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MicroTorque (MT) bridge connection
At least once a year with your antenna connectors or with your cameras, you need to “throw” to the confirmation bridge (MTC). This term refers to CAN interrupt bridging connecting your HDMI, USB, FireWire module and CAN interface (controller). Various devices can act as a bridge: SuperSpeed ​​USB, Motorola DBX, or Intel. MT allows you to switch interfaces depending on the operation of devices or environmental conditions.
Go back to Chapter 1 “Transferring Data Between CAN Devices” and review the solution for the first problem and then the solution for the second problem. Draw a diagram of connecting devices to your virtual desktop and estimate the number of signals required. Highlight the signals from your devices and list the devices connected to them. If you want to check the connection speed of a bridge, check the number of nodes connected to it.
Call up the menu in the Configuration section, and in the Advanced sections dialog box, click the Advanced MT chip button. In the Advance Routing window select MT codes such as XT and DMI or FTC and select MOTC. Next, go to Table. 1 “Types of signals used to transfer data between your devices.”
Table 1. Types of signals for transmitting and receiving data
Text Signals
Interface and single bit
No analog to digital conversion
No cascading
Automatic, with fixed status bit
Auto-controllers USB, MOTOROLA DBX, MEADE, VisionMAX (CompuServe), Sensys, NEC-Motorola, or interface converter
Combined, with automatic cascade selection
No cascading and “general”



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