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CtrlCAD is a 2D source code CAD. All you need is a modern PC running
Windows operating system. The user can draw and edit objects in the
screen of the computer. The system also contains a good help file and
a tutorial.
If you are an experienced 2D programmer you can use this library as a
starting point for your own application. The library contains more
than 1000 functions and the standard I/O handles for graphics,
databases etc. It has been thoroughly tested and stable.

The library has these main features:
• Almost all graphics manipulation functions you can think of:
Fill and stroke
Circle and Rectangle
Ellipse and Polygon
Bresenham’s Line algorithm
Line simple
Line with segment thickness
Line with control points
Line with control points and segment thickness
Line with segment thickness and control points
Line with start and end points
Rounded Rectangle
Polygon (Star)
Polyline with control points
Polyline with segment thickness
Polyline with segment thickness and control points
Polyline with start and end points
Polyline with start and end points and segment thickness
Polyline with segment thickness and control points
Polyline with segment thickness and start and end points
Polyline with start and end points and segment thickness and control points
• Over 1000 functions to manipulate graphics
• Over 500 functions to manipulate databases
• A graphic-editor-wizard
• Support for automatic/repeatable drawings
• Many and many other features. And lots more to come!
My app is also here:


I think the best alternative to “CAD” is to use Microsoft Visual Studio + WPF. It has what you need for 2D graphics.


configuration for data transfer from solar energy to the grid

I live in a tiny town that gets almost all its energy from a solar power plant. I was wondering if anyone has read anything about the efficiency and accuracy of solar energy transfer to the grid, using cables and links with varying capacity, resistance and wavelength. I’d imagine there’s probably a good mathematical model to this, maybe

CtrlCAD With License Key Free Download [Updated]

The ControCAD library consists of a set of high-level classes that represent objects and acts like user interface of the application. With object oriented paradigm, its functionalities are independent of the underlying HW in which it is used.

Start using the Excel Communicator and start sharing documents and images as smoothly as on a local network! This tool, a client-server edition of a popular Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, allows you to “communicate” with people who are physically located away from your computer.
“This version of Communicator Pro for Excel includes a GUI (Graphical User Interface). This is a new version from the last major release of Communicator for Excel, which had the ability to
download files from a local desktop computer and upload documents to a local desktop computer using XP/Vista/7.”
First, download the
Communicator Pro for Excel.
There are three editions of Excel Communicator Server:
• Communicator Pro for Windows – For Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.
• Communicator Pro for Office 2003 Server – For Office 2003 Server.
• Communicator Pro for Office 2007 Server – For Office 2007 Server.
For Communicator Pro for Excel, you only need to download the Communicator Pro for Excel.
Then, you can set up this Free program in your

ModelMaster CLAPIN is a program for NURBS surfaces and solid objects. You can design your surface using a cursor-driven design panel or you can import the drawing in a “classical” environment with full parametric control. Surface modelling includes but is not limited to surface curbing (grinding), boundary conditions and topology control.
How to use the software and how to create a surface using CLAPIN?
After opening the software, the first step will be to import the
model. The imported models have to be polygonal surfaces, with
curbs and chamfers being supported. This can be performed with a
cursor-driven or a parametric control. Surface curbing (grinding) is
not supported, nor are other types of cutting (eg. hatch cutting).
• Main window with a normal and a parametric control
• Curb editing
• Topology (planar and surface) editing
• Surface modelling
• Surface curbing
• Chamfering
• Other surface properties
• Allow extraction and other export functions (depending on the
environment in which you open the model

What’s New In?

Provides 2D CAD functionality, such as Arrays, Layers, Edge Styles, and Text.
Supports 2D drawings (object edges are TINed).
Supports both Solid and Cut-up objects (currently).
Supports an infinite number of undo levels.
Supports object selection by selection set, Object Id, Object Selected or Object Name (names can be custom).
Lets you set and get attributes for each object.

CtrlCAD Features:

Very well written and well documented.
Provides numerous examples and is very easy to follow.
Supports multiple themes (multiple 2D drawings).
Supports multiple windows (such as geometrical, control and label windows).
Supports an infinite number of undo levels.
Supports automation (such as toolbox, macros and buttons).
Supports drawings in a multiple drawing area.
Supports an unlimited number of views.
Supports parametric drawing (such as curves and arcs).
Supports viewing and editing of symbolic equations and spreadsheet formulas.
Supports an unlimited number of axes.
Supports animated drawings (such as animation sheets and animation frames).
Supports custom control windows.
Supports drawing of two-dimensional presentations (such as flow charts).
Supports custom window types.
Supports parallel processing (for example, using OpenMP).
Supports custom controls (such as buttons, menu, etc.).
Supports custom extended attributes.
Supports linking.
Supports command-line parameters.
Supports an unlimited number of objects.
Supports an unlimited number of dimensions.
Supports infinitely powerful conditional control.
Supports a partitioned drawing model and operations.
Supports conditional operations.
Supports conditional attributes.
Supports conditional styles.
Supports conditional actions.
Supports conditional loops.
Supports conditional linked actions.
Supports conditional macros.
Supports conditional conditions.
Supports the definition of primary windows.
Supports the customization of icons.
Supports the customization of 3D models (3D CAD).
Supports selection sets.
Supports selecting objects by names, names within names, or Object Ids.
Supports selection sets.
Supports selection sets.
Supports selection sets.
Supports selection sets.
Supports selection sets.
Supports selection sets.
Supports selection sets.
Supports selection sets.
Supports selection sets.

System Requirements For CtrlCAD:

Supports both Mac and Windows.
Supports both Mac and Windows.


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