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FastFontSet is a software application that allows you selection of fonts for your needs. Now it is easy to choose the font that fit your needs from all fonts installed on your computer.
You can create, store and use “sets” of fonts (for example, “poster”, “hand-written” etc.) that each time do not eliminate obviously improper.
Here are some key features of “FasFontSet”:
■ look at the fonts installed on your computer,
■ select font style, size and color to display,
■ display any entered text, also the alphabet and code character set,
■ load a sample of the text from a file,
■ display fonts how they will look on a printed sheet,
■ change scale of the preview,
■ print the generated samples with variants of appearance,
■ select all or only some fonts at once,
■ invert the list of fonts,
■ display all or only chosen fonts,
■ group fonts and create user sets of fonts,
■ quickly select any user set of fonts.


Download –––––>>> https://urlin.us/2sp8UN

Download –––––>>> https://urlin.us/2sp8UN






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* Easy to use,
* The size of the font and the text can be easily changed,
* Fingers are not used for entering a sample,
* The font’s style and color are displayed as well as the style and color of the text,
* You can choose any font name by mouse,
* The font from a list of installed fonts is selected, but the list of installed fonts can be easily added by the user,
* You can choose a font or characters and enter more than one sample of text,
* In the sample of font choice menu, there are numerous methods of specifying the selected font: from text on a sample, you can choose alphabet, lines of text, or even a sample of a logo.
* The font is not limited in this version to the Windows operating system, but in other modes can be used any other system.
* The font can be saved to a file,
* The samples are always recorded on your computer hard disk,
* On the screen of the font selection menu, you will see a few fonts or characters. An example of it is shown on the picture.
* The fonts on the screen of the font selection menu can be easily copied and pasted.
* Font samples are displayed on the screen of the font selection menu, and can be saved in a file.
* Font samples are displayed on the screen of the font selection menu and can be saved in a file.
* There is an option to print the samples in one format of your choice,
* You can print the sample of the font choices to a printer in one format or to a file,
* The samples of the fonts will be saved in a file,
* A band is selected in the option of font format,
* You can print the fonts of your choice in the selected format with the choice of font settings,
* You can save the selection of the fonts,
* You can manually enter the font name in the corresponding field in the general settings,
* You can create a user set of the selected font or characters.
Download FasFontSet
* The FAT16 and FAT32 systems are supported,
* A special algorithm reduces the size of files,
* In the option of changing the size of the font, you can specify the size of the font in the following units:
PC and
* The catalog of fonts

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FasFontSet Keygen For (LifeTime) For Windows

If you look at your current applications, you can see that they use a lot of different fonts, but they do not have a chance to be linked and be selected together.
“FasFontSet” is a software application, which will change that by grouping and linking a multitude of fonts installed on your computer into sets.
1) “FasFontSet” is available in the “Software Center”
2) Use the following link to download “FasFontSet” (direct download):
In this zip-archive you will find an installer for Windows (WinRAR 5.50 needed) and an archive for Mac OS.
Here you will also find a readme file to help you with “FasFontSet”.
If you have any questions or problems, contact via e-mail: ftas@freefontset.sourceforge.net.
We hope you enjoy using “FasFontSet”.
Maybe next version of “FasFontSet” will use a new layout where you can now select a “font size” and not only a “font style” for the current view of the font set.

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What’s New In?

– user interface was designed with the idea of simplicity and intuitive operation. User can choose fonts without thinking about technical sides of fonts and just focus on their user interface.
– the user interface is split into many small tabs that allow you to see the font family as easy as possible.
– in every tab you can select different way of font presentation: modern (those, who want to use it), designer, old-fashioned, hand-written etc.
– in some tabs the font presentation is changed automatically according to which font you choose (ex. size or color).
– in some tabs you can set font style that will be used during entering (ex. modern, old-fashioned, italic, bold, etc.).
– all tabs can be switched to the tab where you can change the sample of text (ex. choose letter, phrase, word or sentence).
– you can use set of fonts by selecting several fonts at once, or choose all or not the selected fonts.
– set of fonts can be inverted, so that you can choose only those fonts from the set that you do not need.
– all set of fonts can be group together into a group, so that you can rearrange and add or delete the group of fonts at any time.
– you can choose fonts in the list of fonts by clicking on a desired font.
– you can change the scale of the preview that displays the appearance of the chosen fonts in the document, from small to large, and from large to small.
– each font is displayed in the list of fonts with some extra information: font name, size, style, colors, weight, slant, etc.
– the list of fonts can be filtered according to chosen font style and chosen style of font presentation.
– the list of fonts can be sorted by name, size and style.
– the list of fonts can be filtered out according to your chosen font style.
– the list of fonts can be sorted out according to your chosen font style.

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