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A fantasy action RPG developed by XL Games, an action RPG developer that also created the Suikoden series. For more information, please visit the website: or check out the following link:

*It’s an action RPG that combines elements from both traditional and advanced RPG systems.
*Fight with up to four players.
*A wide variety of attacks with effects like buffs, debuffs, effects on enemies, friendly actions, and more.
*Empower your attacks with an arsenal of weapons.
*Many enemy types, with a variety of attacks.
*Over 150 types of characters, each with its own unique abilities and combat strategy.
*Create your own character and develop it freely according to your play style.

About Multiplayer:

*Three modes of multiplayer are supported.
*Connect to friends with a simple matchmaking system.
*A story mode is available that takes your character to a new world, where the story evolves as you progress.
*The basic features of the game including character creation, quest progression, and attack specialties can be enjoyed in the single-player mode, but the best part is in the multiplayer environment!

The fee for full version is $15.99 for PC, with early bird pricing of $9.99 for the first 10 days, including iOS, Mac and PC Versions. The Linux version is available, but the preliminary pricing is not available. Please visit the official website for more information.


*Character customization.

*2x to 7x faster than 3DS Max or Maya when generating and exporting character models and animations.
*Stunning characters.
*Create and customize your character as you wish, from body size, shape, to skin color.
*Convey the charm of the character’s personality through clothing and accessories.
*Variance of the facial characteristics of NPC characters.
*Various appearances for each character.
*Advanced lip movement capabilities.
*The appearance of the characters changes dynamically according to the situations.
*More than 150 characters with hundreds of combinations.


*Innovative battle system.

*A wide range of moves and attacks, a variety of skills to execute attacks and effects, etc.
*Fight with up to four players.
*Quickly and easily


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • World of Suspense: A diverse world that reflects on the lands between.
    In a world where beauty and danger are constantly interacting, the strongest warrior does not always win. Be strong, be careful, and enjoy the excitement!

  • No Instance Aging: You can play the game by starting the game from any point you want.

  • One-of-a-Kind Battle System: Who will lead an overwhelming army to defeat? The strongest warrior, or the most cunning strategist? Play the thrilling battle with a unique choreographed battle system, and show what you have!

  • RPG Game: Manage skills and equip items, and use them during your battle with the Elden Ring!

  • Wield Powerful Legends: Become an amazing hero with a weak, but powerful hero that is surpassing even the legends! With the In, Explode, and Unleash spells, enhance the powerful mana of the heroes that you wield!

  • The Joy of Adventure: When you enter the world of FractalEdge, a young hero never survives the journey unless he is looking forward to the challenges ahead. We have prepared many battles that will make your journey even more exciting.

    About FractalEdge:

    FractalEdge is an online action game from GX (Mewtwo Studio), creators of the critically acclaimed Mewtwo Resurrection for iOS/Android/PC.

    GX Animation, a provider of animation services for other games, developed the game.

    The GX animation team consisted of Manfred Fischer, Winston Stößel, and


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    “Splendid graphics and a colorful and lively world” – touch, apple

    “Fast-paced action.” – gamezebo, yahoo

    “Have the game play itself do the fighting and banishing. It’s a pretty awesome game in that aspect.” – IGN

    “The game looks great, and it’s interesting to see how you could go so far without the use of a traditional storyline” – Hi Tech Saab

    “It’s a new experience in turn-based game design, and it works” – diablos, itunes

    “It’s gorgeous and just as daunting as the best dark fantasy RPGS out there.” – Gamezone

    Developer: Avuon

    PUBLISHER: Gameforge


    GENRE: Action RPG

    RELEASE: 09/11/12

    Story: Read the story on the official website!

    Tarnished Prince – It has been 700 years since the King of Elden decided to pit the Kingdoms of Elden against one another in a war. While the King hoped to create a place where both sides would live in harmony, one Prince, who was secretly working against the King, has hatched a plan to cause the Kingdoms to at last turn on one another. He draws power from the darkest creature of the Lands Between, a powerful black dragon called the Malev Lion, and his raven-haired companion the witch Medusa in this new fantasy RPG.

    The Bard of Elden – You are the Bard of Elden, a skilled musician whose heart and ear for music can rival even the Gods themselves. You joined the King’s army when you were thirteen in order to protect the Kingdoms of Elden from both the lands that surround it and the evil that lurks within. Even the Gods don’t always understand the workings of our world. You must use all your skills to fight the Malev Lion and its allies and to once again protect the Kingdoms from evil.

    Fantasy Action RPG Campaign – Battle enemies in a series of free-roaming scenarios. By dealing damage to enemies, you will level up. Level up once you reach a certain point in the game to gain new skills and increase your special abilities.

    Battle – Fight alone or with up to three other players in a turn-based battle against enemies using


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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    (I) Tarnished Arcana (Main Quests)

    Solving the mystery of The Mummy’s Tomb.
    A powerful god of death is running out of power and chooses as his next offering a Mummy. To obtain it, you travel to The Guild’s Tomb where you join forces with other adventurers.
    Content:You will set out to collect the Level One experience points and Game Content Pieces from legendary and powerful monsters.
    How to Play:By purchasing Level Up Scrolls, buying item pieces, and refilling MP, it can be attained in a short amount of time to increase your attack strength and magic power.


    Download Elden Ring Crack +

    1. Use the crack (Shuma GTW).
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    4. Enjoy.


    Version 0.8.7-RR

    These are the brief contents of this manual.

    1. Using the game’s interface / Accessing features
    2. Getting help
    3. System specifications
    4. About the EAX effects
    5. About the Fame points
    6. About the Dungeon Guide and the Guild Guide

    1. Using the game’s interface / Accessing features

    The most convenient way of using the game is through the interface, the “Arena” (English version) or the “Lands Between” (Japanese version).

    1. Arena :

    On the top of the screen is the “Arena”, where you start the game. All the equip and skills that you equip in the game are displayed. Also, under “Arena”, the buttons for equipment, item management, etc. are displayed.

    In “Arena”, you can select an equipped character, to be displayed in the “Pagoda”.

    You can select various features of the “Arena” as follows:

    ・Select the desired character.
    ・Select the equipment, item, or skill you want to equip.
    ・To change equip in the Arena, equip or unequip an item or skill from the equipment list.
    ・Select the other equip and equipment.
    ・To equip or unequip the selected items or skills, from the equipment list.
    ・To access the “Arena” screen settings.
    ・Backed up your game.
    ・To set up the game, in order to be able to play against either human or A.I.
    ・To play against A.I. select “Auto-A.I.” from the “Arena” screen settings.
    ・To resume, choose a save point.
    ・To quit the game, choose “Quit from here” on the “Arena” screen settings.
    ・To switch equipment, press the button “Equip.” to equip or press “Unequip” to unequip the equipment you selected.
    ・To open the inventory screen, press “Equip:” and select an item from the menu that appears.
    ・To access the “Arena” screen settings


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

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