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• Features a Vast World
Tilt your phone to explore endless richly designed fields. Enjoy the breadth of the overworld by discovering new things as you travel. Don’t forget to save important things from being lost as you wander around the vast land.

• Create Your Own Character
A wide variety of elements and a variety of character customization allow for you to express your own play style. A wide range of combinations allows for an immersive experience.

• The Endless Prologue
An epic drama where you go through the introduction of characters, their personal stories, and the overall story of the Lands Between. The endless prologue can be played after you beat the main story.

• Online Play Through Leader Boards
Use your party skills to fight against other party members through online leader boards. Set a goal that is unique to you. Show your potential to others in the online leader boards.

• Advanced Asynchronous Online System
You don’t need to be connected to the Internet to participate in the online system. You can enjoy the world of the Lands Between while setting up your own goals through the online system.

• Switching Modes
You can enjoy the main story only while in offline mode, or enjoy both story and quests in offline mode. In addition, you can also enjoy the online system while in offline mode, allowing you to experience the story and online system at the same time.

• Includes the In-Game Companion App ‘Quest Information’
Use the app ‘Quest Information’ to find help in various quests in the main story.

• Over 100 Core Cards
Make your party stronger by equipping the help that the core cards provide. The core card system lets you equip help to your party at anytime you need it.

• Various Heroic Missions
Adventure across the Lands Between in a variety of challenging quests. In the various quests, you will encounter various enemies, and you have to challenge yourself. Defeat the enemies to collect the rewards.

• Summon Monsters
Summon various monsters you find in the world to be of assistance to your party.

• Magical Arms
Equip the powerful weapons that are provided to you as you progress through the story. Equip weapons and armors with various characteristics and unlock various effects.

• Vast Battle Enemies
Encounter enemies that are numerous and difficult.

• Decent Game Graphics and Sound
Enjoy the game in its entirety while being


Features Key:

  • A story with a multilayered unfolding.
    The story of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a multilayered story. The various thoughts of the characters are mutually related.

  • An epic world!
    In the game, you explore a vast world where you will find a huge variety of situations and experience the excitement of the unknown.

  • An endless fascinating quest!
    The story of the Elden Ring is a fascinating quest that will take you to a deep, profound world of new adventures.

  • An original Online experience!
    You can make friends in the game with other players or make new ones in an asynchronous online environment.

  • A close connection to the Players!
    The game will also exhibit graphical elements based on the current play behavior of other players, so you can experience the drama and excitement of the game in a direct and non-arbitrary manner.

    Character Customization

    Unlike in previous Elder Scrolls games, the overall look of your character will not be finalized once it is made. You will be able to freely customize your character’s appearance, giving the appearance of a personalized reflection.

    The game allows you to freely combine weapons, armor, and magic weapons and armor of each color, and each weapon and armor can be mixed to create new weapons and armor that have never been seen previously.

    Innovative Art Style

    The game features an original, grim atmosphere, and sharp contrast between light and dark. It is like a painting is being stretched. It is a style that has been tried in the previous Elder Scrolls games, but never fully expressed before, and is completely different to the conventional style of digital games.

    A Castle Mystique

    The game’s magic comes from the unexpected situations that you will experience in the game.

    In the Castle Aran, the original setting of the game, the game is full of surprises with unexpected movements that you cannot feel before you actually enter the area. To a great extent, characters can change their role after entering the castle and may become completely different from their previous self.

    3D Texture graphics

    The game uses static 3


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    After being accepted to the Staff Guild, a mischievous hacker attempts to make the game server cry. The staff members are forced to seek out experts of various fields to repair the server.


    ・An Ambitious Three-Dimensional World
    A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.

    ・A Variety of Quests
    From quest monsters, such as dragons and monsters, to summons, including the lady with long hair to the surprise son, the entire world is available to you.

    ・Real-Time Communication is Fully Supported
    With regular conversation in real time, an intricate, vast world can be fully experienced.

    ・Fully Integrated Battle System
    A battle system in which other characters can jump in and out at any time and a variety of weapons can be freely combined.

    ・A Huge World Where The Epic Drama Takes Place
    A multilayered story told in fragments. An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.


    ・Chaotic Final Fantasy and Lacrimosa of the Bleeding Well
    In recent years, Solfatarians have made many contributions to the world. However, as the time has passed, Solfatarians have begun to corrupt the entire world and our experience in the game has grown darker. The Solfatarians have begun to murder the survivors of the Unrest, causing them to flock to the main areas.

    ・Eri, the voice of Solfaria
    An Unrest survivor, Eri has encountered the most difficult experiences in this world. In order to survive, she has had to adapt to a new world.

