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As part of the Battlefield series, Headquarters: World War II allows you to step into the shoes of a General and take a completely different view on events around you. While the vast majority of the game is played through the eyes of the commanding officer, Headquarters provide an editor, with a complete set of tools and data to create maps and scenarios your own way. You can use Headquarters to experience the battle of Normandy from a variety of perspectives.
About Slitherine:
Slitherine is the leading independent producer of PC games and esports services. Founded in 1997, it provides sports and strategy games for PC, mobile, console and VR. For more information on Slitherine, please visit:

World War II:
World War II: Frontlines is a turn-based strategy covering World War II in three campaigns and two special operations on the Eastern Front. Play as the United States, United Kingdom, or Germany. Team up with allies, including the Soviet Union, and plan your strategy to attack the enemy on the Eastern Front. Fight through the winter and spring into summer to put your plan into effect. On each side are five different factions, each with unique units and mechanics that affect gameplay. Maps include small city-like maps and large mountain battlegrounds. Discover World War II, play your part, and shape the history.
Key Features:
• Choose between three historical factions: United States, United Kingdom, and Germany
• Experience the complete war history and hear stories of the action at the battles, including newly researched stories, and fan-favorite ones like Orel-Kursk and Dieppe
• Map Editor: add your own elements to the already diverse map editors, like unique terrain types, buildings, fences, cars, doors, grass, mountains, and more
• Player vs. AI: Prove yourself in the editor or face opponents of all skill levels in all scenarios, including Skirmish Mode
• Join the community: Play games, create mods, edit your own maps, download community content, and join in the ongoing discussion on our forum and Discord
• 5 campaigns each with more than 10 missions
• 8 Skirmish maps
• Intuitive tactical controls and realistic damage models
• 3 different weather conditions and snow effects
• Destroyable buildings and vehicles
Play with your friends: In addition to your own maps, Slitherine also offers Battle of Normandy, which invites you to join together with your friends to play over 7


BLUE REFLECTION – Special Event Features Key:

  • 9 ways to play!
  • 3 magic balls
  • Friendly challenging AI
  • Simple controls

How To Play

  • 1. Aiming with arrows keys.
  • 2. Press left, right and left key to change the shooting line.
  • 3. Use spacebar to lock the shooting.

What’s New

  • – $4.33
  • – New game “Unite the world” for you to enjoy!


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Based on the Pathfinder RPG rules, Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Intrigue is a game system designed for differentiating conflicts in ways that inspired players to ask, “Why is so and so doing this?” and, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Play-testers responded so favorably to this game that it’s based on Pathfinder RPG, not Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook.
Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Intrigue features a dramatically different social hierarchy, expanded power feats and stunts, new archetypes, a full array of new magic items, and more. It offers you the options you’re looking for to create your own worlds and play your own way. Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Intrigue is a game for all kinds of characters and adventures, and it’s yours to design.
– Stunning illustrations and rendering throughout
– New rules to inspire player creativity
– Dynamic social intrigue and a world full of opportunities
– Various types of political intrigue, from dueling for the crown to dabbling in backstreet black operations
– A full array of new magic items to improve game play
– New combat styles to keep the action moving
– Rules for full-on social combat in a wide range of situations
– A complete system of intrigue, enabling players to master dynamic situations and rival deadly adversaries
– New ways to use the rules you already love
– Roll-over functionality for legacy characters (D&D 3.5 or older)
Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Intrigue includes:
– Action. Not stuff. See what the rules say. Make it happen.
– Meaning. To tell a story in fiction, everyone has a role to play. You can, too.
– Focus. Look the part and play a role. It’s who you are, not what you know.
– Refresh. Something bigger, better, bolder. To celebrate the things that are more than the things you know.
– Pass on. An initiative to give life to the next adventure.
– Roll more. Everything has a purpose. Know what it’s for. Make it happen.
– Set more. Play with who you are. Want to try it all? Then be ready!
– Take what you need. To make it happen, you need to take what you need.
– Test. To know what works, you have to play.
– Trust the rules. The rules don’t lie.
– Ultimate Intrigue. Hidden conflicts and shifting loyalties. The world is full


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YOU have to take care of them as if they were your children!Make sure they are fed, warm and clean!Maybe you can even talk them into an orphanage…The story is not over yet: the bandits are not all dead, but they didn’t manage to make off with the gold…Read the riddle about the return of the cubs and collect all the clues that you can. All of them!Will you find them all? You will have to solve puzzles, find keys, decipher riddles, communicate with interesting inhabitants of a medieval city and more!
Release date: August 21, 2018
File size: 8.55 GB

