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Oct 23, 2020
Aug 29, 2020
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The Mkdev series is a library for Windows that provides basic tools for developing programs using the Microsoft Win32 API (application programming interface). For several years, the library provided a client that was compatible with Internet Explorer. The organization’s first public release, version 2.0, was made on August 3, 1999.

Mkdev 2.0 was available through many sites, including SourceForge. The library went through rapid development from 1999 to 2005. Mkdev 2.1 added an IDE as well as other features and improvements. By 2008, Mkdev had added a debug library with hooks. From 2008 to 2009, Mkdev developed significantly, adding support for Windows Vista and a debugger called “MkDev Debugger”. One of the most widely used libraries in development, mkdev, was changed to use Microsoft Visual C++ 2010, and now Mkdev provides compilers that support the most recent major versions of Visual C++ (2005–present), Microsoft Visual Studio (2002–present), and Subversion (Revision Control) (Till.NET Framework 1.1).

While in development, Mkdev primarily used the Windows XP operating system. This was changed around early 2004, with new features added to the library for Vista. The library does not contain.NET functionality like debugging. Mkdev’s Basic IDE and tools support development on Microsoft Windows.

The library’s tools and wizards are designed to be easy to use in a Windows environment. Almost any development experience can be gained using the library, even if no programming skills are known. The library has been praised for ease of use and intuitiveness. mkdev comes in three parts—Mkdev Basic, Mkdev Tools, and mkdev Runtime.


The Mkdev library can be used to develop applications using Win32 API programming. The library requires minimal programming expertise, using Visual Basic and/or the Microsoft Visual Studio.NET development environment. The Basic IDE uses wizards to guide users through the development process. Mkdev supports.NET applications, but does not target.NET. The basic library includes support for Win32 and COM components and libraries.

As a library, the Mkdev provides a set of standard controls, including controls for web browsers, form controls, and mod


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