and have


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