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Ciel Devis Facture 2013 Torrent UPD



Ciel Devis Facture 2013 Torrent


What I would recommend you to do is to install Firefox web browser, because it’s designed to load any kind of torrents without problems. It’s free, it’s light weight and you can download it from Mozilla.
If you are looking to use another kind of program, if you need a program for it that’s not Firefox, please do tell me how to find it.
Now, you have to run the Firefox browser and go to Addons > Plugins
Now on the right hand side you’ll see a button for searching for plugins, click it. Search for “Tremor”. If you haven’t installed it before, you’ll get a message saying to install it first, click ok. Once you click it, a small grey window will pop up, click ok.
That’s it. Now that you have installed it, go back to Firefox, go to Addons > Plugins > and find Tremor again. Now a grey button will appear saying “Tremor Preferences”. Click it.
Now you have to go to Preferences, and disable “Use Google” as described in the documentation.
“Disable google” shouldn’t be a problem.
“Use google” should be possible, because they already made that as a feature, if you have problems just ask me again.
With that done, if you start Firefox, you’ll see the window where you add the torrent address. That’s it. You can copy or drag a torrent to it to start seeding it.
But in case that doesn’t work, you’re system could still be quite slow and it could be that your RAM is running low. For that do this in Terminal:

sudo apt-get install htop
sudo apt-get install apache2 php5-cgi

Then run it in Terminal and get Htop. It should show you the RAM usage.

You should see the memory usage of the programs (kind of like the task manager in windows) and also top.
If you find it is very high, try something like

sudo apt-get autoremove
sudo apt-get clean
sudo apt-get install htop
sudo apt-get clean

If you find the same problem, try to add/remove programs by pressing “alt+click”. Once you find the program you want to delete/remove, click it, and the box will be shown. Click OK and click “yes”.
Now if you use Terminal

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