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In Living Legends: The Frozen Fear Collection, you can play as both Elizabeth Crone and Eddie Grand.
Elizabeth Crone: Everyone knows you were just a little girl when your mother took you from the warmth of home to the bitter chill of the northern kingdom, but you did not learn those painful memories until they resurfaced, almost 30 years later. Now your sister, Elizabeth, has received an invitation from the Queen to become her successor. As the younger of your siblings, Elizabeth looks up to you and trusts you the most. Can you help her to succeed?
Eddie Grand: Edward Grand is a successful author. His latest book, The Girl Next Door, is on the bestseller list. It was even called a “masterpiece” by the New York Times. Yet he was once in love with a mysterious stranger named Allison. Now, when Edward goes to the small town of Rosemount to research a new novel, he can not forget Allison’s face…
After this astonishing revelation, Edward begins a search for answers in the castle of the icy queen, Elizabeth Crone. When she is gone and the castle has been completely locked up, Eddie must try to enter it and find her.
Are you the girl next door, or is the Queen hiding secrets? Living Legends: The Frozen Fear Collection is a thrilling adventure game that has hidden object scenes, puzzles, a unique storyline, and stunning environments.
-A different story for every playable character: Elizabeth Crone and Eddie Grand
-A unique storyline that unravels in two thrilling Hidden Object Adventures
-A bevy of unique puzzles; beautifully-detailed settings; and spellbinding audio drama
-A family atmosphere that will appeal to fans of Hidden Object, Hidden Agenda, and Mystery games
-A hint button for those who prefer a simpler experience
-Innovative controls for those who enjoy the option
-In Living Legends: The Frozen Fear Collection, you will become engaged with the main characters and actively explore the vivid, all-new settings
Living Legends: The Frozen Fear Collection is produced by Rainfall Entertainment, the developer of the genre-defining Hidden Object Fun series. The Frozen Fear Collection features superb graphics and gameplay, a captivating story, and non-stop puzzle solving in a gorgeous living world.
Special Bonus Features Include:
-Bonus game: “Look Behind You!” – Discover the plot before the game begins in an incredible bonus experience where you find hidden hints in special scenes in the game!


Features Key:

  • Manually create up to 10 forest levels with a simple, intuitive and easy-to-understand construction ruleset.
  • Huge levels with large amounts of space to play. A realistic and complete 3D feel.
  • 20 different custom sounds composed at unique levels of sound contrast.
  • Level Editor to create new levels. And much more…


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Player can expect to see dynamic audio-visual effects, the player will be able to see many effects on the environment, such as the shadows, fog, lights, rain and thunder.
The player will be able to experience an exhilarating combat system and a variety of upgrades, weapons, vehicles and equipment.
Players will experience a realistic combat system with a focus on the environment and stealth.
User will face an enemy where there is no automatic level, the player would be able to perform a search and attack to the enemy. There are no automatic levels so the player would have to walk and be able to observe the environment.
-About Cyberium:
Cyberium is an action adventure game of adventure genres. It has many unique features and content for a new generation of fun.
-First of all, there is a stealth action adventure game in there, it does not have any autoplay.
-You can play it with a single click, and the game has a variety of different gameplay style from a stealth game to a kill everything game.
-Second, the player will need to complete missions and challenge a variety of situations and locations from a city to the jungle.
-Third, players can choose whether they want to be a male or female.
-Fourth, there are many unique elements and system, for example, there is a night setting that makes the weather darker and the player can feel more convenient and new.
-Fifth, the gameplay is for a new generation of players. There are very action-packed and the game includes many surprises.
-Sixth, the gameplay is very user-friendly, very easy to learn, players can easily enjoy the game even without knowledge of the gaming world.
-Seventh, after you finish the game, you can choose whether you want to see the latest news, you can enjoy the player’s community.
-Eighth, the player can review the game experience in the social community, find friends and challenge other players to compete with them.
-Ninth, Cyberium is a first person/third person survival action game that will be released for first person viewpoint and third person viewpoint.
-Players can do a lot of things in the game.
-First, they can climb high-rise buildings to spy or to try to get the key; they can also spy an enemy, put traps for the enemy, or use other means to make the opponent fail.
-Second, they can work in their own style, or


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Play on your own or in Multiplayer matches, the anti-gravity environment allows for unlimited possibilities. Free to download and use. Load in from Steam Workshop to add your models.

Game Features

Over 90 Models and Vehicles – Each vehicle is different in appearance, speed, guns, armor, air vehicle upgrades, and mechanics.

