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AutoCAD is not free, but is available at low monthly charges for personal and small business use, and at higher annual charges for enterprise use. AutoCAD 2018 was introduced on 7th September 2017.

AutoCAD – Basic and Advanced Features

An AutoCAD drawing is made up of a collection of objects, called entities, such as lines, circles, text and annotations, that are assigned a particular style, or specification of attributes. Entity styles are in turn assigned various properties (or attributes). The drawing is constructed through manipulation of these entities and properties, starting with a minimal set and building up towards more complex structures.

While designing objects, a user may wish to apply certain properties to just a subset of the entities, such as color, text style, dimensions and styles, etc., or to the entire drawing. The options used for doing so are called properties and are defined in a separate property sheet, or property table. These properties may be assigned to an entity, so that they are applicable to the entity itself, or to another entity. The drawing editor allows you to apply them to a given entity, or entity group, at one time.

Objects are represented in AutoCAD as editable containers, which are organized in layers or sections. Layers may be categorized as areas, such as floor, walls and ceilings, and cross sections, such as doors, windows, shelves, supports, beams, joists, and the like. Sections may be drawn vertically or horizontally. Every object can have as many layers as needed, and every layer may have as many sections as needed.

Layers are sometimes referred to as “sub-objects,” but layers are in fact containers for a collection of objects. Layers are displayed in drawing tools such as selection, dimension, and annotation tools, allowing you to choose which objects are visible when drawing a particular section of the object. Layers are organized in toolbars, and individual properties for objects are stored in tabbed property panels. Layers are visible or hidden when they are selected.

In AutoCAD, the user may organize an entire drawing into “scopes,” a concept that allows the user to separate certain parts of the drawing into more manageable, logical, groups. Scopes can be useful for the professional user who uses AutoCAD for most of their projects. In Auto

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XRCAD – is a native extension for AutoCAD developed by Bascule Software. XRCAD is a freely downloadable plug-in available for AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD 2007, AutoCAD 2008, AutoCAD 2009, AutoCAD 2010 and AutoCAD 2011. XRCAD is a library that allows external applications to access AutoCAD commands and objects.
MIDAS – MIDAS is an acronym for the group of software technologies that are collectively capable of converting 2D/3D data into native AutoCAD (and vice versa). The MIDAS group of software consists of the following (currently only available for AutoCAD 2005 and later):
MacroRecord Studio (MR Studio) is a product developed by GSA Design, Inc.
X-Macro is a product developed by IKON Amator, LLC.
, macros or scripts written in the MacroStudio scripting language that are saved as xmacro files, which are compiled to native.XMAC files and run on the AutoCAD Workbench. The xmacro is an older version of Autodesk’s own VBA language.

AutoCAD has been influential in developing visual design software. Charles Eames is credited with the introduction of CAD to design, when he directed Ray & Charles (a firm that later became Charles & Ray), an architectural visual design firm. The firm also produced the well-regarded television series The Eames Design Machine. Another example was in the concept of what would become the CADD/CAD industry, in which Charles Eames, then at Harvard University, in his “I, Eames” lectures, described how a linear series of processes could help the designer to work through any design problem, by engaging the designer in the questions as to how each of the stages in a design process might benefit the final, overall design. The first edition of his text I, Eames: The Architectural Legacy of Charles and Ray Eames was published in 1971 and remained in print until 1977.

AutoCAD initially ran on the Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) VAX minicomputer. Later versions ran on the PC and many of the functions were then ported to the Windows platform. In this early form of AutoCAD, the drawing would then be a large collection of lines, some of which were just sketched shapes to aid in design. Autodesk considered this “vector” software to be their “original CAD product

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Pick and place thousands of models with just a few clicks. Click, drag, drop, and drop in your model. Drag and drop onto a wall or any other part of a model without having to select a specific point.

See hidden geometry. Display hidden geometry, such as walls and intersections, on a model from the Visible Features toolbar or live flyover.

Import from other CAD systems. Create and maintain a virtual CAD environment using Microsoft Visio or other CAD software.

Save CAD documents to PDF. Generate PDF files of your drawings or drawings and annotations at the same time as a print job.

Share models and drawings easily. Easily share models and annotations as both static and streaming PDFs with Microsoft SharePoint.

Rasterize CAD files. Create, edit, and publish rasterized PDF documents and HTML pages.

Control the look and feel of your drawings. Automatically apply, and optionally remove, CAD-specific properties from objects in your drawings.

Use the new color palette. Draw smoothly with Pantone colors and a wider color range.

Set the size of fonts in your drawings. Set the font size and style easily.

Work in a multi-view environment. Create and manage multiple, simultaneous views of a model, with the ability to switch among them quickly.

Simplify complex processes. Quickly generate views, append views, and create snaps from a menu.

Easily transform model parts. Transform a model without having to select the part.

Create bridges and move parts. Create bridges between two or more parts and move parts within a model.

View and manage annotations and notes. View and manage user-created drawings with text, rasterized drawings, and drawings with live annotations.

Edit text using a powerful text editor. Quickly edit text with an advanced text editor.

Work with a browser view and an integrated browser. Work with web browser views, which provide a visual workspace for web pages with additional features, such as zoom.

Insert content from outside AutoCAD. Insert content, such as images and web pages, from outside of AutoCAD.

Work with the Web Page Preview Toolbar. Browse the Web or your CAD documents on a Web browser and quickly insert images or web pages as links.

Easily create and manage plots. Create

System Requirements:

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