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“Tarnished”, the main protagonist in this game, is a legendary hero who has lived long enough to see the old days of the world and also to witness its end.

As a weak young hero yet to be able to protect his home village, he travels to the Lands Between in order to find himself and to investigate the closed world in which he now finds himself.

The one who has survived this huge world is on the brink of collapse. As the young hero, and the sole one who can protect the lost world from its eventual fate, you should be able to unravel the mystery of the Lands Between and discover its great secrets.


Breathtaking World:

An epic world where open fields, huge dungeons, and the different kinds of traps lie in wait,

The decision of the characters to enter this adventure to be able to contribute toward protecting the Land of Elden, will have an impact on the outcome of the game.

Enter the Lands Between, an Epically Haunting World

In the world of Tarnished, in which the ending of the world has already occurred, the loss of the good which once gave meaning to the world, may not come from the end of the world, but from the change of the world.

In order to tell this story, the current boundaries between the world and the Lands Between, along with the Elden Ring Serial Key, are being destroyed. As you enter the Lands Between, you will experience its powerful atmosphere. As your characters merge with the spirits of the world, you will be transported into a new world.

A mysterious world where the battlefield changes, depending on the character you use.

Diverse Game Mechanics

The challenges of Tarnished are characterized by three key elements, the traditional fantasy genre, RPG, and strategic gameplay.

RPG elements include a large world with a variety of maps, a variety of tasks to undertake that strengthen the skills of your characters, as well as you will be able to obtain items and equipment. RPG elements also include the cooperative experience with other players, in addition to a PVP multiplayer mode.

Strategic elements include teamwork, battlefield tactics, and equipment. At the same time, the battles that occur between friends will be fun as well, since you will be able to control your own movements and works smoothly.


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • 13 quests available offline or with one other player, using the online element
  • A category-based quest system with more than 40 quests available in addition to the 13 quests
  • A beautiful fantasy world with a deep setting and a vast amount of situations, while maintaining an easy-to-understand UI
  • A plethora of Equipment and Character Customization options, along with a variety of other hero items that can be combined freely, in addition to a wide selection of clothing
  • A full item description for every item in the game
  • A large variety of activities to keep you immersed in the adventure
  • A deep and various depth of threat with a random encounter system and a battle feature
  • An all-round action RPG experience with a unique lore
  • Online multiplayer where you can play against other players from all over the world via offline or online-asynchronous gameplay
  • A variety of game modes, including classic turn-based RPG and competitive online, accessible through the button layout
  • Various hints and tips to increase your enjoyment and battle effectiveness
  • Active support between the development team and community via in-game feature feedback and bug reports
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    The long-awaited action RPG, which promised to introduce unique events such as the Baofu Sword & Hunting Rifle. And the Pit of Rebirth.
    Ch.Sara, the storyteller of the portal and K.Q. are recruited to Firebrand, the enemies of the “Fireshadow”.
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    You can look forward to exciting battle situations, a dramatic storyline with surprising turns, a diverse world with 18 different regions, and a thrilling fast-paced battle system.

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    Why not head over to the official Facebook page and leave a tip or just download the game:

    Why not head over to the official Facebook page and leave a tip or just download the game:

    You can try Infinite Dungeon here (same developer):

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    Elder_Ring (Elder Ring, エルドリン) is a strategy role-playing video game developed by 5pb. for the Nintendo DS. The game was released in Japan on March 8, 2009. An Xbox 360 and PC version was released in Asia on July 17, 2010.
    The game’s plot revolves around the kingdom of Breland, which is under attack by the mysterious lich, Valendia. In order to find help, King Loa of Breland asks the player to accept the role of the new Dark Lord of the Dregwa Valley. The player is then sent on a quest to defeat the mysterious lich and to recover the Orb of Ages, an ancient artifact that protects the continent from invasion by the undead.

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    Our hero and savior, the sole queen and commander of the state armory, Hamura, is in a very precarious place. She is at odds with the Prime Minister’s son, Reigai, a crazed “Edl,” and the prime minister, Rei, who has the NLP virus, and is immune to the RNA virus. Hamura is left only with the weapons of the army.
    Will she be able to regroup in time?
    Sealed off from the outside world, the forbidden kingdom of Neo-Gaia has found itself stricken by an unprecedented crisis. The wondrous feat of space technology that brought Gaia to the stars has led to a chain reaction that is no less perilous and catastrophic. The island kingdom has been invaded and overrun by the unearthly beast known as “Edl.” Neo-Gaia is the only place that can protect the newly initiated sovereign nation of Gaia. Hamura, the only reigning queen, will need all the guile and ingenuity that a seasoned commander has at his disposal, to stop the invasion and save Gaia from a horrifying fate.


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Unzip the Elden Ring Mod Apk file. Then install the application, and provide Apk key for Playstore.
  • Proceed to the main menu and enter Update to update game.
  • Once the game completes updating, launch it. It will take you to a new world. Enjoy!
  • To Install & Crack:

    1. Open the folder, open the Elden Ring folder by selecting it by pressing Shift-Open.
    2. Open the Android folder. Open the Android folder by selecting it by pressing Shift-Open.
    3. Double-click on installshield.bat to run it.
    4. Select install, and provide a file location below.
    5. You can accept the default or accept all files if you wish, but this is optional.
    6. When you click on INSTALL, it will extract the files. Then it will begin the installation of the installation file. Once it has completed, tap on Finish.
    7. Tap on OK when asked to accept the license. Then tap on Exit to close the installation. You will need to enter the game ID for the game.
    8. You will need to login, tap on login so you can enter the game ID.
    9. Login, select the questline you want to play, select the character you want, when you are ready to start, tap on start.

    #include “bootpack.h”

    struct FIFO32 *keyfifo;
    int keydata0;

    void inthandler21(int *esp)
    int data;
    io_out8(0x72, 0); /*ale 0x72 and read the code, 0:ok, 1:error*/
    io_out8(0x42, 0);
    data = io_in8(0x43);
    io_out8(0x44, data);

    #define KEYCMD_SEED 0x0061 /* use SEED mode to execute the command */



    System Requirements:

    Windows OS: Windows 10. Windows 8.1 and Windows 7
    MAC OS: OS X El Capitan 10.11 and later
    2 GHz dual core CPU
    2 GB RAM
    4 GB available space
    How to install?
    Download the files for your Windows or Mac and extract the file anywhere on your computer.
    RPM file:
    TAR file:



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