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Startopia is the first fully functioning alien society, where players will be their own bosses and build all aspects of society. With full control of resources, space stations, planets, and merchant fleets, players will conquer and colonize new star systems and start a booming economy. Players will be able to live in peace on their space station or seek adventures on terra-formed planets. Players will meet new alien races, form friendships, and fight crime as they explore the vast galaxy of the Startopia universe.

The world ends…
There is no hope.
For more than five years, the deadly structures called Megacorporations have dominated the world. They have used their near total monopoly of the military power to cripple the global government and secure complete economic domination. The citizens are reduced to bare survival, while the megacorporations thrive.
A gripping tale of non-stop action, Daybreak is the new hit space combat/exploration game. The first game to bring the extraordinary graphics power of the Unreal Engine to space combat, the game allows for limitless replayability as you can change your ship in the hangar, make the weapons stronger, or change the ship’s offensive and defensive capabilities in seconds!
Key Features:
● Beautiful and vivid space combat – 16 fully animated ships, each with unique weaponry, huge ship models, and dozens of realistic effects that bring your battles to life.● Cross-platform gameplay – seamlessly support multi-platform consoles, X-Box 360, X-Box One, and PS4.● A new crowd-sourced content generation system – the future of game development, and it’s based on the community!● In-game weapon upgrades and particle effects – tweak your weapons and deflector shields to maximum effectiveness.

The Fourth World: Survivors is a survival mod for the popular indie game DayZ, where you will play in the world of 4th generation of humanity. You will need to survive in a hostile environment, full of dangers, dangers and not only: zombies, terrorists, mutants, experiments, diseases…

A Universe Shattered: The Tides is a single-player space survival mod for DayZ modding platform Arma 3.
The game starts in a crashed spaceship where you have only your ship and an outdated hyperspace jump radio. You have to try to survive in a hostile environment, full of dangers, dangers and not only: pirates, mutants, bandits, zombies, and your survival depends on the strategic use of resources and on your wits.


Bleak Features Key:

  • Gameplay includes ability to play free online, complete missions, and interact with other players
  • In this game, you will take on the role of the chairman of a company which was declared bankrupt.

    Explore your office

    Your office will be used to create and change the company’s own store which lets you sell different items to your own customers.

    Will this company really get out of debt?

    Can you really save the company? There will be many difficulties, use the money to do anything you can to help your business.

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    In Gash, you play as a sea monster called Gash! As you journey through the world of the undersea, Gash will need to devour several other sea creatures to grow and evolve in order to combat the war between marine mammals.
    With all of Gash’s levels, you will need to take advantage of the powers given to you by Gash’s three different characters! Gash’s versatile powers will allow you to devour all sorts of sea creatures, in order to take their fish and giblets!
    Each character plays differently through 4 different zones across 7 levels of chaotic gameplay against an array of enemies that can defeated through combat. All the visuals in the game have been made with clay to create a violent, cartoon-ish atmosphere set in an undersea environment.
    The game features:
    – Characters made entirely of clay sculpting
    – 3 characters who each play differently
    – 4 different environments
    – 7 levels
    – 10 different fish to eat and chunk into giblets
    – 2 bosses
    – 4 weapons to use in chaotic flurries of fish and boss fights
    – Some options to tweak the game’s operation
    Supported devices:
    – iPad 2
    – iPad 1
    – iPod touch
    – iPad 3 (need to be jailbroken)

    The mobile version of the original PC hit “Gash,” now available for iPad 2.
    “Gash” originally released in May of 2010.
    Aimed primarily at internet fans, “Gash” is a free to play video game which features a single player mode where players are able to control a sea creature called Gash who devours sea creatures to level up. On top of this, there is also a multiplayer mode that enables two players to fight each other in a sea creature ‘game’ set inside a virtual world.
    ・Single player mode: A free to play game where players control the single character ‘Gash’ in the world of the undersea
    ・Multiplayer mode: A Sea monster game between two players who fight and devour each other’s sea creatures
    ・Ten different levels
    ・Ocean environment
    ・Barrier mode
    ・Chaos mode
    ・Sega character likeness
    ・Buttons for character movement, attacking, controlling camera
    ・Item shop for strengthening items
    * Some features are only available in the full version of the game
    * Available for iPhone and iPod touch

    Kite Asobi is a children’s game for the iPhone.
    Get rid of the


    Bleak Serial Key (Final 2022)

    – At the main menu, push the big button for “Step into the Groove”
    – At the main menu of each level, press the big button for “Step into the Groove”
    – In a stage, click the big button for “Step into the Groove”
    Install Requirements:
    – Android OS 4.1 or higher
    – CPU and RAM of 1.4GHz or higher
    – 512MB or higher

    Redeem Code:
    Upon purchase, you will be automatically sent an email containing a code.

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    MVC: How to pass List of objects from controller to ajax method using AJAX?

