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� ��■ This is a powerful, flexible, easy to use task and note manager. I use it all the time! �■ Powerful enough to automate much of my daily work! �■ Can easily capture and store ideas, notes, and tasks. �■ Easily imports material from other programs, like MS Outlook. �■ Follows a similar layout, if you read the man pages. �■ Best in class searchability. �■ Can import material from journals, books, websites, and many other sources. �■ Use it to keep a journal or journaling style notes. �■ Maintains a master library for you. �■ Keeps tasks (including notes and files) in their own folders. �■ Best calendar, task, contacts, and notes features of any text editor or note taking software. �■ If you have an internet connected computer, you can use it as a notebook, library, task manager, journal, reminders, organize your notes and files, and assign dates to tasks and notes. �■ Can import material from any number of other applications or online sites. �■ Support for the U.S. to ISO-8859-1, 1075, 1252, and KOI8-R and EUC-JP-MAC encodings. �■ Remembering your passwords for each service that you use. �■ Minor issues could include updates and nicer features. �■ Supporting Windows and Mac OS X. �■ Currently does not have a report function, although it is being developed. �■ There is a pro version available for $70.00 at the bottom of the page. �■ Basic is free. �■ The basic edition can be used for free without advertising. �■ Professional edition is $30.00. �■ You can try the free version first. �■ If the free version does not meet your needs, contact me. �■ The Professional version includes basic features of the free version plus additional options. �■ The Professional version supports all of the following: � � � � � � � � � �

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�■ A note organizer for your desktop. See what other people are doing. �■ This app turns your notebook notes into an easy to use and searchable desktop. �■ Transform your notes and notes into many viewable context. �■ Manage and organize your personal and professional note-taking. �■ Just click and drag, like an Excel spreadsheet. And searchable, if you are into computers. �■ A task, issue, event, new idea, assignment, or book mark. �■ A note, idea, or to-do can be dragged and dropped to a new page. �■ Take notes, organize them and view them in contexts. �■ Keep a personal journal, or a personal library or both. �■ Ad-free. �■ Manage your notes, tasks, and bookmarks. �■ Support for Microsoft One Note 2007 on all major operating systems. �■ Your notes can be secured. �■ Eliminate or share unwanted popups and nags. �■ Support of digital note-taking and web site bookmarks. �■ Robust task management. �■ Manage your life and work. �■ A note, issues, or event can be flagged or flagged as a task. �■ Cut, copy, and paste to maintain a history of your work. �■ Spread sheets and forms can be copied and shared. �■ A to-do list, a task, a project or research can be produced. �■ Appointments and appointments can be set. �■ A calendar can be produced. �■ Add to your phone, and establish a context. �■ You can take notes and produce future notes. �■ Create a contact and produce a note. �■ You can collect research and store it in a library or reference section of your notes. �■ Tasks and assignments can be sorted. �■ You can read comments and responses. �■ You can manage activities. �■ Projects and plans can be produced. �■ View a timeline of your life and work. � 2f7fe94e24

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Debrief Notes is quick and responsive, performing as an all-day working tool. Notes, folders, and calendars are handled intuitively for organizing your work. Debrief Notes emulates spiral notebooks, file folders, work in progress, reference material, tasks, cases, etc. The note card view lets users rearrange the notes in any order. The calendar view can gather material for status reports and reviews. It can create future notes useful for planning. Note threads are produced for action items. End notes can be produced for publications. Debrief is able to handle multiple notebooks to manage work, studies, career, and a personal life. The install and uninstall are easy and well behaved. The Basic Edition is free of charge, with no advertising or nags. Even the Professional Edition is inexpensive. This is a great tool for organizing notes and ideas. And it loves laptops. Here are some key features of “Debrief Notes”: Note Organization �■ Notes are the core purpose of Debrief. Make a note one time, and view it in many different contexts. They can be viewed by date, like a journal. Or by subject folder, like files in a drawer. And they can be viewed within additional contexts of the features mentioned below – tasks, contacts, reading, etc. Of course, notes are searchable too. Note Decks �■ Notes can be displayed in a similar fashion to index cards, arranging notes in different orders to produce drafts for whitepapers, articles, or books. Note Flags �■ Mark notes as favorites, work in progress, attention required. Refer to them later with only one or two mouse clicks. Index �■ An index can be maintained for topics that span across subject areas, like an index in a book. Reading List and Library �■ A reading list may be maintained, which builds a library for which research notes may be taken and end notes managed. To-Dos, Assignments, Discussions �■ To-Dos, Assignments, and Discussions can be managed in Debrief. While the task features are robust, notes may also be taken with each task and later viewed within different contexts. Issues, Changes, Risks, Decisions, Milestones �■ The Case feature supports a “systems management” approach for man-aging work like: issues, changes, risks, decisions,

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Debrief Notes is a note-taking tool that acts as a a reference management tool, personal organizer, and easy reference system. It allows you to manage notes and other items in notebooks, as well as note threads and appointments. It can also be used as a personal organizor in the form of a paper notebook and reference desk. Debrief Notes is easy to use and its interface resembles that of personal organizers on the desktop, such as the application Personal Agenda. Notebooks, a small set of hand drawn arrows, and related symbols, represent to-do lists, references, and notes for quick access. You can search notes and add notes to notebooks. Dates can be connected to notes and notebooks can be connected to tasks, appointments, reading, and working. Notes can be organized into notebooks and notebooks can be organized into folders, which can also be organized into archival folders. Notes can be added to, or viewed from, reports. Notes can be placed in notebooks and scheduled dates, and the date view is customizable. Notes can be arranged into threads and moved to folders or notebooks. Notes threads can also be moved to date folders to be handled as a group when reports are produced. Alerts and reminders can be issued through popup windows in a personalizable interface. Keyboard shortcuts are available for moving notes from threads to folders. These can be customized. Debrief Notes was reviewed by pramohit, Vincent Holetz, mhamou, and datadragon2 in the LANDesk Software Review Community. Find out what they had to say. You can respond to this review by visiting and follow product%2Fde/debrief-notes.html Have a question about this review? Post in the review forum.Fort Walsh Fort Walsh was an auxiliary naval air station of the United States Army in Ireland, designed to be used as an airfield for use by the United States Army’s 4th and 12th Aero Squadrons. It was named for the commander of the 1st Cavalry Division, Brigadier General Thomas S. Walsh, who was killed at the Battle of Wounded

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Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 MINIMUM: OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz RAM: 2GB HDD: 12GB GRAPHICS: DirectX9 graphics card with 1GB of VRAM DIRECTX: Version 9.0c MINIMUM: OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10CPU:

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