    ・Swave’s True Voice Chant
    The Pure Solfaria, who claim to be the guardians of Solfaria


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    • Storyline [Story]- Different feelings for different people- Various game systems- Each path for a different story

    [Different Paths]- Character creation and customization- An open world full of objects to interact with and findings- Inventive online element- BGM/Music system- Different story lines and characters- Four top class classes- Variety of possibilities for your activities

    [Story]- Overall story description- Main gameplay info- System of classes, spec, and combat- Explanation for the map



    • Action-Type Battle System
    A Battle system in which you fight against enemies using various action skills in the wilderness and in the dungeons. The battle system was designed to give you a good feeling while you are being pursued by enemies and to allow you to receive an advantage in battle.

    • Action-Type Game Performance
    You have a number of action skills to use in battle. While you are in battle, you have to fulfill certain actions, but the actions themselves become the core of the action skill. The number of actions a player can take are limitless. You can also deviate the action points for certain actions during battle to strengthen your overall attack.

    • Action-Type Combat
    You can perform a variety of diverse battle actions by using various action skills, such as piercing attacks, skill shots, and skills that spread to deal out damage to your surroundings.

    1. Type of Action Skill

    ○ Action Skills
    The action skills have been turned into skills that you can use in battle. The action skills in the game have various effects, such as increasing your maximum attack, securing victory against stronger monsters, or focusing the area of battle with magic.

    2. Action Skills

    ○ Piercing Attacks
    These attacks deal damage to the enemy directly without leaving its body, bringing a decisive advantage to your enemies.

    ○ Skill Shots
    These attacks deal damage to the enemy using the action skill they are using, making the enemy flinch.

    ○ Skill Counters
    These skills are aimed at the direction of the enemy, making it harder for the enemy to attack you. They are effective against types of enemies that use an action skill.

    ○ Attack Skill
    This attack is a basic attack that ignores enemy action skill defenses.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    EAGLE’s Shining Myth powers up a completely fresh action RPG called Tarnished Princess, published by Rinku on August 20, 2018, a new division of Rinku Publisher Inc.

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    “Red” Events will start on August 7th! Venture into new worlds as you explore our epic story mode with weekly updates that will keep you hooked. Discover two new raid areas in the Scarlets Realm, Duke’s Armory and Monarch’s Hall. Furthermore, you will be charmed with new bosses, new monsters and more rewards to farm.

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    Download Elden Ring (Updated 2022)

    Unpack xx.xx or xx.xx.xx.xx zip folder

    Add the files to setup.exe.

    Change the “Modify” option to “run as administrator”.

    (For Windows Vista/7/8 users) Run the software as an administrator and then open the installation folder.

    Press “Close” button

    Wait for the installation process to finish



    Make sure that your BIOS is set to “USB Only” mode.
    If you are using Windows 8, right click on “Elden Ring” & select “Run as administrator”

    And press “Install”

    MOD NOTE :

    Don’t forget to replace the username with the name of your profile from the cd key section.

    Download the Mod from the link below.Extract the Mod.Move the file “index.spx” to the main directory (the game directory) of you Origin installed.Apply the Mod to your game.After that you have to restart the game but only to the main menu.Enjoy.Yes we do read them. We’re in the business of developing software. Good idea, less overhead. Hope you’re going to have a 10′ “monitor” (read: one that goes all the way around the building) type thing, like the old days. Most people use their desktop with a mouse, trackball, and non-uniformity, a 10″ tablet is a nightmare.

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    Eventually they’ll make VR where you can actually see the speed of the computer your data is being processed through. I’ve been wanting that for a while


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    Elden Ring 2, the sequel to this title will be released in about one month. The new fantasy action RPG will bring you back to the best time in gaming, MMOs and RPGs! I need to put some down time and relax.

    We have finished polishing the game, added tons of content to it, and made it more focused.
    We aim to finish the major content of the game with a polish and an amazing new experience.

    The development of Elden Ring 2 happened mostly during the weekend, so I’m sure these changes will be accompanied by awesome new features and game mechanics.
    If you want, stay tuned to our Social Media and to our media channels, but you will need to be patient to experience the new Elden Ring 2.



    Rouges in the mesh, new meshes for the Lesser and Greater Coulours.



    System Requirements:

    * An 8-core Intel or AMD CPU. (or a 16-core CPU if you’re on a Mac)
    * Minimum of 16GB of RAM
    * macOS High Sierra (version 10.13) or later
    Since May 2017 we have been upgrading our minimum requirements to include an 8-core CPU. If your laptop or Mac only has a 6-core CPU then it will not run the game without a patch. We have now released a patch to solve this problem. To verify that you are running the correct version of Sierra you should be able to



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