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The title Elden Ring reveals that the main character is Lord Tarnished. (And it may be a secret to some that Tarnished is actually Goddess Elishia.) He begins the story, which is about “the return of the Goddess to the Lands Between,” after a long time. He is currently searching for more bits and pieces of a mysterious important item in the Lands Between to aid the Goddess’s return. He hears the news that the village of Hesteria has been invaded by a gigantic monster.

The classic RPG Fantasy Action game, featuring a deep and easy-to-understand battle system, is being ported to the game “The Land of Elden” by the company Unity. Lord Tarnished will search for the power of the Elden Ring in order to return the Goddess to the Lands Between, and the players’ story will unfold along with him.

• Supports Android 4.4
• Supports both for Android/iPhone
• Supports both iPhone6S and iPhone 6S+


1. Android OS and iPhone

2. ARM (Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, etc.)

3. Playstation 3 and 4

4. Xbox 360 and Xbox One

5. PC

6. Windows 8 and later

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Features Key:

  • A Multiple System for Player Development – Skills that can be used in battles, equipment that can be used in dungeons, weapons and items used as essential resources in dungeons, and special actions used only once in battles.
  • A Novel Story – A multilayered story where the various thoughts of characters intersect in the Lands Between.
  • Creative Scenarios – A battlefield and various dungeons where the battles take place will keep players entertained.
  • Battle System – Strengthen your arms and use magic.
  • Equipment that can be freely combined – There are various combinations of weapons that give you a variety of game play options.
  • In-Depth Dungeon-World Navigation – The vast interiors of dungeons are filled with opportunities for players to take things up a notch.
  • Arcane Dungeons – Dungeons filled with creatures and attractions.
  • Treasure Finds – items frequently found in dungeons, and skills that can be obtained when enemies are killed.
  • Creating Your Own Magic – You can create your own magic. Mine for items to enhance your own unique deck of spells.
  • Near-Mastery – An NPC that can be trained to provide background information on the various dungeons.
  • An NPC Loyalty System – An NPC system that allows for real time and dynamic changes of the loyalty of the NPCs in the game.
  • Trial Dungeons – Dungeons where the reward is obtained by defeating monsters.
  • The Elden Ring:


    ○ Elazur (Elden) Armor Set – To fiercely protect your body, strengthening your strength, vitality, and stamina.

    ○ Elden Ring Weapon – The Elden Ring Weapon, which will become your talisman of life.

    ○ Elazur Gloves – A pair of gloves that symbolizes the bond you make with the Elazur armor, depending on what type of set you are wearing.


    ○ Hazel – An old friend who has been living in the forest for a long time, and she comes to join you


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    • Gamefaqs: “Elden Ring is a very well developed RPG from former EN World’s developer, EN World.
    Undoubtedly, the game has been developed with great detail. The graphics and the text are clearly visible and the text bubbles can be read by the characters. Moreover, the 3D graphics are very expressive and are easy to read. The sound effects and music are also very satisfying for the player. We love the beautiful opening theme song and the atmospheric soundtrack. The game is also well suited to be played by on an iPad. From the beginning, we were impressed by the well-written story. It begins with the character approaching the Elden Ring and it is immediately clear that he will be judged for his actions. We find ourselves caught up in the story as the character faces fear-inducing situations, strange situations and even death. Also, we didn’t realize how important the companion dog was until well into the game. By the time we finished the game, we were very excited. I recommend the game to those who can enjoy a story-driven game and the beautiful graphics.”

    • RPGFan: “Elden Ring is quite a unique, quality RPG that delivers an experience I’ve never seen before. It’s not a typical JRPG with weak story and combat. My first impression after one hour of gameplay is that the title has been made by a true RPG lover. The game isn’t perfect, though, as the beginning is very long. There are many times when I just gave up at the beginning, as I’m not sure I will be able to continue. The beginning is very long and only with the help of the tutorial, which is very detailed, I was able to continue.
    Elden Ring is a very long RPG. I’m not sure if the game will be able to hold my attention that long. I’m not a big fan of RPGs, but Elden Ring is very different. It’s more story and less combat. The battles aren’t random, but there are many and they can be very challenging. The battles take place on separate 2D stages, but the player can control the characters themselves. The battles themselves are very interesting, as the enemy compositions are always different. The battles can become very hard, but the game does a great job of warning you that there is a better enemy behind or to the right of the battles. You won’


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    There are many systems that can support the interaction between the players in the Lands Between. Dungeons are one of them. When entering a dungeon, the characters, who are entering the dungeon, will automatically go to the highest level of the dungeon.

    The draw distance of the Dungeons was optimized to be able to see dungeons from outside the dungeon’s range on the minimap, which will also be displayed on-screen for each player during the game. You can see the mini-map using the ‘M’ key.

    By pressing the up/down keys, you can easily see the distance from the current location to each target and the enemies.

    In order to distinguish between two dungeons, there are quest landmarks that display the location of each dungeon on the minimap. The minimap will also display the objective of the dungeon that the current players are approaching.

    When you enter a dungeon, you can see all of the enemies in the surroundings. You can move during battle. You can attack the enemies by pressing the relevant button on the controller. You can also press the button to select your equipped weapon and attack the enemy.

    When you select your attack pattern, there will be an effect similar to the action of the tutorial.

    “I am going to focus on single target attacks. See the icons appearing around the enemy.”

    “I will use 2-3 attacks.”

    “If there are multiple enemies, I will use all of my weapons.”

    By pressing the ‘A’ button, you can view information in the form of a voice, such as health, magic energy, and movement speed.

    In addition, when you take damage, the number of HP bars will appear for the enemies. If your HP is low, you will take damage. You can also press the ‘R’ button to transform your character.

    The 2.5× speed speed of the game’s movement, such as walking speed and movement speed, is ideal for the new game that has large worlds and dungeons.

    You can also move at a normal speed while using the controller pad.

    You can display the minimap by pressing the ‘M’ button. You can display the map window on the bottom screen by pressing the ‘L’ button.

    “You did not enter the Dungeon?”

    When you approach a dungeon, a message will be displayed on the top screen.

    “You entered the Dungeon


    What’s new:

    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG is the type of game that you will be able to enjoy immediately if you are a fan of The Elder Scrolls or Diablo.
    (Some features may not be available in all territories.)

    If you wish to receive additional information, please visit the official website.


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    Download Elden Ring

    1. Use WinRAR to extract the contents of ELDEN RING dll file on your PC and replace all of its contents to the dll of your game.
    2. Don’t install anything you don’t trust with the game in case you would like to revert the changes later.
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    How To Crack:

  • First of All, Download Elden Ring Full Version.
  • Run the downloaded setup file.
  • Now, complete the required registration procedure.
  • Click on the crack at the end of the download page.
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  • Elden Ring Screenshots:

    Elden Ring Screenshots

    Elden Ring System Requirements:

    Minimum Recommend Platform RAM Hard Disk
    Windows XP/Vista/7 Windows 7/8 1.7 GHz CPU 1 GB RAM 30 GB free HDD space
    3D-ACcelerated Video Card 3D-accelerated Video Card DirectX 9.0c/AGP v 3.0/v 1.0 1 GB RAM 75 GB free HDD space

    Elden Ring Latest Version:

    The file name of the latest Elden Ring is ARAGAME_ELDRING_3_950x680.zip.
    .7z is one of the most commonly used archive formats.

    If your ZIP archive program has version 3.0 or higher, use the



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (reviewed).
    PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
    PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360.
    PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
    PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
    PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360



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