Huge selection of weapons – Shooting your way through the game and becoming a legend. Can you slay all the aliens with just three bullets?

Build up a fleet of your favorite vehicles. Race through the skies, fight and destroy any enemy.

4 different game modes. play in single player story missions, Skirmish, Deathmatch, and Team Deathmatch modes.

Detailed AI that lives and breathes with you. Complete missions given to you by other players, or by computer AI.

Utilize the Command and Control System to manage your combat vehicles, soldiers and supplies. See all the options available to you and choose the best weapon for your situation!

There is no shortage of heat and fire. You are surrounded by enemies of various shapes and sizes. Choose the right weapons and shoot them down while avoiding the rest of your opponents.

Take pictures of you and your friends in space – Loads of community and group oriented game modes to keep you entertained.

You can enjoy various Achievements with unlocks, and add to your Steam Collection.

Check out our community forum for more information!

Modify your game to suit your play style.


V 1.1.0
– Fixed missing content, graphics, and updated and added missing strings.

– Initial release. Gameplay features are very limited.

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What’s new:

Merchants of the Void

A Pathfinder Tales™ (Paizo™) adventure for levels 7-10




Twenty-five-year-old criminal mastermind Adalwin Ferager is selling his master’s artifacts to the highest bidder — for a hefty discount. The devoted adventurer never imagined he’d be the subject of Adalwin’s devious schemes, but he just might learn the cost of everything… (Paizo’s description)


A premium Pathfinder™ Organized Play Campaign Setting™ hardcover for levels 7-10

Paizo™ Organized Play

URUGUS: City of Commerce

This reward level is not eligible for automatic shipping.

Your Adventure Begins

The merchants of Urus are as varied as the elements of the world they call home. Offspring of the sailors and merchants that set sail for the island in distant times, they build their wealth and power from trade, plying it with the lively energy of their unique brand of magic.

Urus itself is located on the Inland Sea, where a shift in the currents periodically turns the island into land, only to revert to its former form weeks later. The perpetual nature of the island has meant centuries of business as the place that was the center of an empire five hundred years ago, founded as it was by the immensely wealthy maritime traders of Urus.

Many of the island’s old palaces are still home to some of the richest merchants in the Inner Sea, and between their port on the seafront Lake Faro and its small capital city, Urus has the highest concentration of magic in the Inner Sea.

Walled-in with retainers, guards, and spies, as well as mystically recharging air plants to mask the scent of blood in the streets at night, the on again/off again Ziggurat Sanatan is one of the world’s most powerful political factions. Inspired by Quilted Might and her agents, the Ziggurat has forged itself into a dynasty founded upon a broken empire, and dominates Urus’s politics.

Nijians are as diverse as the Inner Sea itself. Men and women of the deep of Urus alike, they originate from the beginning of history — as do the Sakhuni as they are called. Z


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Tane sets-both timetabled and British private put this layout in the right geographical location in the 1950s. You can sit down in this compartment and see the scenery around you changing as you travel. This offers much more variety than timetabling alone and encourages the player to set up a more-full journey as they travel.
This route is arranged mostly from east to west, allowing you to see the full length of the Isle of Wight from Salisbury to Shanklin and back again.
The original 1990 UK timetable can be arranged for loading any of the vehicles.
TANE SP2 provides game-level optimised performance and the map is well balanced for the load.
System Requirements:
Tane SP2 will be compatible with all versions of Tane SP2, Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.

Simply bombarding the leaders with the fact that you have pulled a 15 foot long stretch of track is not going to work if you have a very smart team. The teams that have a lot of experience of the game have no need for you to make assumptions about their abilities, nor to hope that they would fall flat on their face, it would be all about seeing to it that they avoid that.
If they just focus on you, it will be a very long and an extremely boring game. If they ignore you completely they will walk across the board completely oblivious of what’s going on and go straight for the gold team’s tricks.
I would say play on the British map and see how they do and if they’re smart/street smart then go up a level and see how they respond to something you’re not prepared to do.



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System Requirements For Endless ATC:

+ Xbox One
+ Xbox One S
+ Xbox One X
+ The Old Republic: Enhanced Edition on PC
A dynamic and evolving Star Wars galaxy. It’s a universe where characters live and stories unfold. The Old Republic was built from the ground up by BioWare Austin, a studio dedicated to creating stories that span generations. In the coming months, the Old Republic will grow with new playable content and features, including a narrative-driven career mode, player-driven Warzones, full persistence, and more.
The Old Republic



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