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AutoPrint Pro Crack+ With Registration Code X64 [2022-Latest]

AutoPrint Pro Cracked Version – automatically batch print many file types from one application. AutoPrint Pro supports multiple input directories, and multiple printers. AutoPrint Pro is a useful printer utility that will help you with your print jobs.
All an application or user has to do is drop the file/s into an input directory and they will be printed.
Each directory can contain any of the file types detailed below. AutoPrint Pro – batch / bulk print: tiff tif rtf html gif bmp wmf png eml msg & text files. (also PDF and DOC files)
* Imports many file types, including those of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Publisher, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc
* View list of files in the input directory, and the status of each job
* Set the action(s) to be performed upon completing each print job
* Set the format to be printed for each file type
* Overide the default format of each file type. For instance, for a job with 2 files, you can print WORD document as TEXT, and text files as PSD.
* Multiple printers can be entered. To set the action for each printer, click the printer name (circle icon)
* If the last printer listed is a local printer, it will automatically be used as the default printer
* If a printer is disconnected from the system, the print job is stopped (stop button next to the printer name)
* Job completion status is shown with a countdown timer
* When the countdown timer ends, the progress status is changed to complete.
* A complete report is generated from each job: 1) the date and time the job was started, and stopped, 2) the format, and 3) the size (of any attached files).
* A detailed report is also generated, but this is saved on the hard drive, so there is no need to access the Report Viewer to view the list of print jobs.
* Once all print jobs are completed, the program generates another detailed report, listing the input (input folder), output (printer), final status (complete, incomplete, error), and the files printed.
* It is a program that does not depend on Microsoft Windows, so it can run on any Windows platform, including Linux, Mac, etc.
* Quick printing, single file and or job selected
* No configuration necessary (assuming that you have a valid printer setup)
* No startup or

AutoPrint Pro Crack

1. Support for multiple printer inputs, this allows many printers to be configured.
2. Support for multiple printer inputs, this allows many printers to be configured.
3. Support for multiple inputs, this allows a number of files to be input into AutoPrint Pro simultaneously.
4. AutoPrint Pro handles all of the input directory checks and directory removal, allowing you to do other tasks whilst your print job is processed.
5. Support for multiple output directories.
6. Support for multiple output directories.
7. AutoPrint Pro provides automatic filename extension detection, allowing you to print files without having to manually select the extension.
8. Support for printing files without an extension.
9. Support for printer jobs, similar to manually selecting a printer and printer name in Windows.
10. Automatic printer detection and selection of the best printer for the input directory.
11. Many other improvements to speed and reliability.
AutoPrint Pro is auto-detection, auto-configuration and auto-cleanup tool.
AutoPrint Pro has a flexible configurable GUI, which is simple to use, requires no knowledge of command line parameters, and prints all of your files without any user intervention.
“Schedule” a job to run often or periodically. Every time that the job is run, all files will be removed from the input directory which can remove files if you forget to delete directories.
“Batch” a job to run every time a certain time, or at a set date, thus you can batch print files in groups without a lot of overhead.
Set up multiple email addresses at once.
Order your print jobs in any sequence you like.
Supports images, print sheets (up to 50), audio and video formats.
AutoPrint Pro Works Simply:
1. Place input files on the desktop.
2. Drag and Drop files into AutoPrint Pro.
3. The job is printed with the first input file.
4. All additional files are automatically processed.
AutoPrint Pro Order Input Files:
1. Drag and drop files into an input directory.
2. The job is processed from the first file.
3. Only the files in the input directory are processed.
4. All files are removed from the input directory once processed.
AutoPrint Pro Supports Various Formats:
1. Tagged Image File Format (.tif) which is a generic format that can be used for a broad range of images.
2. Plain Text Format (.

AutoPrint Pro With License Code [2022-Latest]

· Supports up to 5 input directories
· Supports multiple printers
· Supports batch printing of multiple file types (upto 20)
· Supports ActiveX with.ocx file support
· Supports Microsoft Word document saving, and customization of all the messages in the print queue.
· Supports MS Excel document saving, and customization of all the messages in the print queue.
· Supports Memo (.eml) file types
· Supports RTF (.rtf) file types
· Supports HTML (.html) file types
· Supports PDF (.pdf) file types
· Supports image (.jpg / jpeg / jpe / jpx / jb2)
· Supports WINDOWS Worksheet (.xls) file types
· Supports JPEG (.jpeg) file types
· Supports GIF (.gif) file types
· Supports BMP (.bmp) file types
· Supports IJG JPEG (.jpeg) file types
· Supports Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt) file types
· Supports XPS file types
· Supports Microsoft Excel (.xls) document saving, and customization of all the messages in the print queue
· Support batch printing & allow multiple file types to be processed at once.
· Support ActiveX with.ocx file support.
· Support batch printing of tiff/tif,.tiff,.tif,.tif formats
· Support batch printing of rtf,.rtf,.rtf formats
· Support batch printing of html,.html,.htm,.html,.htm file types
· Support batch printing of png,.png,.png formats
· Support batch printing of eml,.eml,.eml,.eml,.eml file types
· Support batch printing of msg,.msg,.msg,.msg,.msg file types
· Support batch printing of txt,.txt,.txt,.txt,.txt,.txt,.txt file types
· Supports password protected documents
· Supports auto document naming
· Supports drag and drop
· Supports Microsoft Word template customization.
· Supports MS Excel template customization.
· Supports MS PowerPoint template customization.
· Supports MS Worksheet template customization.
· Supports MS PowerPoint template customization.
· Supports MS Worksheet template customization.
· Supports MS PowerPoint template customization.
· Supports MS Worksheet template customization.
· Supports MS PowerPoint template customization.
· Supports MS Worksheet template customization.

What’s New In AutoPrint Pro?

If you wish to print certain files from a computer application, the original need to ‘copy and paste’ the files into another application such as Word or similar. The only alternative is to print the files to the printer on a one-by-one basis.
AutoPrint Pro requires no installer. A simple installation file containing just the executable, plus a convenient.lnk file to launch it from the desktop, is all that is needed to get started.
AutoPrint Pro is also suitable for use with Explorer. You can drag files into any Explorer window, and have them automatically printed without the need to install or configure anything else. Simply select the menu item “Print”, and AutoPrint Pro automatically prints the files.
To start using AutoPrint Pro, simply execute the AutoPrint.exe executable file, or launch it from the desktop shortcut to do the same.
How AutoPrint Pro works:
A directory can contain files of many different types, for example, it may have documents in tiff, text, rtf, etc. and it may also have graphics files like bmp, gif, png, and wmf.
Files in any directory can be selected for printing, by using the Windows Explorer. Simply select and then print from the menu option “Print” from within the Explorer.
The application will print all selected files, one-by-one, using the first printer whose printing interface is available (usually an installed network printer). However, if no printing interface is available, then the application prints one-by-one to the first printer driver that is installed.
The application does not need to be run in any particular instance to print from one directory.
AutoPrint Pro is a console application, and therefore, does not display any console windows. The only thing you will see is the menu options.
Multiple directories can be listed in a single print command. AutoPrint Pro will check every directory listed, and print each file only once, regardless of how many times it appears in the list.
The application will not’memorize’ your print jobs, nor will it attempt to match any identical files that appear in the directory.
That is the purpose of the ‘Sort By’ drop-down menu.
Using multiple directories can save you much time. Having files appear multiple times in a single print command can be very annoying, as every file must be printed and saved to the destination directory once for every time it appears in the list. Using a single directory, such as an

System Requirements For AutoPrint Pro:

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