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City Of Heroes

The first game of City of Heroes, Enter the Dominatrix, was released in August 2004. Access to the game became open to the public in December 2004. City of Heroes launched its beta version in May 2005. The final version of City of Heroes was released in October 2006.

The game is played in a 3D world with a partial third-person view. There are 3 main classes:
Male hero
Female hero
Non player character
The game is a team-oriented, online, multiplayer game. The game is played in a persistent world with three main activities:

The combat mode revolves around dueling, teaming, and fighting with non-player characters (NPCs). The combat mode is the main part of the game.

In the game there are 3 types of buildings:
Town buildings, which can be constructed by any player

Stores, which can be opened by players who reach a certain level, and can be sold at a profit

Places of interest, which can be visited by any player

There are three main cities:
New York, where the city of Metropolis is
Tokyo, where the city of Las Vegas is
Berlin, where the city of Jerusalem is located

These three cities can be played offline.

There are numerous non-player characters (NPCs) that help the main character in obtaining various items or completing various tasks.

There are 2 main classes:
There are also 4 other classifications:

As of April 2007, the most powerful class was the Implant. In August 2007, a new class was added: Energy. The player that manages to reach level 100 will receive access to the Implant, Energy and the Omega Packs.

City of Metropolis is the city where the main character starts off in the game. The main people who live in this city are the mutants, NPCs, and the heroes.

The mutants are the ones that create new mutants.

The NPCs include the normal non-player characters.

The heroes include the main character (which must be the female of the pair). They are also responsible for the various missions and supervise the fights.

Each of the 3 main cities has the same layout, however it is randomly generated. The buildings can be


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