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• Campaign
The game’s main story. With a rich story and an epic quest, this is the beginning of your adventure.
• Multiplayer Mode
In this mode, you can play with up to 3 others either as a co-op or as a competitive multiplayer.
• Characters
Create your own character by freely selecting a race, appearance, and a name.
• Items
Equip your character with unique weapons, armor, and magic.
• Adventure Map
Defeat powerful enemies. Enjoy the thrill of being a badass.

• Joseph Hong
Managing Director
I have been a lifelong gamer and I am passionate about bringing quality and passion to games. I have worked with the Sharp Shooter staff and developers to create Elden Ring Game.

The Elden Ring is an exciting fantasy action RPG with a high level of challenge, excitement, and playability. The Elden Ring is set in an exciting fantasy realm where the world is bordered by a terrifying region known as The Lands Between. The Lands Between consists of three regions: Elden, Tarnished, and Between. The Elden Ring will feature living worlds, exciting battles, and an epic story with a personal touch. An action RPG with the feeling of a traditional RPG, it is a game that offers you a different experience of action gameplay.
• What to expect
Part of the ultimate action RPG, The Elden Ring is a game in which you can fight multiple enemies at once. It offers an exciting multiplayer experience by directly connecting you with other players. With a high level of action gameplay, it is an RPG that offers a completely new experience. It is a game that offers a different experience of action gameplay.
• Features
• Battle Action
An action RPG that offers a completely different experience of action gameplay.
• Online Play
Laughably cute characters and a surprising story will be waiting for you online.
• Character Development
Play through the campaign and learn character development, allowing you to create your own character.
• Large Dungeon
A huge dungeon with unique design will keep you playing.
• Character Customization
Pick your race, appearance, and name. Assemble your ideal character to experience the full game.
• High Level of Action
Use your own unique battle style to experience intense battles.
• Exciting Multiplayer
Come together in the same place with friends and raid opponents.
• A Game with High Level of Power
Character growth by


Features Key:

  • RPG Game and 8-Bit Anime Graphic: Maximum pleasure are injected by the refined graphic.

  • Massive Overworld: A vast world through which you quest freely. In addition to a vast map full of various dungeons, the location of which are randomly generated, you will explore the world through open fields.
  • Fast Action and Smooth Controls: Quick action by double-clicking the mouse to perform certain actions is enabled.

  • A World in which Fantasy Magics and Real Magics Work Together: A world where fantasy and real magics are compatible.

  • Up to 4 Players Online Play: Enjoy adventuring with a party of up to 4 players online.
  • Shared Progress between the Main Game and its Story Mode: Using the shared progress that is available even in Story Mode, you will be able to approach any player’s map to take part in dungeons.
  • Development Team

    • Lead Programmer: Takeo Kishida, who is the programmer of the “Omni-script” series.
    • Forum Staff: Character Concept Design: Toharuta, Illustrations: Ryuguu, 2D Art: Okami, Theme Illustration: Henshin, CG Art: batoto, 3D Art: Michael, 2D Art: Yangmir, CG Art: Steven, 2D Art: Lola, Textures: Requiem, Weapon Designs: Vivado, Dungeon Styles: Transof, Layout and Ordering: Macochi2, Scripting: Guru


    • Is this a new MMORPG or an old RPG?

      • An RPG with a twist. We think it’s an RPG game with old graphics and controls.

      • Will it run on consoles?

        • Yes,


          Elden Ring Free [Mac/Win]

          ○“The game I wanted to play”
          The staff reviewer from Game We Forum said: “The principle of this game draws upon the popular ‘story-driven action RPG’ that exists in the smartphone games. We play as a character that has fallen from grace, and have to travel the Lands Between where a mysterious force of darkness reigns. What kind of challenges await us? It is wonderful what the developer did with the story-driven elements while keeping a good sense of action.”

          ○“Fun, Exhilarating, and Encompassing”
          The staff reviewer from Dengeki Nintendo World said: “It has all the elements you could ever ask for in an RPG: challenging and interesting battles, an enjoyable story, and a fantasy setting where you can create your own character. The game is full of charm and has the unique feel of a complete game. The game I wanted to play has arrived.”

          ○“Carrying an excellent balance between the action and story, combat and evasion, and system and creativity”
          The staff reviewer from Dengeki PlayStation said: “The genre that is dominated by action RPGs is, by now, so popular and common that the game cannot be called an ‘RPG’ per se. However, it is still a story-driven action RPG that hits the mood of the genre and incorporates several aspects of a game. The key is in the quality of the game balance between the action and the story. Furthermore, there are many amusing scenes that touch your heart. It is fun, exhilarating, and encompassing.”

