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AutoCAD history

AutoCAD’s history can be traced back to 1980, when William Crum introduced AutoPLANNER, a first-person walkthrough of a building. AutoPLANNER was first available to US$2,000 home users, and AutoPLANNER 2 introduced and popularized parametric floor plans. AutoPLANNER 3 allowed users to change the view of their model and created 3D models of buildings. AutoPLANNER 4 improved the user interface and created a basic 2D drawing tool called PLANNER, which in turn lead to the development of the 2D drafting tool of the same name. This evolved into the modern AutoCAD.

AutoCAD’s core feature is the drawing, which consists of a 2D or 3D representation of the model. If a model is 3D, the objects can be “hidden” in order to create a 2D drawing of the model. AutoCAD’s release history is listed below:

1981: AutoPLANNER 1 (2D)

1982: AutoPLANNER 2 (3D)

1984: AutoPLANNER 3 (2D/3D)

1985: Autodesk Gold Master (3D)

1986: AutoCAD (2D)

1987: AutoCAD 2 (2D)

1988: AutoCAD 3 (2D)

1990: AutoCAD 4 (2D)

1991: AutoCAD 3D (3D)

1992: AutoCAD 3D Studio (3D/2D)

1994: AutoCAD LT (2D)

1998: AutoCAD 2000 (2D)

1999: AutoCAD Release 14 (2D)

2002: AutoCAD 2003 (2D)

2003: AutoCAD 2004 (2D)

2005: AutoCAD LT 2005 (2D)

2007: AutoCAD 2008 (2D)

2008: AutoCAD 2009 (2D)

2009: AutoCAD 2010 (2D)

2010: AutoCAD 2011 (2D)

2011: AutoCAD 2012 (2D)

2012: AutoCAD 2013 (2D)

2013: AutoCAD 2014 (2D)

2014: AutoCAD 2015 (2D)

2015: AutoCAD

AutoCAD (2022)


AutoCAD allows drawing multiple objects in 3D space. It can be either “flat” (2D) or “planar”. In “planar” mode, the objects do not appear on a page, but on a 3D sheet. They can be layered in 3D space and displayed in two dimensions. They are not stacked on top of each other, but can be placed and rotated. AutoCAD can be used to create complex architectural models and 3D models.

Objects can be made of a single point, line, or face with 3D line or 2D area features or use a combination of these (polyline, polyface, triface). A face consists of a polyline and a polyface. A face can have a particular type and location of line as well as a particular type and location of line and area.

Modeling software allows the user to create “particularized” objects, such as models of architectural elements, or parts of different objects. These objects are stored in an unique ObjectARX file. They can be displayed in the standard 3D view, or as separate documents.

Drafting and editing

AutoCAD allows drawing and editing in 3D. The “Edit” menu contains options to enter coordinates, draw lines and arcs, place points, and change properties. On a vector level, objects are made by drawing line segments (lines and arcs).


There are many ways to view the model. Viewports can be used, but they are not the preferred method because they do not allow displaying the objects as they were drawn, and only the objects from the selected viewport are visible. An alternative is the Current Viewport preview (always on in Classic). There are two types of these views:

Standard view

The standard view can be called as View, or Selected View.

This is a 2D preview of the current 3D view. It is not possible to hide objects from this view.

Preview view

The preview view is like the standard view. But the Current Viewport preview is displayed. It shows the current 3D view. It is not possible to hide objects from this view.

Also called the thumbnail, this is the same as the standard view, but can be called as “thumbnail view”.

How to draw

Before drawing in 3D, the user needs to define its

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Run the.exe file.

Click on Options

Select your language in the popup dialog.

Select a locale (your own language):

A choice of options will appear.

Click OK to save.

Select the.idb file.

Click OK.

Click Yes to delete the keygen.

Run the.exe file again.

Click on Options.

Click the Update button.

Select your locale.

Click OK.

After updating, you can begin editing.

Converting your content
Once you have edited and exported your model you will need to find a way to send it over to a 3D printer. There are two very useful apps available for this, Autocad 2D Translator and Autocad 2D Converter.

The first of these tools will allow you to upload your.idb file, and convert it to.dwg so that it can be printed or sent to a remote location via email.

The second tool will allow you to take your DWG file and output your model into a single.dxf file.

For further details visit the Autocad website.

Objects and files

The files of a DWG model are stored inside the.idb file. A DWG file is not a simple.dwg file with the object positioned, but is a complete set of files containing all the data required to recreate the model, including a hierarchy of 3D objects, related to each other through relationships. In Autodesk software, all 3D models are composed by objects which have several geometric properties (position, size, fill, line style, etc.), then by groups of objects, which may also have properties that must be the same for all objects of the group (color, texture, etc.) and by materials which set the appearance of the object.


Category:Technical drawing file formats
Category:Computer-aided design softwareQ:

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What’s New In?

Incorporate feedback with visual marker-in interface

CAD/CAM functions:

Two commands for CAD/CAM: Cut from an edge and snap to an edge. (video: 1:23 min.)

Snapping enhancements for more accurate and intuitive snapping

Drawing tools:

Handy tools for drawing rectangles and circles with snap and dimension tools, or drawing freehand or with a snap-to-point guide. (video: 1:53 min.)

Draw lines, circles, and rectangles by snapping to edge guides


Export plot files for use in other applications, including PDF or JPEG files. (video: 1:40 min.)

Print and export files with PDF/JPG and DXF formats.

New Solid Edge Extensions:

Automatically snap to top and bottom of a rectangle when creating a closed surface

Use a more intuitive right/left click keyboard shortcut to reference side panels

Use a right/left click keyboard shortcut to snap to an edge

Enhancements to Autodesk Exchange Connect:

The Import Text function allows you to import Autodesk Exchange text data into a drawing.

Autodesk Exchange Connect is a service for remotely sharing, viewing, and synchronizing files among users. In addition to syncing files between the Autodesk Exchange and CAD files, Autodesk Exchange Connect also allows you to see and review files on the Autodesk Exchange server.

Enterprise Service Pack:

Enterprise Service Pack 3 (ESP3) is released as a free update to all users of AutoCAD. (4.1 Mbytes)

* While we work to verify all product information, you should be aware that it may differ from the information provided on the official Autodesk product website. It is your responsibility to rely on your own experience and check product specifications and features before purchasing. Autodesk reserves the right to revise product specifications at any time without notice or obligation.


CAD/CAM functionality:

New drawing commands and tools for CAD/CAM

Import from PDF and export to PDF (PDF/X/1a, PDF/X-3, PDF/UA, PDF/X-3)

Cut from edge and Snap to edge

Add dashed/dotted lines, text, drawings, and symbols to a line

System Requirements:

Windows XP, Windows 7, or Windows 8.1
2 GHz processor
OpenGL 3.2 and Shader Model 3.0 compatible graphics card
DirectX 9.0
Windows Media Player 10
While you are free to download this mod, we ask you to support us by either making a donation via Patreon or Paypal. Even a small donation goes a long way towards maintaining and updating the project.
This mod was made for the sake of gameplay and convenience. This is a completely un-modded version

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