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When the Fenrir Kingdom was overthrown by the rule of the Dragon Empire, the country fell into a chaotic period, with a civil war raging over who should rule. In this era, you are a Tarnished, the lowest class in the Fenrir Kingdom, who has lost his family, and is now heading for your doom, hunting the weak and powerless ones to become the strongest in the kingdom. However, as you follow the will of the truth, you find yourself in a world hidden from the rest of the world, shrouded in the darkness of the endless war between the Dragon Empire and the Fenrir Kingdom. The land you see is the Lands Between, where the simple folk have lost their entire lives, only looking for their piece of land in the vast emptiness of the west.
• 10 Years of DLC Being Announced
Over the 10 years of the game’s development, the various features have been introduced, and many more additions are on the way.
We hope you enjoy the game and look forward to your feedback.

For those of you using Google Chrome on Windows, make sure to update your browser first.

As this is an update to the live game, the problem that is preventing the game from being played may appear again. For players using this browser, have no fear and please do not delete your data. At the time of the update, your save data was not transferred to the new game. The game will automatically transfer your save data after the game is installed.

If you would like to download this game onto your iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone, you can download the game version 2.1.0 at:

The official website for the game

Please do not forget that as this is an update to the live game, the game may not display correctly, and the patch size may be slightly larger than normal.

Enjoy your stay, and have a great time!


This update is currently live only in Japan.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

Once again, we thank you for your continuous support.

We will inform you when this update becomes available in the global servers.


(P.S. The server mentioned in


Features Key:

  • Ultra-Big World – Experience a vast world in the lands between dimensions.
  • Multiple Playable Characters – Specify your skills and develop your character.
  • Adventure – Gain new equipment through combat, find new souls, and battle to the bottom of the dungeon.
  • Melee Combat – Fight with weapon attacks and items, and pit equipment against equipment.
  • Class Development – Equip and change your equipment each time you play. It’s entirely up to you.
  • Various Classes – Tons of unique equipment and attribute effects are available. Feats are also included.
  • Shocking Battle – Fight fearlessly and powerfully, and raise the strength of the Elden Ring that you wield.
  • Layered Story – Play with your own set of rules and meet with your own friends.
  • Colossal Dungeons – Averse, complicated, and challenging dungeons where the obstacles to passage are many.
  • “The Blue Spring Breakers” This game has been developed by Aquaplus and Sword Art Online, “Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet” This game has been developed by Arc System Works and “Project Re: Dead or Alive 5”.

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