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Euman Hindoo Prostitute 10Ans-1-3(Hussyfan)(India Lolita).mpg


Euman Hindoo Prostitute 10Ans-1-3(Hussyfan)(India Lolita). She is dressed in a close aspect of lolita style. Her body is strapped and tied with chains and ornaments. Her face is masked with some black lime or paste and her eyes are black eyelids clapped with some tubes and bags. He is dated to between 1780 and 1785. Impressive composition, focus and ease of interpretation by the artist makes Pueblo Olejano one of India’s greatest art forms to this day. However, the painting is not recognized as an Indian art, as it was not artistically indigenous to the country at the time of his creation. This painting was initially displayed in the upper gallery of the Art Gallery of Rio de Janeiro, under the auspices of the Brazilian government.[7]
The painting has been stored in many museums including the World Heritage Museum in London[8] and the National Gallery in London.
Puebla Olemeno, a Moorish painting believed to be intact, based on porphyry found near Serra da Marittima, Rio dos Molinos in 2008
Ancient India’s traditions of the erotic life allowed for its practitioners to use characteristics of the male and female heterosexual and homosexual aspects. The erotic art that was popular in India spanned the entire lifespan from the early part of the 16th century to the mid-18th century.



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