          ○“Excellently Made”
          The staff reviewer from Game We Forum said: “The game makes use of the premise of ‘ending a streak’ and utilizes the storytelling as a character-building method. To put it simply, it is an interesting and fun game.”

          ○“A Never-ending Story: You can progress up until you obtain 100%”
          The staff reviewer from Dengeki PlayStation said: “The best about this game is that you can progress the story until you obtain 100% in all the battles. The plot is exciting, and you can freely progress through the game even after 100% is obtained. It is very simple, but the game is fun.”

          ○“The Game That You Want To


          Elden Ring Product Key

          ◆ ◇ “World Travel Online is a beautiful world.

          I want to experience a story where the characters’ thoughts are all linked in the real world.” (Yochan)

          ◇ ◆ The game is not only “RPG”, but also a “MMO”.

          With high-quality graphics and online play, “World Travel Online” unfolds a

          unparalleled scenario in the fantasy world.

          ◇ ◆ The scenario and setting are based on multiple realities.

          The game takes place in the Lands Between, and its story is set in places such as

          the home of a divine being and the entrance to a legendary dungeon.

          Each scene is implemented in unique scenarios and settings that let you experience new worlds and make new friends.

          ◆ ◇ The art is vibrant and bold.

          Developed using a brand new engine, “World Travel Online” has a high level of

          art quality comparable to movies. In addition, the vivid and graphic

          representation of the 2D graphics incorporated into 3D world is a pleasant


          ◇ ◆ A set of quests also give a high level of fun.

          As you explore the world, you’ll come across a variety of quests for you to do.

          Doing quests will allow you to be stronger or gain access to equipment.

          ◇ ◆ “World Travel Online” has an ambitious and epic story.

          The game’s story is a multilayered one in the fantasy world.

          There are also a variety of special characters.

          ◇ ◆The development team has a deep understanding of the genre.

          When developing the game, they paid special attention to the design of the

          game and how each element supports other elements and moves.

          There are countless elements that come together to make a great RPG.

          ◇ ◆ Being able to deepen the gameplay through constant improvements.

          We added a system to make the story clear, through which you can interact with

          characters, uncover the mysteries of the world, and experience various quests.

          ◇ ◆ “World Travel Online” is an action RPG, but it’s also a sandbox RPG.


          What’s new:


          Yu Darvishwears a T-shirt printed with 「テクリティの素の光」。 Photo: TAMURO KIMURA.

          We’re always amazed when a major talent lends a hand to small fan creations, but rarely do they actually do it for free. The artist, TAMURO KIMURA, provided Game Watch with a photo of baseball legend Yu Darvish when he stopped by the Atami art exhibition “Hajimete no Tsubasa” on January 31st. He is wearing a T-shirt printed with the emblem “テクリティの素の光”, Japanese for “A beacon of truth”. In addition to making a generous gesture, he added a few phrases, such as “The beginning begins at the end of expression” and “Cries for truth are destined to be mixed”. Thank you very much, Yu!
          TAMURO KIMURA has been sending images of artists in the Meiji art exhibition since his appearance on Saturday, so you can be sure to see a lot more from him in the upcoming pages of Game Watch. There were plenty of great works on display, both in the indoor and outdoor galleries. If you can’t make it to Atami this year, head over to the web page for the exhibition and explore over 2,000 images of artwork from all over the world. The exhibition will be in Atami until February 10th and you can get a taste of the art — and maybe get your work seen by enough people to make it into the exhibition — by entering the website lottery.
          Hajimete no Tsubasa is taking place at five venues from January 18th to January 31st. According to their descriptions, the Meiji era movement was a force for change that greatly influenced Japanese culture, and for the first time, they were able to see it all at the same time through art. A special exhibition space dedicated to portraits, woodblock prints and murals will be in the Tokyo Marui building until February 10th, so don’t miss out if you’re in the area. TK is also participating in a wide range of events throughout the exhibition, so grab your tickets and get yourselves to Atami!


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          How To Crack Elden Ring:

        • 1- PlayPeak Patch for GTA V GTA WEB
        • 2- VersionGameCrackD7.dll and config.dat to GTA WEB
        • 3- Losers Temple Patch for GTA WEB:
        • 4- Release autorun.inf to GTA WEB
        • 5- Release autorun.autorun from GTA WEB to GTA 5 STABLE
        • 6- Run GTA WEB exe to install the game
        • 7- Run GTA 5 exe as a Steam instance to launch the game from the launcher
        • 8- Run Elite or Scripts! (Do not play with NEW COMAND LINE or execute CMD in proxy)


          System Requirements:

          Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10, 32/64-bit OS
          1.5 GHz Processor
          Minimum 2 GB RAM
          2.5 GB HDD space
          ATI Radeon HD 2600
          Internet connection
          Minimum Requirements:
          1.8 GHz Processor
          ATI Radeon HD 4870


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