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AutoCAD 2017 21.0 Crack + Activation Code Download [Mac/Win] Latest

AutoCAD Cracked 2022 Latest Version provides 2D and 3D drawing capabilities, and supports complex sheet metal and architectural design. AutoCAD Crack Keygen is used in the manufacturing and construction industries to design products and construct buildings.

The minimum AutoCAD For Windows 10 Crack license is an AutoCAD Standard (Engine 1) license and it’s recommended that professionals use AutoCAD Pro (Engine 2) license. AutoCAD is most commonly used to design mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural products. AutoCAD is also used for architectural and civil engineering purposes.

AutoCAD 2017-19 Release

AutoCAD 2017-19 Release Available for: Windows, macOS, Linux and iOS. AutoCAD 2019 releases will support all major operating systems.

AutoCAD 2017 Release New Improved IntelliCAD Technology Revamped User Interface

IntelliCAD Technology

Revamped User Interface

New Physical Modeling Technology

Support for 2D drafting

Integrated Revisions and Changes

Revised Project Geometry

Revised 3D Geometry

AutoCAD 2017-19 Release Features

Features available in the latest AutoCAD releases

IntelliCAD Technology Revamped User Interface

Revamped User Interface

New Physical Modeling Technology

Support for 2D drafting

Integrated Revisions and Changes

Revised Project Geometry

Revised 3D Geometry

AutoCAD 2017 Release in Detail

The Autodesk Autocad 2D release has been the most popular release for over 25 years.

AutoCAD 2017 has been the most popular release for over 25 years.

AutoCAD 2017 has replaced AutoCAD 2015 as the most popular release.

AutoCAD 2016 was a major update that introduced features and functionality not found in previous releases.

AutoCAD 2017 was announced at the 2016 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

AutoCAD 2017 IntelliCAD Technology was announced at the 2016 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

Autodesk has been releasing new AutoCAD versions every 3 years.

AutoCAD 2016, released in July 2016, introduced the following major new features:

You can now select more than one object to move, rotate, and scale in a drawing.

You can draw in both 2D and 3D modes.

All ribbon tool tabs have been consolidated into the Layout toolbar,

AutoCAD 2017 21.0 Crack Free Registration Code

BIM Building information models are composed of building information models (BIM) elements. The main user interface element is the drawing page. The drawing page is used to create and manage sections and layers.

The DXF drawing is the basic block used to store information. It is a non-modal data file based on the AutoCAD format. It can have extension layers and sections. These additional layers and sections help specify the information in the drawing.

In AutoCAD LT, the objects are kept as parts, which are components that can be inserted as a drawing is being assembled or modified. For example, a text object is a specific component that can be selected and put into the document. They can be created and edited, as well as be linked to blocks. The linked blocks act as a framework that is then filled in with the information specified in the linked blocks. For example, a linked text box can be filled with the information for a given text string. In the case of a linked drawing, the linked text block would be inserted into a new drawing, so the information can be shared by both documents. In AutoCAD, each drawing and each linked block is a separate file. In addition, any linked block is an object in the drawing’s blocks palette. Blocks that are not linked may be inserted into the drawing from the palette, by dragging the object into the drawing area.

The drawing page has two main panels: the geometric objects panel and the attributes panel. The geometric objects panel allows the user to insert drawing objects into the current drawing. Each drawing object can be a 2D (two-dimensional) shape such as line, polyline, or free-form path, as well as 3D objects such as arc, circle, free-form surface, or a 3D object such as box or 3D object (shape). Each type of object can be manually selected, copied, and pasted into the drawing. The attributes panel allows the user to assign certain properties to drawing objects, such as type, color, linetype, width, dashed lines, end caps, object shading, and many other properties. A drawing object’s attributes can be assigned by clicking on the drawing object, while it is displayed in the geometric objects panel.

If a drawing object has multiple instances in the geometric objects panel, then a tooltip will appear whenever the mouse pointer is placed over the drawing object. The tooltip will describe the name of the drawing object and the attribute settings for that object.

AutoCAD 2017 21.0 Crack + Free [Mac/Win]

After the installation you can start the program from Autodesk Autocad Program folder.
The program icon should be now in the system tray.
In the system tray click the little arrow on the right to open the main menu.
In the main menu click on the Tools menu.
Click the “Options…” button at the bottom of the window.
In the “Options…” window click on the “Software (English)” tab.
Click on “Autodesk Autocad”.
In the “Autodesk Autocad…” window click on the “Uninstall” button at the bottom of the window.
After the uninstallation you can delete Autocad folder.


Angular.js with only one controller, no subcontroller

I want to know if it’s possible to have only one controller in an Angular app, without any sub-controller. I have a form that I am filling out with information, and I want to collect all the data the user enters in a single POST request. Is it possible to do this with Angular? Or would I have to make a separate request with each of the fields that the user enters?


You have two choices:

Create a service which will have a get method and post method.
You can use this.serviceName.postMethod(value, callback)
You can use the service in your controller.

In angular, you can pass this service in your controller
$scope.myService= MyService.getService();

here is service

var MyService = {};

MyService.getService = function(){
var url=’url’;
var params = {‘param1′:’value1′,’param2′:’value2’};
return $,params).success(function(data){
return data;


return MyService;



For the most simple cases you can use a controller with a single method on it. Angular will handle the routing for you.
In Angular 1.2+ (i.e. latest at the time of writing) it’s possible to have controllers with multiple

What’s New In?

Easily create and edit architectural drawings that include details from multiple floor plans and elevations. Quickly combine details from different floor plans and create them all in one place.

Use the AutoCAD application with the most data points available from any point of origin. Get up to date information from the Internet and from any of your AutoCAD drawings, including the latest DWG and DXF files, CAD tools and functions, and the ability to publish online web pages from within your drawing.

Use Dynamic Input and Dynamic Output for more dynamic workflows. See the sequence and get a preview of workflows as you work.

Work with CAD application data points from any of your AutoCAD drawings and in any drawing program.

Use a robust set of drawing tools to draw accurately and quickly. New Advanced Shape Selection, Edit Polyline, Add Connector, Path Follow, Polyline Stroke Appearance, Solid Fill, and Solid Stroke tools simplify workflows and make it easy to draw and edit accurately.

AutoCAD has always had a powerful drawing and editing capability. This new release continues to offer cutting-edge features that help you build, create and deliver better work.

AutoCAD® 2023 (formerly released as AutoCAD® 2019) is a complex application, featuring a large number of new commands, new drawing and editing tools, a redesigned user interface, new palettes, and many new features that were introduced in earlier releases. You can read more about the new features in the AutoCAD® 2023 Release Notes.

This article provides information about new commands and tools, drawing and editing, visual aids, and other topics. It also includes links to more detailed information about each topic.

New commands and tools

Drafting and editing tools

Search and replace


Drawing and editing tools

Advanced shape selection

Edit polyline

Add connector

Path follow

Polyline stroke appearance

Solid fill

Solid stroke

Save and restore

Dynamic input and dynamic output

New drawing aids

Visual aids

AutoCAD 2023 features the following new drawing tools:

Drafting and editing tools

Drawing tools

New search and replace


Drawing aids

New commands

New tools

New command

New commands make it easier to use the AutoC

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System Requirements:
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