The world is growing too fast. The new technology is here faster than ever, and the cost of it all is finally beginning to increase in a massive manner. The process of digitization is changing the economy, the way people work and even their emotions. In this day and age, people can choose to take part in the ‘digital lifestyle’ or not. If you choose not to, or if you do not have the time, your chances of losing are very high. Now is the time to fight back. In Ico & Shadow of the Colossus you can combine your two favorite video game franchises to create your very own monster!
The gameplay is a direct combination of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Players, or is it players now, are able to control both Ico and Shadow, using a single gamepad. Controlling the player is one thing, but controlling a partner like an ally is another matter. At any given time the player will face an opponent with a unique design. Enemies will come in multiple forms, from traditional enemies that are dangerous but predictable, to magical beasts that are more difficult to keep under control, but provide rewards for a greater effort. Along with the enemies, you will have to contend with a variety of obstacles as you move through the level. There are boulders that you need to push aside, stumps that you need to get past, hidden holes that you need to avoid, and more. The usual score system will also come into play, with increasing numbers of enemies resulting in an increase of score multiplier, and the occasional special enemy scoring multiple times. You will also be able to unlock special equipment that can help you survive any enemy and make the journey even more rewarding.
The enemies you will be facing will come in two different flavors: classical and magical. The classical variety will come in the form of boulder enemies, which will


What’s new in BLUE REFLECTION – Special Event:

    , Track 11: You and Your Drum Kit – Extracts [CDQ]

    The following Extracts are taken from the B.T. Records ‘Calculus of Fiction 3’/‘4’/‘5’ and ‘Geo Soundtrack’ releases. Listen/watch the full track or download below and download the complementary ‘Manual’ below.

    In 1998, a young boy on a family holiday discovers a sack full of strange, menacing music notes and accidentally sends them out across space to a distant planet, perhaps?

    Illusion or reality? Good or evil? Polarity or duality? Mesmerised by the sounds, he can’t help but observe the insidious forces at work in the back garden of his parents’ suburban London home and, as chaos ensues, police are alerted to find a mystery that they can’t solve.

    This is ‘You and your Drum Kit’, a brand new one-off classic from the ‘Geo Soundtrack’ which, over the course of 4 distinct, evolving volumes, creates a ‘structure’ — or ‘calculus’ — of purposeful sound abstraction that tracks the epochal processes we might unwittingly have ignited around us, nearly a quarter-century ago.

    If you missed it, here’s the Concept and Track Introduction:

    A spaceborne deep-breather launches, unfolds and blossoms, leaves an after-image, and a series of bubbles emit an unresolved sound, breaking surface tension to crumple up and smear out the deep-blue whorls of the lens — an interference that results in random rainbows on a micro-telescope and e-coli specimens with coded messages found in remote Pacific Island cultures despite A.I. advances. Absorbing NASA data, listening to actual samples of sub-harmonics from shuttle launches, the observation of phase singularities, we relay their alter-ego, and the signatures imprinted on their orbits — the further the more you can receive — and we apprehend that something strange is going on outside. Once we realise we are part of something, with someone or something else, we can’t help but send probes round the Solar System to spy whether other beings exist and, when they do, whether the signal is a real one or a one they’ve themselves propagated.



    Free BLUE REFLECTION – Special Event With Key

    This is the first game in the Remy series, the sequel to Remy, the Biggest Game of the World.
    Inspired by classic platform adventure games, Remy Raccoon got you hooked from the start with a series of unique original levels to discover and solve.
    An acclaimed arcade title with a quirky French charm, Remy Raccoon got off to a good start on both mobile and Steam. Play it for free and enjoy the full version with better graphics and more levels on the App Store and the Play Store.
    **** Free to Play Game ****
    * 8 new handcrafted levels, including special bonus levels
    * Brand new crystal candy cane power-ups, their effects being based on the four seasons
    * Different puzzle elements, such as zebra crossing
    * All the original Remy’s traps and potions to help the brave hero on his or her quest
    * Full iAd support (also available in French)
    * Free play time restriction
    * All levels are available on mobile devices
    * New levels released for free (and a few future ones if I can fit it in)
    * Many special in-game events
    * Fun highscore leaderboard and achievements
    The game will eventually end after you collect all the gems, or when you want to. You can see your progress on the end-level screen as you play.
    Let’s Raccoon Party!


    I have played the original game when it was on Steam. It is also worth checking out the review (only on youtube) of the game on AppAnnie which shows a link to the full game too.

    The long-term objectives of the proposed research are to gain insights into the molecular mechanisms that regulate the spatial and temporal allocation of satellite cell precursors in skeletal muscle, and to understand the role that different satellite cell pools have in muscle regeneration and growth. The ability to activate satellite cell precursors in the adult to regenerate muscle is limited and is not maintained by adult activity patterns. In the proposed research, we plan to address three fundamental questions: 1) Does satellite cell activation in the adult require muscle contraction and Ca2+ signaling? Does the damage signal – a specific increase in intracellular Ca2+ concentration ([Ca2+]i) produced by wounding or denervation – activate satellite cells or their precursors?; 2) What are the signals that initiate satellite cell activation in the adult? Are satellite cells required to become activated, or can fully differentiated myocytes initiate activation?


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