    I am writing a MVC application with many controllers and controllers passing data to ajax methods. I always use the following way of passing data from controller to ajax method. However, I have just realized that the data in the ajax method is List of the objects and I need to pass an object to ajax method.
    MVC Controller:
    public JsonResult someAction()

    some model = new some ();
    return Json(model, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);

    Ajax Method in the same controller
    type: ‘POST’,
    data: { id : id, reference : reference},
    url: ‘@Url.Action(“YourMethodName”,”YourControllerName”)’,
    success: function (result) {
    // Do


    What’s new:

    Kit for the Slot Edition

    By Chris Burns

    Perfect for themed parties the guys over at SimClone are proud to present The Survival Kit for the Slot Edition! Here you have all the games you need to enjoy this fantastic theme…in one neat location!

    Product Details:

    Price – USD $65.00


    The Survival Kit contains a number of figurines that are required to play all the simulators that have been included:

    Fusion Frenzy

    Evil Drone

    Mr High Roller


    Red Dragon



    The Chimp



    The Cooking Simulator

    Kitchen Maker

    Tickle Chicken


    The Halls

    The Suitcase

    City Safari

    Latest News:

    There has been a lot of interest and requests for this and to my delight – it was just released in the new models section. See it here:

    The SimClone Gallery; The full collection of images taken during review:

    1) Fusion Frenzy: Escape from Raven’s Gazebo

    2) Evil Drone: Blackout

    3) Mr High Roller: Traffic: Street View

    4) Nefertiti: Kylie & Kim Kardashian Simulator

    5) Red Dragon: Night View

    6) Rubberduck: Meat Sim

    7) Savage: Butcher Sim

    8) The Chimp: Chimp Sim

    9) Sunrise: Sunshine and Summer

    10) The Cooking Simulator: Cook Up a Storm

    11) Kitchen Maker: Baking Mania

    12) Tickle Chicken: Poultry Quest

    13) Roulette: Knocked Out At Roulette

    14) The Halls: A Death on the Streets

    15) The Suitcase: Cover Simulator

    16) City Safari: Amazing Escape

    You can view here how the products were put together:

    The SimClone website; an excellent site to view all their products in action

    The videos – I’ve enjoyed watching these and have described the key areas:

    Fusion Frenzy: Play mode

    Evil Drone: Play mode

    Mr High Roller: Street View

    Nefertiti: Kitchen Preview

    Red Dragon: Dark City

    Rubberduck: Cook up a storm



    Free Download Bleak Crack + Serial Number Full Torrent

    I created this game as a hobby, mostly for fun and to improve my coding skills and knowledge. I am still in the early stages of development, and I cannot promise how long this game will take. I do not intend to make a full-fledged survival horror or something akin to The 7th Guest, I just want to entertain the minimalistic side of the genre, with a splash of mystery.

    The game is released under the MIT License, which is a very permissive license that allows you to use, modify and re-distribute the game.


    If your installation of Player.exe fails, make sure you have installed DirectX v8.1 or higher. The game requires DirectX v8.1 or higher.
    If you have downloaded the game, open it and follow the instructions. If you have a Steam version you should also start the game with “/test” to run the game via the built-in Steam client, and if the game fails to start, you might have to install Steam first.

    Known Issues:

    If you are using Player.exe version 1.2, not the version 1.1, don’t expect much support from me and don’t expect this game to work perfectly.
    The game has a very small resource footprint. You might be able to finish the game in less than 10 hours, and more than enough time to try out the remaining features.

    If you find bugs with the game, please send me a message via the forum.

    Hints and Tips:

    Visit the tutorial. It will explain many things.
    If you want to get rid of the counting and the rest of the text that appear after a turn, visit the relevant wiki page.
    If you want to skip save and load times, press CTRL + SHIFT + F1 or CTRL + SHIFT + F3.


    Version 1.2:

    * New Features
    * Minor Improvements

    Version 1.1:

    Major Bug Fixes

    Version 1.0:

    Unofficial release. Work in progress. Player.exe not available due to the issue with Player.exe release 1.1.


    This game would not exist without three major factors: soundtracks, graphics, and programming.


    If you have heard the music from Enlysia on a good TV or radio, then chances are you’ve heard this song too


    How To Install and Crack Bleak:

  • Install the game The Good Time Garden
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  • Enjoy The game The Good Time Garden
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    • [*] Free to Try version is free
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    License Agreement:


    after edit all property of an arraylist is set to null in java

    I have arraylist, which i want to clear (all items are set to null).
    I am using:
    private ArrayList products;

    ….//some code
    .addAll(new ArrayList (20));

    for (int i = 0; i < 20; i++)
    products.set(first.get(i), null);

    products.set(first.get(i), null)

    is actually setting all items of products ArrayList to null.
    What i miss?
    P.S. if i want to get all elements from arraylist and set them to null, how i can do so?


    When you write the for loop, you overwrite the contents of the array after the first iteration. The loop thus causes all elements of your array list to


    System Requirements:

    Compatible with Windows 10 x64, Windows 8.1 x64, Windows 7 x64, Windows Vista x64, Windows XP x64
    Incompatible with Windows XP Service Pack 3
    Minimum Requirements:
    Intel Core 2 Quad CPU, Intel Core i5 CPU, or Intel Core i7 CPU
    1 GB of RAM
    50 GB of available hard-drive space (for OS installation only)
    Graphics Card with DirectX 9 support and 2 GB of VRAM
    Webcam (to support webcam capture)
    Wi-Fi Internet connection


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